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'This Is a Big Deal': Fearing 'Public Relations Nightmare,' Pruitt's EPA Blocked Release of a Major Water Contamination Study


'This Is a Big Deal': Fearing 'Public Relations Nightmare,' Pruitt's EPA Blocked Release of a Major Water Contamination Study

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Fearing a "public relations nightmare," President Donald Trump's White House and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under the reign of administrator Scott Pruitt, blocked the release of a major water contamination story, according to emails obtained by the Union of Concerned Scientists and reported on by Politico.


EPA-Energy Pollution Agency


News Flash: “Millions of Americans are drinking Swampwater.”

This group in Washington DC mean to kill us, all the while lying about it.


Can we get Haspel to waterboard Pruitt with such water? Inquiring minds like mine want to know.


They will kill us all, unless we stop them.


Release the report. And GET RID OF PRUITT. The man is bad for people’s health.


I am surprised that they did not release the study.
It would have been a big boost for their friends at Nestle.

I guess Trump is keeping his promise about draining the swamp.
He is just draining it into our public water supplies.


Prominent experts have tried to alert US Americans: What happened to Flint is not an outlier. You have to measure the water as it comes through the household tap - that way you also pick up significant contamination from input laterals. When you do, you see ominous results all over - particularly where you have aging water infrastructure.

But there’s no money for repairing water infrastructure here. Only for bombs to blow up water-treatment plants in Gaza.

The costs of empire are in general distributed over the society as a whole, while its profits revert to a few within.
–Noam Chomsky


Okay. We know the United States government is an enemy of life on Earth.

Let’s do our own study.


Difficult to protest when sickened by toxic water.


Frankly, I’m surprised Trump didn’t release the study. After all, he could blame it on Obama and others.

Oh, right. He would then have to DO something about it. Never mind.


To me, just more proof that Amerika’s enemies are not foreign but domestic. And lets hope that millions wake up to that realization before it is too late!


I agree, but how?


Ah, trump regime “transparency” in action! Hide the truth for the direct benefit of polluters and to escape “embarrassment” by the regime! We truly are “in a world of shit”!

Isn’t withholding of such information critical to the health and safety of American citizens (and everyone else!) that could lead to illness, disease, and death a crime? Why not? It is complicity is it not?

Has trump and his depraved lackeys heading agencies, especially the odious pruitt, (seems like all of them) violated their oaths of office?.. bigly?

Isn’t such official withholding such information critical to life and death, especially for the youngest and oldest malfeasance/corruption in office,? Cannot those be considered crimes and an impeachable (or hanging) offense?

The mental depravity of trump and his cabinet from Hell exceeds all bounds of decency! Where are the American people? Why not out in the streets - OUR streets! - demanding the entire cabal of evil be impeached and imprisoned?


The lyrics of the French Marseillaise are total inspiration…


Democracy in the US is dead, and Trump is the proof.


Kinda hard to justify tearing apart the EPA if you release a report that indicates environmental pollution that actually is exposed to people pointing to the need for continued environmental protections. rump must feel so embarrassed.


This is the inevitable result of years of increasingly lax regulation on the part of those who pine for smaller government (except for the DOD and ICE). Now it’s all about CYA, by intentionally
censoring what the public needs to know


Great forces are currently at work…it is the calm before the terrible storm. There will be a time to rebel…until that time all you can do is keep your head down and take care of you and yours.


Yes, but in my opinion, it died a long time ago on 11/22/63.