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This Doesn't Sound Like Our Voice


This Doesn't Sound Like Our Voice

LeeAnn Hall

We’re already starting to see how America’s gamble on Donald Trump will pay off: with gifts to the corporations and billionaires he swore he’d put us above.

One of Trump’s first priorities is to repeal one of the only federal laws standing between us and Wall Street. That law created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a federal office created to look after consumers’ interests.


The time to stop this was in the voting booth. Marching, protesting is nice, but can create just as much reaction as positive action sometimes. Nixon learned to love protests; he figured out they fed him rather than hurt them.

Maybe come 2018, we progressives will focus on the big picture like conservatives always seem to. Spite voting third party, sitting out, and constantly harping on the DNC sure ain't helping us now.


Hall sez: "We’re already starting to see how America’s gamble on Donald Trump will pay off: with gifts to the corporations and billionaires he swore he’d put us above."

Has the author been vacationing off-planet for the last eight years?


\\ The Fog Clears //

Actually - it does rather sound like the voice of the electorate - those that did vote: 53.7 %, according to wikipedia.

And that is not a new turnout. I once checked the turnout all the way back to JFK - give or take - same.

This is what seems to have really happened this election:

99 % did not vote green - did note vote "progressive". The rest, as they say, is details.

Check out Jill Stein's platform on wikipedia - it is arguably the only progressive platform nation-wide this election !

She did more than double the Green Party's vote count from 2012 - perhaps the only ray of light in a very dark tunnel.

Let's face the truth - the US is now a fascist state.

A friend of mine, who fought in the Balkans war, said, in response to my question - what now:

'Well, even with a 50 cal machine gun, you eventually run out of bullets - and when that happens - there better be no one left.'

In other words - the only way out is if enough of the rest of the world unites to counter what has just happened.

JFK thought the United Nations our 'last best hope'.

Jimmy Carter, the last sane President of the United States, also was in favor of the UN and the International Criminal Court.

In the case of JFK - the state eliminated him.

In the case of James Carter - the people threw him to the wolves, in favor of a Hollywood actor.

So no - the people have spoken, as it were. Ninety-nine percent are not progressive, i.e., they are conservative reactionary - you just pick your poison - Democrat or Republican, or Libertarian.

I can hear the "realists" even as I write this ~~~

PS: The Canada Jay has been selected by Canadian Geographic after a two year program as the best candidate for Canada's national bird. I am all in favor - this feathered friend is company winter or summer in the Rockies.


Does it make sense to support democracy and accept an election result when that result has been stolen by fraud?


And what are you going to do - raid the White House?


I think a revolution is the only thing that will get us out of this mess. But even that may not work, given the security state we've allowed to be set in place. If a revolution does not come, and you're not in the top 20%, then brace yourself for a creeping dystopia. For the last 40 years and continuing, we're the frog in water headed to the boil.


Has anyone from the Progressive side reached out to the Green Party/Stein people? Combining those votes to HRC totals shows 4-5 mllion people, at least, wanted a measurably different election result. We need a 10 Point Progressive Plan of Action by 01/01/2017 to hone a sharp counter-message to Trumpism/White Nationalist/Nativism.


No, the electoral college picked Trump for us. If your logic was sound Hillary would be our current president, god forbid, because she won the popular vote. Heck by your logic Sanders would be president.


It takes an actual alternative. Sanders would have done that for most of us. Clinton quite distinctly did not.


A revolution !

It might be a rerun of Spartacus and the Roman Empire, as you imply.

The historians will tell you that once a civilization reaches the point we are at - collapse is inevitable.

Perhaps that qualifies as a revolution?

You know - the Phoenix out of the ashes !!

I have watched the United States from north of the medicine line all my life, and traveled extensively in your country - I have relatives galore down there - my father was an American Marine WW II - stationed in Hawaii as the war ended.

The "idea"of the US as enshrined in the Declaration, beloved document of Abraham Lincoln - it's hard to have seen this idea dragged thru the mud since JFK was killed - very hard.

We are a young species - with a big brain - an anomaly, as it were.


Maybe Arnie is right in the T-Movie Genesis:

"The future is not set."


The time to stop this was in the voting booth.

and that worked really well...


Well, if we can't stop Sessions from becoming AG and The Alphabets are allowed to turn over every leaf looking for " the other " in our midst, the Police and Security State will become the monolithic monster most Americans have " fear and loathing " of. Clinton was Truman-Bush I and Trump will be Harding-Coolidge. Not great gives way to lousy and dangerous at the White House level.


I remark that the result is partly the result of 'self-gerrymandering'. All you progressives have concentrated yourselves in California, and failed to sell your ideas to the middle of the country.

(BTW, much of the middle of the country looks at California and sees a mess. You Californians (named for a mythical island) are asked to stay there, and not come infest/infect the rest of us.)


You, sir, are an ignorant poster, on the Pacific Coast. 60%+ went for Democrats or small 3rd parties. The problems came from the Border States and The Old Confederacy. The White Block of all things progressive when it comes to equality and greater unity in the U.S.of A. Their elites are religious bigots, racial separatists and military reactionaries. Scary doesn't begin to describe them adequately.


No, it's all dangerous. That argument would be far easier to make in reverse, and I might do so were I more inclined to give Trump the benefit of any doubt. But he might well be offered and sign the deals that took Clinton to where she was.

Clinton took money from five foreign governments among the oil countries in 2016, presumably to extend and escalate the wars started by the Obama administration and those continued from Cheney and Bush. She was also involved in the funding of ISIS, presumably in some relation to the general administration goal of destabilizing Syria for--conquest? pipeline? encirclement of Russia? No, that's lousy and past lousy, well into chemical and DU weaponry, civilian blood, and risks of open nuclear war--and very much in character, given prior involvement in fascist and quasi-fascist coups, moving NATO east, beefing the European nuclear arsenal pointed at Russia, and so forth.