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This Election, The Force May Be our Only Hope


This Election, The Force May Be our Only Hope

Keith Stewart

My son, who is now old enough to scan headlines as he digs through the newspaper looking for the comics, has questions about the federal election – questions I’d rather not answer as I believe that kids should learn to love the world and that saving it is the job of grown-ups.

But as every parent knows, that is not an acceptable answer to a curious 10-year-old. In my search for the words to explain why what a woman wears is suddenly a threat to national security, I find myself falling back on Star Wars metaphors. It’s a language we share.


Well geez, someone has to say it: May the force be with you! :O)


"I remind him of Yoda’s most important lesson: fear and hatred are not stronger than a path built on compassion and interconnectedness. And I tell him that a Rebel Alliance of artists, workers and activists did emerge during this ugly election to start building that slower but stronger path."

It's good to see this reference used since it's been apparent to me for more than a decade that STAR WARS is the definitive myth of our times. And that dark Darth Force--tied as it is to a military empire--totally fits the U.S. under thrall to the M.I.C.

Naturally, not all U.S. citizens identify with the shadow of militarism. And as is so often the case--with growth happening at the fringes--that fringe people: artists, poets, labor rights activists, environmental activists, human rights activists, inventors, innovators, and iconoclasts--make up that rebel contingent that is so amorphous in its content, that it cannot be definitively identified and thereby stomped out by armed agents of empire.

Ultimately, The Force is related to a higher consciousness, a consciousness that is not bound to the Mars Rules Might Makes Right bankrupt ethos. And since it is in accord with all that gives Life (and Light) to our universe, as Dr. King emphasized, it's in alignment with those universal forces that arc towards justice... and thus, the Just.


I believe the force IS with us... people who care about justice, decency, humanitarianism... not unceasing war that leaves the natural world a toxic scar and so many orphaned children. The suffering going on today is at an impossibly high level. Thank you for the acknowledgement.