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This Iranian War Vet Has Some Advice for Trump: Don't Play Checkers with the Grandmasters of Chess

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/06/iranian-war-vet-has-some-advice-trump-dont-play-checkers-grandmasters-chess


Twump to the author:

“We’re not playing checkers. We’re coming to bring democracy and human rights to our oil.”


Great letter Habib. Sadly the worlds worst businessman wont even understand it, and somehow dismiss your words as fake news.


I do like the Persian peoples. Terrific.
do not like Paki, bagdad sunni, serbs.
Javad Zarif, Iranian foreign minister, is just as much americano as I am.

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That’s pretty racist, but I guess you know that?


My home town has 68 distinct heritages.
All very competitive, work hard, dance fast.
Boys walking home from school had to wrestle
the Pols, Italians, Irish, in turn. Then they all met about
an hour later because they were all on the same
football team !!
Whatta country.
Rejoice in diversity, good friends, good food, polka dance steps.

Besides, my family farm was a hiding place for run-a-way slaves.
How can i possibly be a scumbag, scaliwag, deadbeat, uneducated racist ??

The paki army leads the taliban in afghanistan and brings in the riflemen.
The sunni try to sell that they are from Fiji.
The serbian war criminals are two towns over. The murderers were vouched
for by the Britz as valuable resources - so we get them here.,

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While I appreciate where the author is coming from, he doesn’t seem to really understand the American definition of “war” and of “winning.”
“War” to Washington and the Wall Street Establishment, has nothing to do with invasions, liberty, revenge, principles or even defence. War is simply a termed used by corporate media and politicians alike to justify the massive bombing campaigns that follow the hype. All casualties are ignored, with the exception of Americans and their “allies”. All targets are acceptable and collateral damage is to be expected but “limited” …whatever the Hell that means!
As for “winning”, the outbreak of any massive air assault is an automatic “win” regardless of the eventual outcome. The “Win” is a combination of automatic replacement orders to make up for ‘spent munitions’ as well as the odds improving for all Merchants of Death around the globe that use such failures of diplomacy to make a killing financially.
How America’s reputation is interpreted, what the 99% crave for and how the rest of the world reacts, is all meaningless to the MIC and its paid minions.
I expect Iran to weather the storm, but in any event the U.S. will deliver a one-sided massacre or both Iran’s people and their environment. The oil fields will be seized and the bombing will only intensify until the population is either placated or eliminated. There is no “diplomacy” at play here at all. Instead it is just a ‘puppy mill’ of sociopaths that serve a handful of powerful interests. No one cares about winning or losing or peace or anything else. It is all about serving your corporate masters through with a blind allegiance that recognizes everyone else outside of the Inner Circle as a threat and an enemy.


We cannot win anything by invading Iran.
Army casualties will be far more than Korea
or Viet Nam. We had invasion planned and in
motion January, 1980. Because of the kidnapping
of our embassy staff and other Americans in Tehran.
Six weeks later, the invasion cancelled because Russians
told us we could not have their southern border.

2019, same situation. The russian army may join the fray
in Bolton’s war. Even if they do not, we will not win. The
Iran population is to large.

AS your president, January 21, 2021 I will be in Tehran for lunch / brunch / with
a hunch for peace, trade, education, medical, groceries.
There ya go!!
absolutely progressive. and inexpensive. (Frugal)

Hi ReconFire:
I agree; that is a great letter!
I guess America must want to wipe all the water out of the ME with another war. Bad idea–because with TrumpMerica this nation is sliding down, down, down into a pit of complete unbelievability due to its peculiar actions in its treatments of other nations!
Along with Trump’s bizarre actions and strange beliefs, it appears that more and more nations are disbelieving in all America does-----and a lot of those disbelievers are currently American citizens! I guess that Trump doesn’t understand that bluster doesn’t replace statesmanship-----although maybe Trump does not know that word.


To me, the title and last line read as threats.
Who is the author trying to impress?

Are they that confident in their military abilities?
The US played them like pieces on a board game since the fifties.
Their own people agreed to overthrow a democratically elected leader with the Shah because of the US. Where was there superior tactical ability then?

Nobody wants war.
But such rhetoric is posturing we don’t need.
And if the US decides to use one of their Bikini Atoll tested monstrosities first will it be centuries of cover animosity?

Hope global warming gets us first.

Exactly, and China has rail lines into the Tehran area. Pipelines will follow.

War monger Ds & Rs have created a big problem that middle class and poor independent ecological socialists can see clear as day. The US bipartisan war party has limited education and tries to play checkers with chess masters.

Calling ecological socialist party international; partido ecologico socialista internacional.

war party “has limited education”

  1. the members of the house are ‘dumb and stupid’ according to a younger working there on behalf of house progressive democrats and at least one prez candidate. I was shocked to learn this, but…
  2. American society has failed in our education of our children and young peoples. Today, Chicago announced a severe shortage of teachers. Last year each building was short about one teacher. The good news: pre school is becoming the norm. American childrens are soaking up knowledge and experience faster than the cannonball express !!

Considering how much Trump lies about how well he does at golf I wouldn’t be surprised if he responded to this with: “The Iranians are wrong. I am the best at both checkers and chess.”

Hey stardustIBID, if Trump gets talked into it by the chickenhawks or has one of his tantrums and starts a war with Iran it will be the biggest FUBAR you have ever seen, it will make the Iraqi war look like a walk in the park. Iran is a very peaceful country, and it’s citizens are very gracious to friendly guests in their country, opening up their homes and sharing meals with total strangers, but like the author states, they will defend themselves, and they will do it well. There will be no US base in the region that wont be touched by Iranian proxy forces, and could quite possibly bring the fight here as well. This whole situation is sickening when you consider all harm the US has done to this country over the years. The US has bestowed misery on these people for decades.
If you haven’t already, look-up travel videos to Iran on youtube, there are some good ones that show how friendly the people are to strangers there.


This is not a game being played but calculated and planned actions for certain political results. Although financing war and possibly terrorism is a “game” played by many in your region. Peace is respect, terrorism/war is annihilation, the nation’s today all have a facade. They stand for peace but are actually engaged in terrorism, etc…
This President is weak minded, easily enraged, no country can predetermine his thought process or decisions. It is not a game…