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This Feels Like a Turning Point


This Feels Like a Turning Point

Charles P. Pierce

When we last left Camp Runamuck, and it was only this morning, there was some question as to whether the walls of the East Room ought to be discreetly padded.


Trump has the podium and is running with the daily narrative but doing so without a script. He is desperate to be able to say something without it being questioned and fact checked by reporters. Once he was the Prince but now he is just a president ... and he doesn't like having to answer for what he says and does. You get the sense that he runs with something one of his advisors said and then when that backfires that he immediately tries the advice from a different advisor. A distinct lack of coordination is plainly evident.


I dare say Mr. Pierce, that you're missing the main narrative. Trump's a puppet, pure and simple. More simple than pure to be sure. We're all glued to this sideshow, while the real story marches along unseen and unreported. That's where your focus should be, otherwise you're part of the false narrative.


Partially hinged ignoramus?


45% of American idiots approve of Trump's job performance ... and presumably most of them and even more would have approved of Hitler ... democracy isn't such a great idea in practice.


I don't really agree with you. Yes, it is likely that Trump is a "puppet" to at least some degree, but without proof (a complete look at all tax returns and business interests) it's merely speculation. Clearly, Trump is mainly interested in making money for his businesses and trying to look Presidential. However, Trump's thin skin is and will be a huge problem for him (and possibly for us). It's all bad news whether we have Trump or Pence as President.


Theoretically, 45% ( I think it's actual a bit less at the moment) is not enough to win in a democracy, so, while democracy has its failings, it's about the best we can have. It does feel like idiocy has a stranglehold on America.


Puppet, yes. The question the MSM should be asking is, 'Has Donald Trump himself been compromised?'

Two days ago when there were nothing but Russians with Trump in the Oval Office, did our intelligence agencies, screen the entire room for bugs (listening or video transmitting devices)?


MANY are asking that very question. Finding the proof takes work and time.


The last number was 36% who approved. That number must include the hard core of KKK, neoNazis, alt-right, etc. They must approve of Trump's attempt to get a Muslim ban and build the wall, and giving a green light to the ICE police and border patrol. He is probably losing support from people who did support him but aren't white nationalist types. They probably thought he could shake things up for the better. That is the wishful thinker vote.


So far, ZERO indication that Repubs might even consider impeachment.

Need a majority in the House, 2/3 in Senate to impeach. So you can't impeach w/o Repubs.

Plus, we get rid of Trump, Pence is POTUS, and besides being a Fascist like Trump, he's also a Christian Theocrat. Plus, he's mentally organized, and much more able to work with the Washington Establishment. Therefore, he's more likely to effect long-lasting damage, like Bush & Obama did.

Liberals are chasing their tales on this one.


I agree. No mater how many laws Trump breaks, no matter how he shreds the constitution, no matter how often he blunders, it's the Republicans in Congress that, at least for now, will be needed to impeach. The Repubs may squirm a bit at Trump's antics, but it is highly unlikely they will turn on one of their own, no matter what he does. Next best shot for dumping Trump is a possible Republican loss of control in the House and/or Senate in 2018 and then ... we may get Pence.


Might Executive craziness undermine support - even among Republicans? And might such lack of support ramify out, impacting Republican power?:

"Nobody is in control of the story right now...chaos turns upon itself eventually, and that may be the best shot we have."

Or, as is noted in passing, is the right wing bottom line that Republicans don't care how crazy he is as long as he rubber stamps their agenda?:

"and all his congressional bobos who are fine with handing the government of the United States over to an only-partially-hinged ignoramus as long as their donors get their tax cuts and more of the planet to despoil."

'Fraid I'd bet on the latter...'Approval ratings' are one thing; changing your vote - quite another.


from a new Charlie Pierce column:
"Here's what I think. The president* needed money. The Russians oligarchs needed a laundromat. There is an obvious common interest here. That the Russians could gain more leverage over him than he had over them in this arrangement should be obvious. I think that he will always value his dreams of financial empire more than the national interest, and that he would do anything to keep those dreams alive, even demolish the institutions of free government along the way."


An EXCELLENT example of "telling it like it is"!


I think that he's too much of a narcissist to be a "puppet." He's a child-man too "full of himself" and "full of you know what" to allow others to control him. If he's being controlled, it's by his particular--and peculiar!--worldview.


Any goddamned elected terrorist who doesn't get behind impeaching this orangubrat needs to also be impeached! There now, that's how we get rid of the whole flokking clown car!


Bite the judge in the.....? I guess some "writers" never grow tired of fratboy humor.


... and presumably most of them and even more would have approved of Hitler ... democracy isn't such a great idea in practice.

That's because it isn't a democracy in practice now. It's corrupted. And while Hitler was very popular among the Germans in the early years of the Nazis, he was not elected, but rather appointed, chancellor.


I've absolutely no sympathy or respect for these GOP legislators who've shown no spine nor any inclination to publicly walk away from Trump. They're in that proverbial spot Thomas Jefferson spoke of when he said...."It's like holding a wolf by the ears. On the one hand you don't want to hold him; on the other hand you dare not turn him loose."
I hope they go down in flames come 2018. That's our only hope.