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This Earth Day, Listen Up: Mother Earth Is Calling Us Back


This Earth Day, Listen Up: Mother Earth Is Calling Us Back

David Korten

April 22 is Earth Day 2016. Each Earth Day marks another milestone in a profound human reawakening to the truth that we are children of a living Earth who survive and prosper only as contributing members of a living Earth community.


It is great to see that more and more people are connecting the dots. We each need to tell two friends, who need to tell two friends, ...

Happy Earth Day, Y'all!


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I had not known it Earth day but that said.

Last night I dreamt I had returned to the farm I grew up on yet is was not that farm. In that dream it seemed it was but instead it was a sequence of places and landscapes each as beautiful as the last comprised of lakes and ponds and pastures and streams and forests and Mountains which had a tremendous clarity. Smells of the same were there, and the sounds and the very feel and taste of the places on the wind.All of the wildlife was there from the birds and their song to deer grazing and the buzzing of bees. There was a feeling of welcome home through each iteration.

I hated that awakening and the realization it was a dream but these places did and do exist in places other than in that dream. Here on this Earth still.

Happy Earth day.




"Every day Needs to be celebrated as Earth day,not just once a year."
Yes! Every day Gratitude to the Earth is inherent in the realization that not only are we connected to the planet but we are 100% dependent on its grace. We ARE the earth.


Ouch! Seeing that pretty woman (I love Indian dress) on that appallingly rickety ladder is scary! Yeah, those guy-wires suggest she is less than 1m off the ground. But short falls can still hurt.