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'This Fight Is Far From Over' Groups Declare as Nebraska Clears Path for Keystone XL Construction

'This Fight Is Far From Over' Groups Declare as Nebraska Clears Path for Keystone XL Construction

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"By siding with a Canadian company rather than their own constituents, Nebraska's commissioners are endangering our nation's water and climate."

Pwr 2 the PROTESTING Nebraska peons!


Empty rhetoric, smoke and mirrors, a lack of focus on the real issue, the complete nation-state capture by pathological corporate entities - run and middle managed by ‘inequality on steroids’ men and women - and enabled by an irresponsible, scientifically and ecologically illiterate electorate still seeking the American dream - a misanthropic, suburban nightmare in reality - as Walmart and China sell us junk of poorest quality that no one even needs.

  1. Forget gallons, use barrels - you are talking about oil (~ 5,000 bbls spilled)

  2. The world uses ~ 100 million bbls of oil per day.

  3. A 43 billion dollar (US $) pipeline deal was just signed by Alaska and China


Where does that leave us ?

  • On track for complete collapse as runaway climate change unfolds;

  • as biodiversity crashes and will certainly approach, and possibly attain, major mass extinction event status;

  • a world population on track for ten billion on a planet which might sustain five billion.


Well folk’s its our lives and future against a few venal creeps willing to kill us all for kickbacks,

If we let them.


That sickeningly sweet smell of money clouds the toxic stifling stench of tar sands oil. Besides, who cares about Nebraska being one of the nation’s “bread basket” states wherein AGRICULTURE is the backbone of their economy…let the oil spill at will into the fields of corn or pastures where prize cattle graze. Meanwhile the corrupted decision-makers are in their basements counting their ill-gotten gains. Such is the American way.


8 billion $$$$$$$$$ pipeline permit? That kind of filthy, fossil,fuel, lucre just bought more corrupt politicians.


There is a myriad of economic use for environmentally safe industrial hemp…


I think most people fail to conceptualize the extent of the damage this will cause on many levels. There is only so much time to get this right. Maybe a second look is needed.

Don’t these commissioners take an oath to put the citizens and their well-being above all other considerations?

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Hey Jake, It really helps when you put in a link for or name the names of the Public Service Commission in NB.
I wanna give 'em hell. Yeah, I’ll find the info…

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I never lost my affinity for guillotines…:wink:

Unfortunately, an oath can be just lip service. Greed on the other hand fills the coffers…

I was hoping that the citizens of Nebraska had some kind of Constitutional recourse.

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This is what is at stake.



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Without destructive unsustainable processes the number is really under 3 billion and some say 2 billion is tops. This is around 1927 levels, 2B or 1960, 3B. Clearly there are way too many for a sustainable ecosystem.

I’ve just about run out of energy to keep harping on this major crisis but I feel compelled to trudge on in a pointless fight for saving Earth’s wondrous beauty and all of her children. Truly, if there is a heaven it’s here in front of everyone if they’d just open their eyes a look at Earth’s splendor. But no, the deathly march of progress has pushed mankind to the brink of extinction and leaders just worry about pointless wars for vanishing resources best left in the ground. Earth bleeds from all the extraction, gasps at all the toxins threatening every higher life form with poisonous sludge from animal farming and spilled oil in massive and smaller quantities too, just to power a military and run a transportation system that threatens our very existence. I wish, in years past, I hadn’t been so busy trying to work for a living and could have stayed active in the ecological fight as I did while going to school, the boomers sure should have done more but a lot of them were part of the problem. How can one fight against those they depend on for income to exist and have families if so desired? The last ledges are being crossed daily as we all slide ever deeper within the sixth extinction. And I feel powerless to stop it.

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Tell me about it, I just think there is something so aesthetically satisfying to the loss of ones’ head to Madame Guillotine! :hugs::upside_down_face:
**I started using that phrase a few years ago in an attempt to get my fellow peons angry enough to fight back against the rampant injustice in this country.

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Yes, I know. Water and good farm land.
Funny thing though, is that when I drove across NB in 2016, I saw many many many semis rolling down the road with wind turbines and blades.

Thanks Gio, I found the info and hell yes, I’m going to comment.

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