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This Fake President Must Resign

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/13/fake-president-must-resign


He’s digging his own grave with his daily display of malignant idiocy, but we can’t count on him to successfully complete any worthwhile task. As conscientious citizens, in any way we can, we must assist him in this burial. We all have skin in this game.


Except for using his office to avoid pending legal problems and get himself a share of the bailout money, you’d think Trump would gladly resign. He has performed the all-time greatest upwards fail, and there’s only one direction for him to go from here. Not that his work/golf balance suffered much before the pandemic, but avoiding all these new responsibilities might be just too much for him to bear. That his supporters cannot see through his cons is as baffling as it is disturbing.


The Southern District of New York will be able to go after Trump and his family if he resigns. He fears that more than anything else. Seeing what happened to others before him; unfortunately, Trump may opt for a type of nuclear option. What form that will take may be very interesting, but not in a good way.


Trump will fight tooth and nail to be POTUS for life knowing that he will be prosecutable post POTUS and he probably doesn’t want to hole up in Paraguay for the rest of his life.

When you consider that the GOP’s job description for the POTUS is to expedite the descent of the US to a neofeudal state where the 1% own everything and the 99% own nothing, Trump has more tools than any POTUS has ever had to “do the job” and adds the reality TV bonus that so many stay tuned to.


Bit of a self indulgent puff piece it would seem. “Please buy my book”

Oh of course everyone here must be told trump has been blowing smoke up rear guards. Fact being that doing so in a smoke filled ‘room’ since Raygun and Citizens United is just a tad redundant.

Call on your reps to call for Trump’s resignation. ~https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials/

and hey, share with friends:

Bill Weld’s Petition:
Change. org’s Petition:
Action Network Petition:
Daily Kos Petition:
The Independent

so theres a start for any who might be interested …


that tiny bit of instability he exhibits? its called getting tipped by a ground swell

Trump might know how to read statistical analyses, but just keep in mind that those analyses “externalized” entire spheres of dynamics as part of their design. Trump has ‘tools’ and not just the legislated forms. Part of the definition of a tool is that it is designed for a specific use. Trump has surrounded himself with tools and beyond them are tens of thousands in government who are fed up and looking and waiting for the groundswell. IT IS UP TO THE PUBLIC.


Because the lipless cadaver Pence would be so much better!


See RootsAction. org for a petition to demand Trumps resignation.


Well, getting rid of Trump sounds fine to me. But were he to resign tomorrow, what would the US do the day after the celebration to find–well, let’s not call it “a replacement”–another president? The modest skills that the country once had towards running an election process have been lost.

Trump is a caricature of an embodiment of the worst that might be associated with the United States. But his resignation or his replacement by other means will only be significant if the US can do a 180 turn and find or create its roots in democracy.


tRump can’t quit. Putin won’t let him. Remember who hacked the election in 2016? tRump isn’t president of the US, Putin is. tRump is his wrecking ball.
Remember Helsinki? Putin OWNS tRump.
Remember Russia hacked US infrastructure in 2017. Our grid security was breached.
Timing of COVID is convenient for suspending elections. If the grid goes down before November, elections will be cancelled, and Putin wins the White House, again.


hahahaha. yeah, he’ll get right on it. thankfully, Dems have given him every incentive to cling to power for dear (leader) life. Threats of incarceration tend to do that. Make no mistake, he’s a crook and I’d love to see him get tossed in the clink (and he can take all the people threatening him with him, since they’re crooks, too).

No, Trump’s probably figured out by now it’s die in office or on Ryker’s Island. I think he’s going with A.

Edit: In all seriousness, I suspect him and Pence-y already have the escape plan hatched. Trump resigns about 30 days before his term is up (in whichever year) and Pence then pardons him. Ford conveniently left behind the playbook for this sort of thing.


This is the Kobayashi Maru moment for the US. No matter what is done, or we do, there is no solution. No win. No lose. We’re screwed. We’re back to 1859 and state’s rights. In the perfect reality show EmCee, Trump lets the states fight it out for much needed supplies, forcing them into a WWE type global bidding war. And he sends in his thugs to remove whatever supplies the states did have. Now…the bodies are everywhere, the states want to decide when to reopen things on their turf, and, as the perfect slimy reality show host, Trump says, Nope, that’s MY job, not yours. The GOP controls almost all the state governments. No matter who does what, we are all gonna lose…


Far more likely than his resignation will be using COVID as a pretext to postpone or cancel the election.
Am speculating that he will require an “escort” from the Oval Office.


Yeah, a petition. That ought to do it.


Very plausible.

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What you mean-um Paraguay, Kemo Sabé?  I am sure his “Uncle Vlad” will give Tweetle-Dumb a suite in ‘Trump Tower Moscow’ (jointly owned by DeutscheBank) for the rest of his natural life as a thank-you for all that he’s done to weaken the U.S. and NATO.

Pence can only pardon Tweetle-Dumb & Co. for Federal crimes;  hopefully prosecutions by the State of New York et al will go forward.   Andrew Cuomo had numerous reasons to go after the Drümpf-Kushner Crime Syndicate even before the unnecessary deaths of thousands of his citizens as a result of Trump’s heartless incompetence.

Sad, but true.  Tweetle-Dumb and his cronies, his family members and his hench-persons have lots of reasons to fear prosecution when their reign is over, and they’ll do anything – and I mean ANYTHING – to remain in power.  OTOH, defeating hapless Joe Biden should be a piece of cake — even easier than defeating the Red Queen, especially with a little help from Uncle Vlad . . .


He’s an idiot, first and last. And a large number of idiots elected him.


Rex Tillerson nailed it a couple of years ago“Trump is a F***ing Moron!”

Unfortunately, a yuge number of F***ing Morons still support him . . .