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This Fake President Must Resign

We have a president who wants to kill the US Postal Service for one simple reason: He wants to make voting by mail impossible before he is washed away like the shit-stain he is from the White House on November 3. But the Postal service is a critical operation for much of rural America. We have a home in the community of Fishs Eddy. Along with a small saw mill it is the only business in this longstanding little American community. A few years ago, the USPS decided to close our post office, which at the time operated out of a rented office at one end of a trailer home. People used that little office as a community center where everyone met each other at least once a day, and where the post-mistress was the main source of information about the community. When it was gone, we lost our core. The USPS moved our mail boxes to a post office four miles down a dirt road in a neighboring neighborhood, and gave our zip code to that one bank of boxes. It wasn’t the same at all. We fought and fought to get our post office back, leaning on our state legislators, and our three members of Congress. Eventually we won and two years ago, the USPS installed a freestanding little post office. Now that victory will be in jeopardy again if Trump has his way and bankrupts the USPS. NO WAY that can be allowed to happen just to save his sorry ass.


He must resign, or what? We’ll all know that we are governed by crooks with bad intentions? He’s not a fake president, he was nominated with the assistance of the Democrat Press and he won the election on the constitution’s terms. His predecessor was the actual fake. Trumps voters saw what they were voting for and against. Barry’s voters were sold change and peace.

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Trump ??? The worst president ? Just because he defeated the tribe’s anointed one ? How about the lying village idiot who led the illegal invasion of the Middle east causing hundreds of thousands of deaths. Where were you then Mark Green ? Oh, wars for Israel are O K. Your ilk were after Trump BEFORE he even took office. So now the DNC offers Biden !! Are you people for real? Why weren’t you raising a fuss when Jill Stein was excluded from the debates ? Maybe because she is against eternal wars of aggression. You have zero credibility .

He LOST the popular vote by nearly 3 million SANE CITIZENS!!


tRump & his gang of traitors need to be dragged out of office, immediately; indicted, imprisoned, impoverished & exposed as “domestic enemies” facilitating biological attack on the US in service to Putin. Waiting until January 2021 to #RemoveTrump is a strategic blunder of epic proportions.
#TrashTheMemo blocking indictment of this criminal. Is our government capable of defending itself from Russia or not?


I would be glad for any business running on solar, or wind, or hydropower, or geothermal. Those also would have hardly any greenhouse emissions. It would be lovely to have electric utilities running on some combination of solat, wind, geothermal, hydro, and energy storage.

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He may not have helped create it, but he sure does take advantage of it every chance he gets.

This would be the best time to introduce a sliding “Verity” bar on teevee screens that have to suffer through a “Presidential Address.”

First, DO NOT LET Trump speak in real time. Second, use that time to fact-check every one of the things he says (this could take DAYS, there are so many lies in there). Third, use that to put up a bar on the side of the screen with green at the bottom, and Flaming Orange (Trump’s color) at the top, all dimmed out until he SAYS SOMETHING. Then the bar would light up in the appropriate color, and a long-enough bar.

Fourth (and most important)… DO NOT LABEL OR TALK ABOUT WHAT THAT BAR SIGNIFIES. Let people figure it out for themselves. This is simply to avoid attacks from ROTpublicans about it. If we NEVER tell anyone what it means, then we can’t be Numb-Nuts sued for it just to please the Orange Horror… Still, it should be obvious once someone asks the question what it’s about…

Note that the juiciest moments will come, when a ROTpublican in Court of otherwise, has to detail how he figured out what the bar is for. To do that, he’ll have to demonstrate that when it turned Flashing Orange, it was “because” of a just-told LIE – that he RECOGNIZED as a lie. IOW, they will have to demonstrate their OWN ability to tell he’s lying.

**TRUMP’s PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE BASED ON HIS WORDS & ACTIONS ©JLW 1. Many of his words, talk or actions are Prate, Codswallop, Bunkum, Flapdoo-dle, Folderol, Specious, Pejorative, Obscurantism, and Bosh. 2. As a President he is Egregious. 3. He conducts himself about disagreements in a Reviled and Rebuke manner. 4. He does not Elucidate his comments or ideals. 5. His comments at times are Absurdity and Tirade. 6. He does not believe in Egalitarianism. 7. He expresses Pejorative on many things. 8. Many times he acts like Non combos mentis. 9. He uses twitter as a soap box to express Diatribe-Polemic views. 10 .Many of his views are Quixotic; like the wall. 11. He has a Haughty and Condescended personality. 12. His personality is Odious at times. 13 .His views towards the poor and unfortunate are that of Despotism. 14 .Many of his ideals are Purportedly. 15 .He likes to Razzle-dazzle, Bamboozle, Hoodwink and Hornswoggle people. 16. He likes to hire Minions to work for him. 17. Many of his ideas are Figments and Phantasms. 18 .His ideas or behavior are sometimes Mercurial. 19. He can be a Shill. 20. Sometimes he is Prate on subjects. 21. Overall he is Perfidious. 22. DUMP TRUMP ~ DO IT NOW!!! ~ HE’S CRAZY.

What tells you that Trump will behave as undemocratic and violent as the Democrats when the lost?

Have you ever fact-checked Biden?
About the Fascists he helped in Ukraine?
About the brute cops who battered Rodney King nearly to death, the ones he supported?
About the steps he did not take after the many Black Lives lost in his office time as VP?
About his recent comments about Black people?

Certainly Trump should resign, for him to even sit in the oval office is a disgrace but the point has to be why was he even elected in the first place? Hint - it was the NOT the Russians contrary to what the neo-liberals want us to believe. In fact it was the very tone deafness and uncaring attitude of that group that has brought us to this point. What is frightening is that they are on repeat for this cycle - running a dementia challenged, accused sexual offender and war monger all the while expecting us to fall in line and vote against the orange monstrosity because of his personal uncaring arrogance and incompetence. So once we are faced with two crappy choices. There are other choices as the only way to end this continuing cycle of idiocy is to deny it your vote, your support and to actively oppose this nonsense.

Yes the coronavirus has exposed Trump…again. He’s been exposed repeatedly over decades. Who and what he was, and is, has been as plain as the nose on his face. The fact this criminal has been able to ascend to the Presidency says more about us than it does about him. The fact we have allowed his destruction undeterred for four years is a further indictment.

The coronavirus has exposed in graphic relief, the cognitive dissonance between who we say we are and the reality. It has been that way from the beginning. We are at a crossroads. We must honestly face our past and own it, teaching ourselves and our children the truth of our history. We must stop the self aggrandizement of who we are and fully evaluate our strengths, our weaknesses, and what we truly value.

We have always said people are what we value while everything about us to this point says we value money and power above all. Our future is at stake. We must resolve this dissonance or perish.

you’d think Trump would gladly resign.

Logical thinking – however, with each new right wing presidency they’re embedded
further into government, their supporters are wealthier, more confidence - greedier –

and their crimes – like 9/11 – and JFK coup – need to continue to be covered up and

I’d say there are a few things in the last years which Trump has done which require
investigation – especially on the level of TREASON.

Is there some way to add to the resignation and pardon a TV show starting Trump as ring master of stand-up comics each praising Trump.

Should be starring rather than starting.

After reading many comments here, which gave me a laugh, I’m debating in my head which is higher, the average age or average IQ of the commenters. It’s very hard to tell, but my guess is you are mostly in the age range of 19 to 25, haven’t taken economics, and have very little knowledge of the United States government, other than what you’ve learned on FB and Twitter.