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'This Is a Big Deal': Fearing 'Public Relations Nightmare,' Pruitt's EPA Blocked Release of a Major Water Contamination Study


'This Is a Big Deal': Fearing 'Public Relations Nightmare,' Pruitt's EPA Blocked Release of a Major Water Contamination Study

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Fearing a "public relations nightmare," President Donald Trump's White House and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under the reign of administrator Scott Pruitt, blocked the release of a major water contamination story, according to emails obtained by the Union of Concerned Scientists and reported on by Politico.


News Flash: “Millions of Americans are drinking Swampwater.”

This group in Washington DC mean to kill us, all the while lying about it.


Can we get Haspel to waterboard Pruitt with such water? Inquiring minds like mine want to know.


Release the report. And GET RID OF PRUITT. The man is bad for people’s health.


I am surprised that they did not release the study.
It would have been a big boost for their friends at Nestle.

I guess Trump is keeping his promise about draining the swamp.
He is just draining it into our public water supplies.


Prominent experts have tried to alert US Americans: What happened to Flint is not an outlier. You have to measure the water as it comes through the household tap - that way you also pick up significant contamination from input laterals. When you do, you see ominous results all over - particularly where you have aging water infrastructure.

But there’s no money for repairing water infrastructure here. Only for bombs to blow up water-treatment plants in Gaza.

The costs of empire are in general distributed over the society as a whole, while its profits revert to a few within.
–Noam Chomsky


Okay. We know the United States government is an enemy of life on Earth.

Let’s do our own study.


Difficult to protest when sickened by toxic water.


Frankly, I’m surprised Trump didn’t release the study. After all, he could blame it on Obama and others.

Oh, right. He would then have to DO something about it. Never mind.


To me, just more proof that Amerika’s enemies are not foreign but domestic. And lets hope that millions wake up to that realization before it is too late!


I agree, but how?


Ah, trump regime “transparency” in action! Hide the truth for the direct benefit of polluters and to escape “embarrassment” by the regime! We truly are “in a world of shit”!

Isn’t withholding of such information critical to the health and safety of American citizens (and everyone else!) that could lead to illness, disease, and death a crime? Why not? It is complicity is it not?

Has trump and his depraved lackeys heading agencies, especially the odious pruitt, (seems like all of them) violated their oaths of office?.. bigly?

Isn’t such official withholding such information critical to life and death, especially for the youngest and oldest malfeasance/corruption in office,? Cannot those be considered crimes and an impeachable (or hanging) offense?

The mental depravity of trump and his cabinet from Hell exceeds all bounds of decency! Where are the American people? Why not out in the streets - OUR streets! - demanding the entire cabal of evil be impeached and imprisoned?


The lyrics of the French Marseillaise are total inspiration…


Democracy in the US is dead, and Trump is the proof.


Kinda hard to justify tearing apart the EPA if you release a report that indicates environmental pollution that actually is exposed to people pointing to the need for continued environmental protections. rump must feel so embarrassed.


This is the inevitable result of years of increasingly lax regulation on the part of those who pine for smaller government (except for the DOD and ICE). Now it’s all about CYA, by intentionally
censoring what the public needs to know


Yes, but in my opinion, it died a long time ago on 11/22/63.


And people wonder why I’m hopping mad as hell! Native Americans lived here for 30,000 years and protected the environment of this country by depriving themselves of living in the excess and luxury that we enjoy today. Yet in order to achieve that luxury we are rapidly turning our beautiful country into a nightmarish toxic waste dump unfit for all life, including our own! Sixty years ago Rachel Carson told us about the dangers that we are facing in the modern industrialized world in her award winning and thoroughly researched book, Silent Spring. We admired her and awarded her for her brilliance, created a park in Scarborough, Maine in her honor, created the EPA and started to clean up some of our very polluted rivers and toxic waste dumps. This made great improvements in our environment and saved many birds like the iconic American Eagle, the symbol of our nation, from immanent extinction, and the results were stunning.

However, environmental laws and rules got in the way of our greed and need for profit so the me generation of the eighties decided that short term wealth, making big money in the stock market, and big bank accounts were more important than clean air and water, because only out of touch wacko ecohippie types care about such things. So that today the EPA and a healthy and clean environment are seen as a luxury that we can no longer afford, and now we have gone on to deliberately ignore everything that Ms. Carson has warned us against in every way possible, putting our lives, our children’s lives, and all life on this planet in dire peril.

To make matters worse, not enough people even care anymore. Far too many Americans are like my brother who can’t be bothered with any social problems whatsoever. All he ever says angrily whenever I ask him to consider caring about any serious issue concerning our planet or our society is that he doesn’t care about anything except being able to retire. The foolish thing as far as I am concerned, is exactly what kind of a world will it be if and when he ever does retire? Will it be worth living in at all? Will the water be safe enough to drink or the air be fit to breathe? What kind of climate hell will we all have to live in as earth’s temperatures and sea levels rise if we don’t take action now?

These basically good, but deliberately ignorant people that live all over America and dutifully go to work every day, trying to be good husbands or wives and good parents to their children. They do live very busy stressed out lives. They are understandably tired of hearing about problems every day, but they haven’t even bothered to educate themselves at all about the environment that we all depend upon because it is just unthinkable that they should have to give up their incomes from a lucrative fossil fuel, industrial, or chemical gravy train, or to think that they ought to get involved with taking even any small action to protect the very planet upon which even their very lives and those of all of their families depend. Therefore, when Trump says that global warming is a Chinese hoax, or that it is too dangerous for the public to hear about any research that shows that toxic chemical pollution is poisoning millions of people, they can look the other way and don’t want to hear about it. It is just those wacko environmentalist hippies at it again, and those liberal scientists with all of their pesky facts that we don’t want to hear about, that are trying to get in the way of their retirement again and putting a guilt trip on them for not caring. However, they don’t even want to know that we can’t afford to wait until my brother retires, or until I retire or until everyone on earth retires before we address these things, because by then it will be too late. This is exactly what the coal excectives and coal miners, fossil fuel and oil and gas people and the miners of toxic chemicals are thinking and saying to themselves, just wait until I get my money and retire and then we can think about the environment.

If we continue to do this as we have been doing, there won’t be anything left to retire to. Retire and go fishing? Not when all the water is acidic and most of the fish are dead and any that are left will be too poisonous to eat, as they already are in many places. It amazes me that in my home state of Maine where fishing is almost a religion, that most people don’t even know that it is unsafe and unhealthy to eat more than three or four freshwater fish or more than three saltwater lobsters each year because of mercury and heavy metal and PCB pollution from dumping toxic waste into our oceans or from the effects of coal fired power plants in the Midwest that should have been shut down years ago but for the lobbying powers of the coal companies over our federal legislature. Maine people just go on as they always have done, blissfully catching and eating fresh fish as if nothing could possibly be wrong. You see no one notices the long term effects from toxic pollution because it doesn’t kill you right away. Toxic pollution takes years to affect us and we don’t notice it until we get cancer or our child has problems in school, or until our organs fail, and even when that happens no one ever bothers to spend the money to find out the underlying cause. They just got cancer, or liver failure, or kidney disease, or neurological problems in some mysterious way and there are so many ways that this can happen that no one can ever gets to the bottom of it. Perhaps if they all dropped dead over their fish meal, then they would pay more attention.

Then what about enjoying wildlife when you are out fishing? Well you can forget about that because if this country is too toxic for humans it will easily be too toxic and kill the smaller animals. Loons live only on fish and loons have been poisoned by mercury so much that their brains and nervous systems can’t function and they die. I’m really going to miss them and their eerie songs over the lake when they are gone forever. I heard the last song of the white throated sparrow in Maine five years ago. The poor bird sang all day and then he strangely sang all night too. This never happens, but it did this time because he couldn’t find a mate. I’ve never heard one since, and it deeply grieves me. I miss their lovely musical songs. Sure, there are still some birds left, but it seems that they are less diverse types. Every year we see fewer kinds of birds and if this keeps up, then soon they will all be gone and it will truly be a silent spring.


Yes, the worst enemies that we have ever or will ever face are here and they are mostly all also white male so called Christian American citizens and look like many of us. However, they don’t think as we do, or vote as we do. One group are the atheist Koch brothers who are greed addicted and cruel sociopaths aligned with Trump and the phony right wing so called Christians who are really Anti-Christs. Read Democracy in Chains. The motto of the Koch brothers is: “All for myself and nothing for anyone else.” They are the ones that have bought off our government to force it to only work for themselves. They are everything that is truly wrong with America today. They profit off of every kind of pollution and want to get rid of any people that need help like America’s elderly, disabled, poor children, or veterans. People are just disposable trash to these people and so is this planet that they seek to plunder and discard. I think that the Kochs are mentally ill, but their madness, like Trump’s madness is not of the type of mental illness that we usually blue paper people over. Instead, we allow these types to take over our society and threaten all life on this planet. Talk about a danger to themselves and others!

Trump and his associates must know on some level about the evil that they are doing because otherwise they wouldn’t be trying so hard to prevent the American people from finding out about the effects of pollution. They just can’t afford to allow pollution to get in the way of their massive greed and lust for absolute power to indulge in even more greed. They are never satisfied because they don’t know that material greed will never satisfy their desire because only God, or spirituality can ever fill that need to fill up the black void in all of our souls. This is one reason why many very wealthy men and women are so unhappy and are never satisfied. They have devoted their whole lives to materialism, but they must die in the end and they can’t take it with them. Jesus said that the poor were blessed because they have nothing on earth to keep them from going to heaven when their time comes, but the spirits of the wealthy, whose treasure is here on earth won’t want to leave their earthly treasures behind and go, even to paradise, because their paradise is here on earth. I can see the ghost of Dick Cheney refusing to leave his luxurious compound in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, even after the Yellowstone super volcano covers it with hot lava, or Trump’s ghost living on in an underwater Mar-a-Lago after the Greenland ice sheet slides into the Atlantic. I hope that I will be long gone before then.

I don’t need greed because my soul is full of love and spiritual and intellectual things. I am never alone because my God is with me. I realize that this will not resonate with everyone. Each person has to find their own spirituality and what makes them feel whole. It deeply grieves me that we are rapidly destroying all of the natural world, because I see the Creator in his/her creation. What good is it truly for man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? It will be much harder to see the handiwork of the Creator when most all of nature is gone and what is left of mankind and any other life on this planet will stand alone only to grieve its permanent loss.


We are doing exactly the same things that happened in the movie Solent Green. We have been severely warned, but we never listen.