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This Fake President Must Resign

Yes, I agree. Call me naive but the constant propaganda against ‘our enemies’ Russia and China by both parties says to me that our real enemy is our own government and mainstream media manipulating us into supporting these myths.

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Trump is pretty much now rabid – frothing at the mouth – and we want to do
all to encourage him in that – keeping in mind his EGO can tolerate no opposition.

Don Lemon/CNN host took quite a chance yesterday in pretty much calling Trump
out – likely with ill consequences for him – but it was wonderful to hear his rant against
Trump BS “we don’t need to hear about ‘good people’ on both sides.”

Also the arrest of one of the CNN reporters (AA) and his crew was quite shocking today!!
Doubt they’ll be a lawsuit against the Minneapolis police – but there should be.

Brooke Baldwin/CNN also made some wonderful points about getting many calls from
“white” viewers who want to know how to help AAs in the campaign against violent
policing. Color of Change is a new organization pushed by Ilhan Omar D/MN –
Trust in the next few days we will see more leaders coming forward and have some
better idea of how to help –

MEANWHILE, ‘WHITES’ joining the protesters is wonderful to watch.

I’d like to see something similar happening here in NJ where we’ve had our own problems
with police violence vs AA’s.

only a childish narcissist blames trump for the damaged amwrikan national character—obviously Bercovitch was correct when he wrote in2012, “only in USA has nationalism carried with it the Christian meaning of the sacred. the revelation of amerika serves to blight and ultimately preclude the possibility of fundamental social change”…of course, the same position is taken by Hannah Arendt in her essays on Augustine, most recently the Marcian, sociologist, Richard Sennet in his book on cooperation and the Heidigarrian.Marxist Russian philosopher, Alexandr Kojeve…what could they know?

We have a president who wants to kill the US Postal Service for one simple reason: He wants to make voting by mail impossible before he is washed away like the shit-stain he is from the White House on November 3. But the Postal service is a critical operation for much of rural America. We have a home in the community of Fishs Eddy. Along with a small saw mill it is the only business in this longstanding little American community. A few years ago, the USPS decided to close our post office, which at the time operated out of a rented office at one end of a trailer home. People used that little office as a community center where everyone met each other at least once a day, and where the post-mistress was the main source of information about the community. When it was gone, we lost our core. The USPS moved our mail boxes to a post office four miles down a dirt road in a neighboring neighborhood, and gave our zip code to that one bank of boxes. It wasn’t the same at all. We fought and fought to get our post office back, leaning on our state legislators, and our three members of Congress. Eventually we won and two years ago, the USPS installed a freestanding little post office. Now that victory will be in jeopardy again if Trump has his way and bankrupts the USPS. NO WAY that can be allowed to happen just to save his sorry ass.

He must resign, or what? We’ll all know that we are governed by crooks with bad intentions? He’s not a fake president, he was nominated with the assistance of the Democrat Press and he won the election on the constitution’s terms. His predecessor was the actual fake. Trumps voters saw what they were voting for and against. Barry’s voters were sold change and peace.