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This Election Was Rigged

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/16/election-was-rigged

This Election Was Rigged

All elections for POTUS are rigged! To paraphrase Ward Churchill: AMERICANS ARE FREE TO VOTE FOR WHOM THEY HAVE BEEN TOLD TO VOTE FOR…


I think Mr. Hartmann is correct, the right to vote should be encoded into law, a very strong law that says every American has not only the right to vote, but a moral imperative to vote in every election of national importance.


Wonder if we would have picked up more senate seats. Probably would have won a few more states. Texas Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, yes Ohio. Senate seats in Iowa, Maine,…Georgia, North Carolina…


Well here’s a vid with irony, surrounding Trump’s claims of election fraud.

“Trump Lawsuit Accidently Says There Was Huge Fraud In Counties Trump Won”
The Ring of Fire Platform

Pro1- how many of said states were connected to the internet at anytime?

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Yea…but if we joined the developed world we might have to get rid of the death penalty and have things like M4A. We are mired in backwardness that is going to take almost a miracle to end the total devolution of our country particularly over the past 40 years.

Obviously Hartmann is right. Like I have been saying since four years ago. They had better start trying to get the voters rights set. Start now and maybe something will pan out by the end of the four year cycle.
Too bad democratic governors are too honest to cheat old white guys out of their votes. Otherwise a tit-for-tat race to disenfranchise the other guys vote would ensue.

National Holiday?

Yes, the election was rigged as it has been for over 5 decades by both parties. Beverly Harris confirmed this in the 2000 election with her research and book Black Box Voting.

This was also confirmed by the Collier brothers in their book Votescam.

Democrats were willing to scream about vote fraud in 2000 when it went against them in the Bush-Gore election. However, now that it has gone against a sitting President that they have been conditioned to hate because he doesn’t subscribe to their leftist anti-Constitutional world view and phony social decorum of how a President is “supposed” to behave, they ignore the plainly obvious voting fraud that has been conducted.

If there were a willingness to be objective it would be adamantly clear that Donald Trump won this election by a landslide. But it is not because of the quite obvious bias and conditioned hatred Democrats have been conditioned by a highly biased media to develop.

Those who chose to hate the President have been willingly trained to ignore all and any of the President’s many accomplishments and attack everything the man has done or does. So be it. That is nothing more than being willfully ignorant.

That the vote was rigged is immensely clear based on the ever gathering evidence some of which can be read all over the internet or in the affidavit’s or motions offered to the courts (who are as corrupt as the politicians we think we elect.) You can readily find the evidence, if you are open-minded enough to look for it. Read it with an open mind (if at all even possible) and the facts presented make it clear the election was stolen with fraud.

As stated above, this is nothing new and has happened on both sides of the aisle ever since paper ballots were eliminated and automated systems introduced. It has been getting progressively worse over time. The 2020 election was simply an example of how bad it has gotten because the vote was so obviously favorable towards the hated candidate who is upsetting the controllers’ apple cart that the fraud is too obvious to ignore.

What we really have here is an example of just how meaningless the voter has become in the ultimate outcome. We think we are making a choice when, in fact, the choice has already been made and the citizen is merely a puppet in the dog and pony show, not a citizen with a free choice.

What the useful idiots who go along with the fraud are doing is disenfranchising or castrating themselves and are too biased with their myopic world views to even notice it. That is called conditioning, not intelligent thought. Dogs salivating at the sound of the bell as in Pavlov’s experiments.

Yes, the election was rigged. Your hated candidate won it but you are too programmed to acknowledge it. In fact, Republicans would likely have taken the House and made even more gains in the Senate if the vote was actually fair and the game would have continued.

We citizens are being played as we have been for many decades. It is the modern-day Boss Tweed, but few will acknowledge that because they are too blinders on to do so. Wake up, folks. We don’t have the Constitutional Republic anymore. We have an oligarchy at best ruled by a select few who provide the citizens with the illusion of a choice they no longer have.

We have become a nation of saps enslaved under the control of an elite running the show from the shadows to benefit them, not the citizens who are destined to serve them alone. Donald Trump is not the problem, nor the solution. The real solution lies in the sleep of the citizens. Wake up and face reality. We have become a nation of enslaved pawn serving the people whom in our delusion think we elect. We don’t. The selections are made long before the election.

All we do is act out our part of accepting the pretense of having a choice. Stop being a sap.

You can download Beverly Harris’ Black Box Voting book for free from her website by the same name with a dot org on the end.

The book Votescam by the Collier brothers can be purchased from Amazon.

Get up to speed instead of playing someone else’s game to facilitate their power and line their pockets while we struggle to make ends meet. Either that or remain a sucker who is a dime a dozen. For as the saying attributed to circus king P.T. Barnum goes, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Ain’t that the truth.

no judgment here.
woke thinking only!
who did you vote for?

ROFL !!!
who is a delusional sap?

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