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'This Exchange Cuts to the Heart of Our Crisis': Watch DNC Chair Hide Behind Party Rules to Argue Against Climate-Focused Debate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/13/exchange-cuts-heart-our-crisis-watch-dnc-chair-hide-behind-party-rules-argue-against

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Perez proves the “Peter Principle.”


An existential event looms and the Official Dems do not want to talk about it! Figures, more campaign loot in not talking about it.


Governor Jay Inslee has been censored from speaking about climate emergency? THE DNC NEEDS TO BE CENSORED!


So which in fact worse?

Denying there any such thing as Global warming, and believing it all some plot and in so doing do nothing about it.

Acknowledging Global warming occurs, that it a dire threat to our futures and refusing to do anything about it?

Now a stupid person is a stupid person. In many ways s/he can not help them self but this hiding done by Perez and the DNC is plain old fashioned political sleaze.


Those rules are political suicide. Fuck the DNC.


Hey, the Democrats acknowledge science. Don’t be purity police guys. Tax credits on solar, buzzwords in a speech, non-binding international agreements that don’t work well, create an international economic system and institutions that make dealing with this issues next to impossible, and attach yourself to capitalism, a system that is not only the key driver in the crisis but cannot properly deal with the crisis. It is far worse to acknowledge the science and to no offer up policies that match the needs of the day because of ideology or self interest. We have long been led, in both parties, by corrupt, empty people and little is done to remove them from power. The only hope is mass social movements and those pushing for radical changes, as quickly as possible. Those that deride the GND as the “green dream or whatever” are no better than Exxon at this point.


Anyone who takes climate change seriously needs to leave the Democratic Party immediately. Continuing to prop it up, election cycle after election cycle, is killing us all. Voting for Democrats who claim to take climate change seriously is killing us too. Anyone who is still thinking of voting for a Democrat needs to read this interview with Nick Brana, in which he details many ways the Democratic Party stamps out progressives both inside the party and outside. The Democratic Party is fundamentally undemocratic and unreformable. Trying to reform it by voting for the ones who dangle progressive bait is just taking resources from a serious movement.



So if it’s too late to change the rules, can we change the rule-maker instead, a la Debbie W-S?

And the next time you get a DCCC “survey” of your political thoughts, take a big black marker and scream across its front page: “It’s the fucking climate, stupid!!!”


A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. Those words don’t even require quote marks. Or attribution (Ralph Waldo Emerson). How can Perez be so stupid as not to recognize this.

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It’s a Big Club and You Ain’t In It!

It’s a private Corporation. They can do what ever they want when ever they want. THAT, is not going to change.

The Latest rigging effort (that I’m sure we will be talking about soon) is the ‘Debate’ Schedule. Can’t get everyone on stage at the same time (they made sure of that) so golly gee whiz, we have to split up the group. And the DNC will control everything going on. How’s that going to turn out?

Remember when the League of Woman Voters did debates?


It should read: Got no $. Impeach Now!

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The Private Club will never embarrass their money train by breaching that subject. If they did the bribes would stop flowing


You are right on the money with you comments JR.
Not only do we need primers on climate change, we need further insights into possibilities. If only a few thousand right-wing Fox climate deniers were to watch a debate it would still be worth the effort to educate them. Much of America is out of the loop because of Fox type denial.
Actually we need more detailed info, and a movement to instill urgency.

Let’s face it, the MSM is out to lunch on climate crisis awareness.


Yeah, he’s a dick.


Perez doing the dirty deed of the 1% subhuman creatures with mountains of cash. He ought to be ousted one way or another. What a son of a bitch.


We do have such a movement - gandolf, & JoanRobinson.

It is being led by Greta Thundberg.


The DNC’s unethical and some would say criminal behavior catches up with them:


Now THAT was depressing. Mrs. Guild and I joined the Citizens Party in 1980 and cast our presidential votes that year for Dr. Barry Commoner, having seen the “two-party” long con for what it was and is.

The Citizens Party is no more, but the need for 3rd, 4th and 5th parties has only grown more dire in the interim.


At THIS time, the nation would most benefit by … IMPEACHING
… PEREZ and his DNC cronies.

THEY are headsrong in stopping any useful or meaningful legislation or campaign goals among any progressive candidates.
• We must understand this … and see them as … an ENEMY to justice and democracy in America!
… Trump is horrible, but is blatant, … however, THEY dress up as “saviors.”
• Let us stop fooling ourselves that THEY are not a real danger to us all …
… and to the planet.