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This Election Isn't About the Next Four Years. It's About the Next Four Millennia

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/03/election-isnt-about-next-four-years-its-about-next-four-millennia

These 12 paragraphs McKibben wrote make more sense when read from last to first.
350 org is too invested in techno-fix non-solutions. Elon Musk ideas are dystopian. Devoting scarce EV resources to Amazon trucks/vans is a crime against humanity. 200mph HSR is too little too late with too high impact too many elitist jetsetter world travelers oh so prefer.

I highly recommend Kim Stanley Robinson’s “Ministry for the Future” as both a realistic primer for what we face over the next 20 years and a pragmatic approach to solving the climate crisis… we will need multiple efforts on multiple fronts if we are to keep human civilization intact. A Biden administration is not gong to be nearly enough but it is a minimal first step.

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Tell self-driving car jokes: "Hail robotaxi limo, park here see.
“Parksee here see, horsesense see here see.”

supply-side environmentalism is as useless as supply-side economics. our only chance is to massively reduce demand (consumption) and i don’t see that happening
if trump wins, civilization collapses in 2050
if biden wins, civilization collapses in 2055

Although I concur with the 2055 forecast, Trump will be so empowered during a second term that civilization will collapse long before 2050.

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"If we don’t solve it soon, we will not solve it because we will move past tipping points from which we have no retreat " Bill Mckibben


With so many ALREADY starving, the ONLY humane way to reduce demand (consumption & its concomitant waste) would have been to limit and then gradually reduce human population, but nobody seemed willing even to talk about how to accomplish that.  Now it is WAY too late, and Mother Nature is just getting started on a rapid and what will appear to many of us as inhumane reduction of our numbers – by famine, flood, plague and increased war.   IMHO, if we survive the next 75 days some of our grandchildren might survive the next 75 years, although the last 25 may not be a whole lot of fun.

So much for your 4,000 year “reich”, Mr. McKibben . . .

Please do not confuse McKibben/350.org with Elon Musk, and do not suggest that Elon Musk, egoistic techno-jerk that he is, has nothing to contribute (fora price, of course–capital still rules the universe). He is not the only one touting big batteries, much less their inventor, but he has brought them to the masses, or at least to the electrical grid, which is a crucial part of any “green revolution.”

As for McKibben he was the first to write for laymen about the nature and urgency of the climate crisis, and has consistently whipped that horse when virtually no one else was doing so.

You got anyone or anything BETTER than McKibben?

Love these nihilists. You might consider getting out of the way to give the people who are actually trying to do something more room to operate.

THANK you. I am so sick of the nay-sayers and outright nihilists that I thought had gone back into their caves over the past few months. FOOL, FOOL, FOOLS; as bad or worse than the fossils whose war cry is “Carbon forever!”

My local 350 is more or less acting as lead authority over the decision making of many other local organizations who parrot conclusions about several important public works projects. Thankfully, voters rejected a multi-billion dollar light rail proposal, but only because of its cost rather than its abominable engineering. I tried to explain that from my decades of experience in mass transit planning, the line as proposed incurs horrendous felling of thousands of mature street trees and forest canopy, neighborhood parks and a remnant of a major creek and watershed. I tried to explain it would increase traffic hazards and accidents. The 350 manager I was speaking to gave me a look like how dare I question his fucking authority.

The other main project is a widening of an interstate freeway that these organizations haven’t the collective sense to understand how it will increase accident rate and severity, just the opposite claims from our State Department of Highway Robbery currently on a widening binge. Most weekend activists follow the crowd and chant “Leave it in the ground” and “Question Internal Combustion” trusting political leader’s every word. I believe Bill McKibben takes money from Silicon Valley tycoons and won’t bite the hand that feeds him.

The Tesla ‘S’ is the most over-rated EV on the road.

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If McKibben is so great, why has the atmospheric quantity of CO2
gone from under 350 ppm to over 400ppm during his watch? Ooopsy!

Yes! Thanks for your reply.

Yes, and when are you going to stop beating your wife?

Oh–and you did not answer my direct question in my first reply, no. 9 I believe.

My explanation why I distrust 350 and McKibben is a close enough answer to your objection. I won’t waste time trying to explain my perspective on how to address climate change. McKibben is knowledgeable and dedicated to the cause, but he’s failing because he won’t bite the Silicon Valley hand feeding him (and us) high-tech lies.

Well, I shouldn’t waste my time pointing out that you have now EXPLICITLY stated that answering my question (“You got anyone or anything BETTER than McKibben?”) would be a waste of YOUR time–but I just did. Don’t bother to reply: it would be a waste of my time to read it. You may have noticed that I seldom reply to your comments. You just reminded me why.

Your comment “When am I going to stop beating my wife” made my blood boil. Those are fighting words, chump. “You got anyone or anything better than McKibben” is a stupid question. Thanks for not replying to comments I’ve posted over the years trying to talk sense to jerks like you.