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'This Fight Is Not Over': Activists Help ICE Detainee Avoid Deportation Following Alleged Sterilization Procedure at Georgia Facility

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/16/fight-not-over-activists-help-ice-detainee-avoid-deportation-following-alleged


The German NAZI Party admired the USA for its genocide, and for its leadership in eugenics.


The US NAZI Party couldn’t let all that additional accumulated German knowledge go to waste, now could they? I hate to think what Stephen Miller keeps on his mantle.


I wonder why the doctor keeps doing these operations. Perhaps he makes his money by doing unnecessary but EXPENSIVE operations. Who is this doctor, as we need to know more about him, and has ICE found a way to funnel more $ into some of their disgusting leadership honchos?
Although when African Jewish women came to Israel, I have read that doctors told the women that they had to have shots for their health—but they were really inserting some kind of birth control —has anyone else ever heard of that?
And as much of the US seems to devalue nonwhite people----I wonder how many women throughout the US are being sterilized without their knowledge?


Pretty much straight-up Eugenics. I don’t see any other reasonable explanation for this.

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Investigate, Indict, Prosecute, Imprison! Calling nazi miller.

They also “admired” our very own concentration camps such as the Indian “Reservations”.


Contact ICE in Georgia To raise your voices (I did when this story first broke and promised I would agitate to get others to do the same):


Homeland Security Investigations

SAC Atlanta

1100 Centre Parkway

Atlanta, GA, 30344

Phone: (404) 346-2300
Fax: (404) 346-2374

Office of the Principal Legal Advisor

Office of the Principal Legal Advisor, Atlanta

Peachtree Summit Federal Building Annex

401 W. Peachtree Street, NW, Suite 2850

Atlanta, GA, 30308

Phone: (404) 730-9756

Office of the Principal Legal Advisor

Office of the Principal Legal Advisor, Atlanta

180 Ted Turner Drive, SW, Suite 332

Atlanta, GA, 30303

Phone: (404) 893-1400

Area of Responsibility: Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina

Office of Community Engagement

Atlanta – Community Relations Officer

Atlanta, GA

Phone: (404) 893-1438


Area of Responsibility: Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina

Enforcement & Removal Operations

Atlanta Field Office

180 Ted Turner Dr. SW Suite 522

Atlanta, GA, 30303

Phone: (404) 893-1210

Area of Responsibility: Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina

Email:~Atlanta.Outreach@ice.dhs.gov mail to:~Atlanta.Outreach@ice.dhs.gov


Office of the Principal Legal Advisor

Office of the Principal Legal Advisor, Atlanta (Lumpkin)

Stewart County Detention Facility

146 CCA Road

Lumpkin, GA, 31815

Phone: (229) 838-1109


The trump regime is a bigoted, racist, for-profit enterprise. From for-profit crony operated prisons staffed by depraved goons (whose provenance should be identified) to any and all manner of creating conflicts and “enemies” where none really exist, or victimizing the most vulnerable in society, climate-change refugees, and from US supported violent-dictatorships - that pattern has been seen before in history, the creation of vulnerable scapegoats to be rounded-up and imprisoned, exterminated, or Mengele victim, leading eventually to WWII - such is the reality and truth of this treasonous trump regime that admires such regimes, led by another mental, emotional, mendacious cretin deficient in every positive quality - of zero moral compass!

This example of the worst in humankind is also characterized by an environmental - Natural World contempt and ignorance arguably unparalleled in US presidential history - yet another existential threat!








Israel did virtually the same thing to black Jews from Ethiopia who wanted to immigrate to Palestine…

Ethiopian Jewish women were forced to accept massive doses of depo provera (70+% sterilization rate and banned through most of the world) before they were allowed to immigrate.

One member of IsraHELL’s Knesset (Congress) stated publicly, “Israel doesn’t need any more n*gers”.

So, congratulations, Zionist States of AmeriKa…we’ve reached the moral level of Israel and Nazi Germany.


Seems appropriate that this Amerikan Auschwitz, complete with its own Dr Mengele, would be so handy to Amerika’s terrorist training base, Ft Benning (Columbus, GA).


A short AP item labeled the whistleblower allegations “lightly substantiated”, which doesn’t strike me as emblematic of the corpress’ vaunted “objectivity”.

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Hi Seeker:
I was amazed when I first heard of this–and horrified that Israel did this to followers of Judaism
Israel seems to turn a lot of people into Palestinians.Who ever would have thought that Israel would experiment on other people too---- weren’t the nazis bad enough?

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It seems like an example of the bullied becoming an even bigger bully as a way to feel stronger than someone else. To compensate for their own shame at being bullied they become what they once feared and resisted. The “I’ll show you! I can be powerful too!” type of mentality.

It is easy to manipulate people using this type of negative logic, so our so-called “leaders” use this to control us using our basest emotions. We see it all around us here in the US and in the rest of the world, and it seems like it is just getting worse.

Hi Seeker:
Maybe the US was always this way----but undercover. After all---- those people from WW 2 knew how to kill, so I guess the political gangsters and friends waited until that generation was gone before they became the new nazis. : (

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I am not sure it was even undercover… just now it has gone mainstream. It has happened based on race and nation of origin since the founding of the country. But now with the instant communication we have at our fingertips it spreads so fast it is hard to counter the force.

“A lie can travel around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its boots.”

(Usually attributed to Mark Twain, but is not actually by him. Which is somewhat ironic)


Depo Provera is contraception and sometimes used for excessive bleeding and other disorders. One of my co-workers was prescribed it. There are alternatives but it is not used as sterlization.

Far worse is Israel’s position on “organ transplantation”.

The U.S. has some pretty gruesome stuff too.

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Or the Yemeni baby thefts…

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I didn’t know about the baby thefts, evidently that has been going on for along time. Fascist Spain is being held accountable for that too. Ugh

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