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This EPA Rule Change Could Kill Thousands


This EPA Rule Change Could Kill Thousands

Olivia Alperstein

While Americans were quietly preparing to ring in the New Year, the EPA gave families a deadly present to start the year off wrong.

On December 28, the Environmental Protection Agency announced a proposal that would effectively weaken the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS), which protect American families from mercury and other harmful air pollutants emitted by power plants.


We’re running off a cliff.

This is the Koch white house. They say who trump hires and what he does. 2 dozen Koch employees walked in with trump the day he took office. Sociopaths are in charge of us.

Charles - Nov 1, 1935 age 83
David - May 3, 1940 age 78

Will they never die of old age? I don’t think the earth will survive them and the rest of their age 70+ billionaire ilk.


I think an even worse problem is the brain damage that this Hg will do to likely MILLIONS of children.


Don’t these fools realize that toxic substances don’t just hang around where poor people live? It will eventually find its way to the halls of the rich, whose children and grandchildren will suffer the same ills as their not-so-fortunate peers.


HI locoadele, yes substances like with Chernobyl------the entire Earth shares in all the awfulness. I read a story once about movie stars making a movie in the Nevada/ California desert------apparently where some nukes were tested-----and all those actors got cancer. So, apparently, if stuff doesn’t get you right away, it just slow dances you to death.

Maybe the People making this decision should be forced to breathe mercury laden air while being locked into Pruitt’s superman phone booth-----then we could see what happened to their health after a month or so.


Seeing how the Murkin coal miner has been Trump’s poster child ever since he started his campaign it is not surprising that we will soon have free range mercury in abundance. Note also that although coal contains varying amounts of radiation, that radiation is not regulated during coal mining, transport and usage. If radiation in coal was regulated the same way uranium and the nuclear industry is, nobody would be allowed near the stuff.

Brain damage caused by mercury is a plus for the GOP and their FOX network (faux noise)…it gets them more voters and more viewers. If you aren’t already brain damaged when you watch faux, it won’t take long before it causes brain damage.


Could you be referring Marlyn Monroe and Clark Gable, for example in The Misfits?


Environmentally we are digressing, it started before Trump’s follies, and has gotten progressively worse. Are bodies are being bombarded, seafood in the Gulf from an oil well blowout, seafood in the Pacific from Fukushima, fields in our breadbasket from Monsanto (and every other field), and now this. Many of us wont have to worry about climate change, we likely wont be here that long.
It’s interesting to note when these disasters happen the government doesn’t protect the people, it just raises the legal limits of these poisons to keep the profits flowing to the corporations, putting our health in greater peril.


…tell me one thing that this man has done that hasn’t turned our Country and the Planet into shit, just one thing…that’s all I ask, just one thing…his pollution policies and love of coal could turn the U.S. of A. into India, I said “could”, is that what you want America? “India’s toxic air killed 1.24 million people in 2017, said a study published in Lancet Planetary Health this month.” From The Guardian

…from my website…https://gilbertweaversatchell.org/


The same mentality. They just care about their money and they never care about people of our earth. It’s just not a priority for them. In their collective minds (we the people) are just in their way. Determined to kill our world and it’s inhabitants(human & animals alike) these selfish ignorant thugs just don’t give one DAM about any of us. Why do (we the people) 360 million plus of us just stand there and take this?. KILL THIS SYSTEM BEFORE IT KILLS US ALL!.


HI 4thefuture: I think it was a movie about circus… with John Wayne…I never saw it I read about actors dying from working where nuke test were done in the desert of CA/NV. I’lll see if I can find the title somewhere. : )


HI again 4thefuture-----I was way off and yet roght in target–it wasn’t circus movie it was a cancerous movie for many. … John Wayne and Susan Hayward were in the nuclear test site in the CA/NV desert in 1956 and making a movie called the Conqueror—of the 220 people who worked in it 92 died from cancer------ there are a ton of entries on it so maybe google wikipedia about the 1956 movie , the Conqueror, and you’ll get tons of stuff- Amazon too… Maybe do, " john Wayne gets cancer in the 1956 movie THE Conqueror " ----- it’s pretty horrific, kind of like what America did when testing their bombs in the South Seas and not telling the citizens there what was up. : (


I had long known about The Misfits. Thanks for this information about a second test-site movie.