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'This Is a Bad Idea... Really Bad': Bloomberg Data Strategy Firm Makes Bid to Run Biden Campaign

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/10/bad-idea-really-bad-bloomberg-data-strategy-firm-makes-bid-run-biden-campaign

It’s the democratic party’s wet dream. They get to run an entire presidential campaign, and pay nothing. The Democratic Party was completely out of money before the primary season started. They had no idea where they were going to get the money to run their congressional, senate, and presidential campaigns in 2020. Now, they have a rich uncle warbucks to pay for everything.


Why not just wrap the whole thing up and make Hillary Clinton or Rahm Emmanuel the campaign manager? This is the wing of the Democratic party controlled by the Clinton/Pelosi/Schumer cabal and we know what they are about. Basically serving the best interests of Wall Street while filing their own pockets and those of their friends. it is much more about fundraising and career political consultants than the needs of the american people. It is a damn shame that Sanders has been so loyal to this party but I guess that was a failed strategy. I think he definitely should have waged a third party run.


Uncle Joe’s campaign is broke - both financially and morally. In the Democratic Party tradition established by Billy Bob Clinton, he will happily sell the Party to the best bid from Wall Street.


Holy Crap! The 3rd Way proving again how phucking stupid they are - or - how badly they want Trump again

Biden’s First Concessions to the Left Are Pathetic

Joe Biden will need to win over the vast majority of Sanders supporters if he wants to defeat Trump. But his campaign’s first effort proves he’d rather risk losing than embrace even a fraction of the Sanders program.



Oligarchs like Bloomberg think politics is about buying a democracy with them ending up with all of the power. Alarms should be going off all over the place with the public.


Well Mikey has already bought the D-Party and is now it’s CEO.
Biden is just an employee of Bloomberg Inc
SO I guess he gets to do what he wants with it. Free enterprise ya know


Wouldn’t it be better for the USA if what this race really comes down to is a pissing contest between Bloomberg and Trump is for both to step aside and have an honest to goodness duel? The man who lives gets all the toys, but not the presidency. What have we come to? Bloomberg gets to be the behind the scenes controller of Biden, but Biden gets the credit? UGHHHH!


Now would be a very good time for the democratic party and republican party to merge.


nauseating familiar bullcrap from the damn dems. may they all rot in hell!


Excellent idea and people might finally come to a realization as to what all of this is about.

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It’s hard to see how this is a particularly new thing. A big-money media owner wants to run the DNC, which has been in cahoots with big media to rig its nominations since at least 2015.

Certainly this does not take on a very different ethical or practical profile with Joe Biden or Mike Bloomberg at the face of it.

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Neither one (Biden included for that matter) have the integrity or guts for a duel.

more like paid snipers at 1000 yds

or poisoned Metamucil


they will when a third party looks big enough to take over.


It’ s a really, really bad idea to swallow whole the premise that this was not the plan from the start. Bloomberg had to make some gambit for name recognition besides oligarch - but managed to do precisely the opposite.

Welcome to neo-feudalism and attempts to prevent revolution.


I tend to think of it as the hillarybilly bus


And rich uncle war bucks will make us pay through the nose for everything!


She’s being facetious. It’s already one and the same.


When dogs lie down with each other

We get fleeced


Good name that—Hawkfish. It gets its talons in you and just oozes slime.