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This Election Is About Trump's Pandemic Failures. But What Happens Next?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/01/election-about-trumps-pandemic-failures-what-happens-next

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Although bipartisan dismantling of FDR’s New Deal since 1978 is at the root of many of problems faced by the 99% today, I don’t hear anybody other than me and some CD posters promoting the restoration of all of the New Deal regulations and programs that were and continue to be dismantled.

Until those regulations and programs are restored there is no end in sight to the downward spiral the 99% have been in for more than decades.


Well, 30 million Americans (size of Canada’s or Australia’s population) could have enough to eat, if only 10% of the military budget (94billion) were re-routed to them.


We the people have to get it together and hold Joe Bidens feet to fire, the same with the blue dog dems, Schummer and Wall street buddies, demand more from media by regulating them so we can go back to FDR’s New Deal. Support progressive and get more progressives in the house and senate by partially outing the corporate blue dog dems. Make them feel the heat.

If an employee feels bad and tells her boss she’s taken two Feluda tests at home and both said she was positive…the boss and the business have to be able to get along without her, on that day and for at least 10 more (no prior notice, no long drawn out bureaucratic crap with lab turn around times, and no revenge on the employee or demoting the employee). You think that’s not much to ask? Well, look around. You CAN figure out what the world of essential workers has devolved into just by reading (my situation isn’t like this)…

It is easy to see why people who are at low risk are not complying. A person under the age of 29, who is lucky enough to have a job during a time of soaring unemployment, must balance his or her very low chances of having coronavirus badly enough to make them seriously ill against the undoubtedly damaging impact of self-isolating. Many have every reason to dread testing positive and may instead keep quiet about their symptoms or about any contact they may have had with somebody they know to have been infected. Patrick Cockburn 10/23

Well, for businesses to become sane we need what raydelcamino was talking about [which means scroll up if you’re reading this because I shared it]. But get this. I just searched for anything with both “Green New Deal” in it and “Dr. Michael Mina” in it. I go on record: sometimes our progressive media doesn’t know squat. Check this out, the only citation from USA Today! ~https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2020/02/27/trump-leadership-gap-coronavirus-2020-democrats-seize-moment-column/4886284002/

Happy to say my progressive media is looking at agriculture and pandemics. I mean they’ve been going over it recently.





GREEN YOU SAY?? Shouldn’t Green be hip to this issue? But Green should also be hip to transmission indicator tests (or “Feluda” tests). How do all these Greens intend to deal with this pandemic? Or future ones??? The Green-inclined really don’t know much more about viruses than all the people who won’t wear masks when they should. Folks, Green politicians will not simply take care of this agriculture thing once they get in. YOU have to grasp it, cause from the looks of things they will need to be pushed. Goes for writers too it seems that Common Dreams likes to pick up. There’s a statement on biodiversity at Green Party US’ site, but what was warned about has come. That site needs to tie THIS pandemic and the biodiversity thing together. True, there are a lot of “probables” involved; conclusions can’t be carved in stone right now. But IMO they and we need to put two and two together.


Once you’ve voted for them, they have no reason to listen to anything you say, and they certainly won’t even be concerned about you enough to lie about the things you are interested in for another 3.5 years. The only leverage you had was your vote and you gave that without demanding, much less gaining, any concessions or commitments.

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