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This Election’s Teaching Our Kids Bad Habits


This Election’s Teaching Our Kids Bad Habits

Michael Winship

On the day before Easter, PEZ Candy USA had to cancel its annual egg hunt in Orange, Connecticut. Adults rushed the fields where the eggs and candy had been put out, pushing aside and trampling the little ones in a mad scramble to grab the goodies for their own children. Noses bled, tears were shed and next time — if there is one — PEZ will have to have lots of security guards on hand to keep the grown-ups from behaving like idiots.

The debacle kind of reminded me of this year’s election.


Yes, I had that feeling that this article was urging to vote Republican Lite for that smoother, more sophisticated, and covered up taste.


You're dreaming, wicklund. It's over. Those are your fellow citizens speaking out there with their votes. That's who they want (HRC). Just like the "poor white uneducated males" (Trump voters) so often cited here and at other liberal websites, that are deemed stupid and ignorant, there's also democratic voters who vote against their own interests. What exact;y do you call those folks? It appears there's more than enough ignorance and stupidity to go around, eh?


Primarily, it is the last gasp of the Southern Strategy.


Who was it that predicted that Sanders would appear to have a good run for it, criticize Clinton's policies, make her appear to move to the left, then endorse her for the nomination and encourage everyone to vote for her. Someone said he'd be done by April or May, and we'd all be told to support HRC.


Did you read the article to its conclusion? It's mostly about Trump's bullying and how that's causing a role-modelling "chain reaction." You go on and on about political correctness and Hillary... both are diversions to the crux of the article's stated material.


I don't have that much problem with the Democrats but Trump has gone way over the line. The candidates should not be criticizing the looks and family members of other candidates nor get into sexual innuendos as Trump has done. His remarks have really taken the Republicans into the gutter. Basically the Republican debates resembled bar talk more than people debating in hopes of being the next president.


It should be considered child abuse to bring your child to hear the likes of Trump's hate speech!


Michael, I am going to comment on your article before I even read it. The title alone sent me into something between rage and laughter. What do you mean this election is teaching our kids......
What about 2000, stolen by Bush, his daddy and their friends on the Supreme Court? What about Ohio in 2004, again stolen by Bush. Now we have the Democrats establishment stealing the Arizona primary (election fraud) and New York (most likely fraud again). So a kid born in 2000 has known nothing but stolen elections and 30 year old adults who were 15 in 2000 have certainly known nothing but crooked elections. What a banana republic this country is. Let's quit pretending and accept what we are. Only by accepting the depths of our existance can we ever hope to recover. Even alcoholics figure that out.


I think we need to go after the real culprit time and time again and boycott the products (garbage) they put in front of us day in and day out--IT'S THE MEDIA--they pick and choose what we should see and hear, what we should not know, and if someone like Trump enhances their bottom line, so be it. They have no morals, no ethics, and just care about the bottom line. Trump means ratings--to hell with our kids and their values. We have no voice of reason, except sites like Common Dreams and I can't be more thankful for you and a few other sites worth reading.


This story underscores the old trope: A picture is worth a thousand words. It's really sad to learn that so much effort in tackling bullying is going down the drain because of watching Donald Trump on TV--two fixtures most homes could do without!


Even though what you say is true, many (most?) adults aren't aware of those facts! The author is speaking of what children see and hear on TV or radio. And Trump's words are promoting bullying and fears among school children.


Yep, those events I mentioned have been "redacted" for years now by the news media. The only thing warranting news today is the clown Trump who makes it possible for the news media to leave out honest politicians who run legitimate campaigns, like Sen Sanders. It is not what we are allowed to see that makes a difference; it is what we aren't allowed to see. The fact that our elections are corrupt is the real news!


It was scary enough in Texas before open carry. Now that open carry is allowed on college campuses, professors are being warned away from controversial or inflammatory subjects lest they become the objects of a "Second Amendment solution.

As an active and outspoken progressive for decades, I've been yelled at, spit at, shoved, threatened, and invited to leave the country. And the dinner table.

Maybe open carry is better -- at least I can tell which of these inbred jeds is armed.

The increase in bullying behavior among kids is hardly surprising as our leaders have long promoted the merciless, zero-sum pseudo-philosophy of Ayn Rand. " Too nice"; "bleeding heart"; " do-gooder" -- all my life I have heard such epithets used to belittle kindness, compassion, and altruism.

The nastiness of this primary season is merely the distillation of the feral, narcissistic poison that has been the only thing to "trickle down" from the ruling 1%.


Which bad habits shall we focus on? Prior to this election many bad habits of the political operation were merely hidden. Now the curtain has been pulled back for all to see. Let us actually smell the rotten air of a corrupt, monied system, then clear it. Let the system be shown for what it is- a sham. Let the broken system come apart at the seems and unravel.

Here's what my cohort, the oldsters, of both parties don't get: for the sake of the planet this country needs a paradigm shift. Many of the oldsters are kicking and screaming to save multiple, unworkable systems; they listen to MSM news that is merely entertainment- not journalism. The "kids" who are denigrated as naive and impractical, are correct on all of this. They clearly see the "bad habits" that got us to this place. It's time we wake up and follow their lead. It matters how you frame an issue. Which bad habits shall we focus on?