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This Independence Day, Generation Z Celebrates its Moment of Radical Hope

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/04/independence-day-generation-z-celebrates-its-moment-radical-hope

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Lest we get lost in a kumbaya moment, we need to recognize that Generation Z is statistically seeded with sociopaths at the same level as preceding generations. Those will not respond to the radical hope because they are incapable of it. We need look no further than IQ45 for a glaring and perhaps ultimate example of how that goes. Structural mechanisms must be introduced that safeguard the commons and the commoners. “There should be no billionaires.”–Bernie Sanders


I have “hope” for Generation Z. I believe they are our LAST hope!

“In an era of widespread deceit telling the truth is considered a radical act” - George Orwell

Orwell coined that phrase about the time when Robert Taft, the Dulles brothers, Joseph McCarthy and others brought US fascism to the mainstream during the 50s.

Go for radical ACTION, not “radical HOPE”. We learned from Obama’s “hope and change” that hope plus three bucks buys a cup of coffee.


Thank you for sharing your admiral worldview and I hope it is a large percentage. I wish you all the success. Hopefully and their is a good chance it could be all exclusive. The Baby Boomer generation has let you down but there are many of us that hold your worldview.

People Power!!!

I admire what the writer has presented. She was born and grew up in a very strange and vio!ent wor!d, where a!! of the presidents in her lifetime have never been in a war—and yet they seem to g!ory in making war. However, when war is made upon the other nations, it a!so comes back onto the peop!e too. Sad!y America does not seemed to have earned a lesson about Russia, as its too many wars destroyed that nation-----and it looks !ike Trump is on his way to doing that too----EXCEPT, more and more younger people are claiming the right as theirs too in the need for fairness and a heathy p!anet. Stopping wars is a great way to regain a better p!anet and a better America for EVERYONE! It wou!d be a !ot easier if some of the elected ones be!ieved that too.


Gen Z needs to stay in the streets, marching, chanting, and using their imaginations to envision politics beyond the corporate-owned duopoly. Brand D and Brand R will only pay attention when you massively disrupt their gravy train – and we ain’t there yet!


Whose Freedom Do We Celebrate On The Fourth of July


The obvious word of caution about culture is that it doesn’t propagate itself in the young very often, the most recent example being the faux-radicalization of the Boomers (my generation). In the end, Boomers wound up being nothing more than run of the mill capitalist locusts like the previous umpteen generations.

Culture is a complex phenomenon, and while youth may drive some superficial aspects of culture–fashion, consumption patterns, and such–they rarely drive the alteration of structures and institutions of power.

And it’s the last category they need to engage and overthrow. And that’s the single hardest challenge any generation can undertake.

I wish them well. .


Radical Hope, my foot! The concept of ‘hope’ is historically rotten to the core as it is sold cheaply to the masses by the ruling class to serve as a pacifier for broken dreams and the feelings of disappointment that comes with them. At this point in Amerikan history what we need is a generation that recognizes the dangers of a fascist system in all its brutality and responds accordingly. That entails sacrifice. Are you ready, Generation Z …?

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Imagine how angry they are going to be at Bernie when they figure out that he was there to create the illusion of due process, and fairness, but to lose, not to win.

Because all ths stuff in his patform was taken off the table by GATS in 1995.

Do you think the country has a right to an explanation from Biden and Bernie? They should both resign. Trump should resign too. We need a fresh start.

actually, the fact that you thought this just had to be a personal description of you as opposed to an accurate generalization indicates I probably spoke pretty accurately about you.

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i agree but… what kind of fresh start do you want zed-kun? and more importantly will it be popular with generation H?

yesterday, CD was (temporarily) debating the GND but the author of the front facing GND mashup wanted more of the same under a thin mantle of empty words of course… on the other side of the fence crisis means party time, the liberal elites love, love crisis, it’s the sweet moment to impose „reform“ including all kinds of cuts, liberalizations, privatization, expropriations etc but on the wrong end of the gun how does it look there? on CD nobody is using the mmm covid crisis opportunistically (or as a means to strategize) i imagine the billionaire 'd laugh thier butts off, if they 'd read your posts zed-kun because they 'd know they have the papers ready to shoot zed-kun down, academically not with police violence — i.e the same concepts and papers the globalist used to shoot the anti globalization movement out of the sky can also be used to destroy zed’s ideas and therefore stomp the baby birds flat — however commondream’s most recent GND article wanted to reboot the global economy and prepare for the next pandemic other than that, there was nothing in the article but empty words and a lame attempt at spinning a Thatcherisms against itself, however with lame spinned Thatcherisms nothing is to be won but this also applies to you zed-kun: your fight against GATS is fine and good but the things you say have been said a thousand times by now — yes globalism kills, yes the robots will take away all jobs and enslave humanity well that was according to Youtube sensation Yuval Harari not me — so isn’t it about time to think strategically and look around: where are the liberal elites standing, what are they broadcasting to iJustine (and the children of Youtube)? i’d say zed-kun’s ideas wont appeal to these guys and if his ideas don’t resonate on the streets (of the internet) then zed’s ideas cannot win the argument against the high octane capitalist death squad from DAVOS either zed-kun therefore won’t be able to put a dent into the shields the coppers wear to protect the system. capitalism already has marched on, but zed-kun (and his followers) would at best end as trampled flowers and a trampled flower…

…won’t impress the children of youtube nation (yet alone the TED elites that want to enslave humanity sic) and zed’s ideas so far won’t inspire them either: living underground (under the earth’s surface) or zed’s closet nationalism etc these things won’t speak to iJustine or other interneticiens e.g Ryan Maccaffry he is a Tesla superfan yet he can barely write his name, i therefore deducted that successful interneticiens have rather high expectation to be matched (while having little to no skill at all). for youtube’s 30 plus years old (or older) children — i call it generation H witch stands for generation hedonism, hahaha generation H — for them progress has marched on err progress continued on american’s surface but that’s all the capitalist need to keep their global capitalist empire flying.

if zed-kun can’t speak to generation H (witch i am not part of) then he won’t be able to reach the ravaged masses either and as i’ve said bevor: the liberal elites will take him down long before that.

Well, here are some ideas:

A Southern Vanguard, The Lost History of Communism Below the Mason-Dixon Line


“An ever-growing number of radical Southerners agreed that the struggle against white supremacy was a struggle against capitalism, too.”

“Breaking the back of Southern white supremacy required challenging and remaking the larger system of exploitative capitalism.”

“Many of the leaders and organizers in the struggle against segregation and Jim Crow were members of the Communist Party or its fellow travelers.”

“The group was at the forefront of the struggle throughout the Deep South against police brutality, lynchings, and anti-free-speech laws.”

You get the idea…

See my post to Ray.

This quote from Zed “On CD, nobody is using the Covid-19 crisis as an opportunity or means to strategize” was the most meaningful statement I gleaned from the comment section. However, most people must now be leaning in new directions to ask hard questions, to imagine realistic solutions and oppose clever corporate scams.

My personal main issue of travel and transportation reform includes mass transit as a fundamental. I’ve long stressed the need for modern buses to complement light rail Metro systems. Cities could continue purchasing crappy standard 40’ buses - inconvenient, uncomfortable, damp in wet weather, road slug fuel/energy hogs loudly spewing diesel - or, completely new model buses could be designed and built to be more sanitary as well as offer other creature comforts they now lack. If mass transit must serve as a means to reduce global warming and the crisis of catastrophic climate change, GM, Ford, Gillig and New Flyer bus manufacturers will have to be taken to court to build new bus models instead of merely converting their crappy obsolete buses to electric and call it good.