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This Dream That Came True


This Dream That Came True

Wednesday marks the final day of the 47th anniversary of Woodstock, where over 400,000 people came together for an iconic celebration of peace, love, mud, music and community whose promise still resonates for those of a certain age. With its presence still felt - from a dust-up over a look-alike RNC logo to a new photo exhibit to Sanders/Teachout campaigns that have sparked a kindred sense of possibility - Woodstock "showed the world how things could have been."


Jane Sanders was a Woodstock girl. I feel SO comfortable with the idea of a Woodstock girl as our First Lady! When Hillary drops out, gets jailed, or flees the country, let's insist that Bernie and Jane take their rightful place in OUR White House.


"Turn on , tune in, drop Out"


Perfect song selections - Joe Cocker's version of "With a little help from my friends" and Hendrix's excellent statement with Star Spangled Banner. I'd only add Country Joe's "Feel like I'm fixin to die Rag" to emphasize a tough reality of that time. In the YouTube Country Joe video the crowd faces say a lot - many are smiling and energetic but at about 50 sec in of one post a guy seems more thoughtful, shakes his head 'negatively' from side to side without a smile. I was a farm girl without strong financial security and far more cautious than the rest of my counter-culture friends while sharing many of the same sentiments and assessments. I knew guys who had means and opportunity to avoid Vietnam, and knew guys who had no way to avoid what was coming their way - or who, out of a deep sense of goodness and lack of information, (an no resources to make alternative choice in any case) - believed signing up was a profound responsibility. ... and there were the assassinations ... It was a time to find a 'new design' if ever there was one. (By the time of Woodstock I was in Canada but all the elements were there too - young Americans both pre and post service in Vietnam immigrated in huge numbers.)


The group of friends I was with got to the Festival a day early, on Thurs.
There were already thousands there, and thousands streaming in.
For the entire drive up there, from Long Island, the Alternative Culture was evidenced by car after car, already on their way, Communicating Solidarity with each other by flashing Peace Signs.
We wound up camped near the Hog Farm Bus.
The actual experience of being at Woodstock was more like being at a joyous, outdoor camping event with people from all over the country of a similar mind, who were all happy to finally be together, validating our belief that the War was Bogus, Peace and Love was the Way, and we had this great Sound System playing most of the time. You could hear the music pretty clearly, almost no matter where you were.
We did show up for the first show which was Richie Havens, and we stayed in that natural, valley amphitheater for Tim Hardin, Bert Sommer, Ravi Shankar and some others and eventually went back to our not great tents to sleep.
The musical acts were not the focal point of the experience, rather actually living the dream of Peaceful, Loving, Validating and Cooperative Coexistence amongst ourselves for a few days, was.
It was an atmosphere to be in, not even imaginable today.
By Sat morning the Hog Farm was serving some sort of gruel/oatmeal kind of stuff to whoever wanted it and we stood in line and took some, too.
That night we saw Mountain, the Dead and Janis and then our friend with the car wanted to leave, so we did.
It was still dark and I can remember hearing Sly Stone thumping in the distance as we walked to find the car, stuck in the mud, but freed by a bunch of good people, who said they were from Chicago, who immediately helped us.
By now it was Sun, right before dawn.
We had given what food we had left to the people camped near us and drove for what seemed like about a half hour, at least, as the sun rose, and were still not out of the Festival which had grown and spread along the roadsides for miles and miles.
So, we were there a day early and left a day early.
I've always thought that the attendance numbers were way undercounted from what I personally experienced.
Also, we actually did have tickets, but never saw anyplace set up to have them collected.


I was too young to attend the event, but I remember Woodstock from the newsreels (the media used to cover this stuff.) The album is still among my collection. I still listen to it, and it's on my adult son's playlist, too! Both the music of Woodstock and the message are timeless.


"It was a time to find a 'new design' if ever there was one. "?!?!?!??!

I agree.

The quicker you all begin to understand that we all have been played the fool, the faster we shall collectively recover and the more tactically positioned we will be in preparation for a new order. I mean let us admit it, it is a natural motion for us to go global now, and of course that means the time is ripe for a New World Order. If you do not want a New World Order than you MUST think that everything is just A-ok. Right? And well, as we all here know, things are not A OK. Plans for this NWO have been in motion for a very, very, very long time. Just take for example the most highly distributed form of art-messaging-symbology in the world is none other than the US One Dollar Bill. Besides all of # 13's on this piece of paper (13 feathers, 13 arrows, 13 olive leaves, 13 bricks, 13 stars) there exists three separate messages in Latin. They are as follows:

Annuit Coeptis - “He (God) approves [of our] (America's) undertakings.”

_E Pluribus Unum - “one from many.” _

Novus Ordo Seclorum - “a new order of the ages.”

As you can see, our founding fathers were well in the know, and 100's of years ago!

What we need is a New World Order, but not a New World Order by the .001% elite, nooooo, we need a New World Order of, by, and FOR, the People. (A system that combines the best in class elements of each our historic forms of governing - Democracy, Socialism, Communism, Meritocracy) and of which governs itself from the bottom up, not top down.

The quicker one likens themselves to the bitter truth concerning this great nation (911, etc) and her demise the quicker that old nation dies. And the quicker she dies, the sooner we become enabled to envision her rebirth. America needs to re-invent herself in a way like never before and never again.

Love, Light and Power,


Woodstock was a special experience. Went up several days early & drove right into the woods & made a campsite along the road to the pond. My mates were crew working on the stage etc. Left several days after the crown thinned-out so I had none of the traffic-jam 5 mile walks, etc. Lots of Alice, lots of music, rain, mud, cloud show & Wavy Gravy........


Thanks for that comment Emphyrio, I was 10 years old then growing up in San Diego. Woodstock was everything to so many of us, even us that didn't get there to New York; However, It entered our hearts and souls even to a young boy stuck in San Diego. Love the Wavy Gravy reference; also, The Merry Pranksters, and the bus Further, to include the Rainbow Family still reside in, and around Eugene, Oregon. Such a groovy time Emphyrio it opened my eyes even further.


The man did not kill the hippie movement entirely, although they tried. The Rainbow Family is alive, and well, and there are Rainbow Family gatherings worldwide. My first Rainbow gathering was in 1997, a national, in Eastern Oregon one of the best experiences of my life. It was pure, it was love, it was pure joy! Find out where one is happening near you, and enjoy! (www.welcomehome.org)


It's hard for me not to wonder what is wrong with this country, then and now.

As George Harrison once asked (albeit in a different context): "Are we being punished for something we have forgotten do do?"


Make that "...to do."


The count was easily over a million, if you count the 1/2 million like myself, that tried but couldn't physically get there. If it hadn't been for Walter Cronkite's News Hour, I and millions of others wouldn't have ever seen the scene, (until the movie came out!) lol - The Nixon administration came after us with a propaganda blitzkrieg of false news reports, (hippie drug fest, marked by promiscuity and such nonsense.) Dark innuendos and slurs - (obviously reacting to the fact that "how dare they not fight and turn violent - just smile and groove) - shameful"! lol

Most of the guys, being draft resisters, we loved being Woodstocker's. We left an unmistakable trail that threaded its way and connected us to the 1968 Chicago Dem convention - of which we were AGAINST - its pro-war stance and loser choice who lost to "Tricky Dick". Yeah, Woodstock, the very first Occupy - Of Mr. Yasgur's farm!

Most of 'us' Woodstockers were white, middle class kids, living in uptight, racist - "USA love it or leave it" households). We withstood brow-beatings from the "love it or leave it" flag wavers in our families and towns - but grew our hair anyway and ignored the taunts - very much the same, today - from the anti-Bernie/Greens, pro-Hill & T wannabes. Don't let 'em fool ya - It's "hippy" not hippie - we, who loved James Dean and the Beatles and were and still are anti-Vietnam-(former)college-age-music-and-camping-enthusiasts.


Very cool.


Wouldn't ya know!? Bernie, go GREEN!


Good report!


better to quit talking about "dreams". the real world is what we live in and what we need to transform. this need becomes more desperate every day and nothing changes except the steadily increasing body count. this capitalist empire must die, or neither the earth nor our grandchildren will survive. woodstock might be living in another universe somewhere, but nothing is left of it here. all the dremin that ever came true is the imperial nightmare we are living in


And 90 percent of the "Woodstock Generation" hippies were self-absorbed narcissists who went on to read "Atlas Shrugged", make big money in stocks, and now (in my area) live in on posted, private-property, "gated communities" on top of precious ecosystems that once were available for all to visit and enjoy.

We need to let the now-geriatric hippies grow old and die - we are long overdue for moving on to effective, solidarity-based movements of change,


What is it that they say about Trump, that he sounds like some Bigot sitting in a Bar who had too much to drink, and starts Spewing whatever Bullshit comes into his head and thinks it's Diamonds?


Nice photo avatar.