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This Earth Day, Beware of Greenwashing

This Earth Day, Beware of Greenwashing

Mallika Khanna

This Earth Day, I’d like to warn you about “greenwashing.” That’s the practice of corporations branding their products “eco-friendly,” even when they actually pollute, to deceive environmentally concerned customers.

Even if you’ve heard nothing about greenwashing, you’ve probably read about the Volkswagen emissions scandal, “Dieselgate.”

Along with such obviously ploys, anytime we buy something based not upon our true needs or desires, but rather based upon suggestion (see Edward Bernay’s (1928) Propaganda), we are damaging the environment well beyond what we should. When our needs and wants reflect the overall population of the planet (animals included) we come to a new reckoning.


“Support the Green New Deal.

Now, would that be the original Green New Deal created by the Green Party, or the more politically restrictive Green New Deal put forth by the Democratic Party?

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Gawd, what a childish conclusion, a downer. Mallika Khanna summarizes by effectively equating all individual choice with getting tricked into buying a deisel VeeDub.

Don’t think of actually doing anything, people – just march around with fantasy demands for aspirational legislation. Look: no sane person can oppose whichever GND is raised, so long as it’s not being used as a ruse to deflect righteous energy into futility.

Whatever agenda an activist has for reducing carbon emissions societally, that activist knows oneself to be a hypocrite: to the degree one personally causes huge carbon emissions by flying on airplanes, eating meat, and consuming unnecessary plunder from far away. Even if nobody else knows, that self-knowledge cannot fail to rot a movement at its core – where hypocrisy is ubiquitous.


An interesting article trying to pin a start date on the Anthropocene.

Thank you Common Dreams for printing this, I have personally noticed many polluting product makers actually run misleading and outright false advertisements to fool the consumers with “green washing” tactics. Everyone is using the green label to sell the same old crap.

Sorry to say that i am guilty of having bought too much more clothing then I actually need. I used to wear everything until holes appeared everywhere or the garment faded too much. However when I see those phony price reductions I still catch myself falling for them

We could stick a carbon label on every product a bit like food labelling systems.
This would educate the consumer into choosing products with a lower carbon foot print…
And hopefully Hemp based .
Anything you can make from Hydrocarbons in oil can just as easily be made from carbohydrates in vegetable crops like Hemp.
50 000 uses and counting .
A return to Hemp is going back to the future ! A lifeline for Humanity and sustaining life’s precious Earth .