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'This Doesn't Smell Right': Acting State Dept. Inspector General Resigns Just Months After Predecessor Fired

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/05/doesnt-smell-right-acting-state-dept-inspector-general-resigns-just-months-after

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THEY continue to drop like flies. Nice stable you know what

Pompeo is a straight up grifter.
The government is no longer capable of checking itself before it wrecks itself.
The American century lasted more like 80 years.


Hi SkepticTank:
Yes, Pompeo is so much more interested in the money changers—than what was happening in the tempIe. : )


Oh my !!! I’m suurprised to hear that !! After pompusass hold prayer meetings daily doesn’t he?


Hi Mary_Grayeske:

BUT-----he seems to hang out with the MONEY changers! I have heard that he prays daily -----but the term “mana from Heaven”, can mean many things. : )


Yes I think that he is just following a script someone else wrote and he finds it to be a good front line for his “misdeeds”. Oh how I hate when they coined the mis-words as in miss spoke ! Most politicians make me vomit and it gets worse every year.


We will have to wait on the next expose’ book to come out to find out why this one left like others have.

Maybe they’re not good at processing poppies at Karachi and shipping opium and heroin to Europe and the US for The Cabal. Trump is the craziest president in history and what the Republicans will do in the next 90 days to stay in power should be breath taking. Prepare thy selves. Republicans are all in for Trump. And where do the Lemmings line up? Well, this would be adjacent the cliff. Pompeo said the CIA would attack the families of international war crimes investigators. One Nation Under God with the Third Eye on our dollar bill. They can be gone in an instant. Ninety days.


Pompeo is dirtier than the bottom of my shoes after I’ve just walked through dog shit.

His time is gonna come.


I hope you’re right about that bloated tick.


Nest of rats … ~https://www.rawstory.com/2020/08/former-trump-ambassador-tells-rachel-maddow-its-a-big-red-flag-that-trump-is-trying-to-hide-investigation-of-turnberry-plot/

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Pompeo gives Donald Trump a run for the money as a candidate for " The Ugly American". These two are without a doubt a disaster to descent government.


They make a mockery of our justice system, and Barr seals the deal.


What Pie In The Sky did you smoke, in deciding to “recommend” that “our” (Trump’s) Secretary of State… follow the laws of the land, and leave the IGs alone to do their job?

Do you think that means he’s going to do so? As I said, what are you smoking?