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'This Is a Big Deal': Fearing 'Public Relations Nightmare,' Pruitt's EPA Blocked Release of a Major Water Contamination Study


Yes, let’s get out our pitchforks and the guillotine! Liberty, equality, and fraternity! All for one and one for All! Off with their heads! No more greedy, perverted, selfish aristocracy in America! This is exactly why they have militarized our police forces and live in gated communities.


There is a reason Trump’s choice of beverage is Fiji water.


Would it do any good to even go out into the streets? Better we all show up in the voting booths this November so democrats can take over at least the House and hopefully the Senate and then let the pig roasts begin! If this doesn’t happen, I’m leaving, because I’m not going to stick around while the republicans and the Trumpites turn America into a warmongering toxic waste dump. If America is going to become Mystery Babylon that God is planning to destroy in the end times, I’m outa here!


Even though the EPA was created when Nixon was president, the shift to small government that does not regulate corporations began with Reagan who attempted to hamper the EPA and George W. Bush did the same. Trump has taken it to another level. So I would say you are right that the thing to do is got to voting booth and vote for Democrats. The Democrats have always supported the EPA. When people say the parties are polarized one doesn’t have to look any further than the EPA to understand the truth in that statement. The EPA may be the best example of political polarization although there are many others.


I paid for that study. It is public record. It is not classified as it has nothing to do with national security. I demand to see it.

This censorship cannot continue. It is a path to fascism and I will fight it even if I die doing it.


Thanks for your cogent and excellent reply!
One reason that Jesus has not come back maybe that he realizes the so-called christians that wave the flag and are brainwashed with such hypocritical, churchinsanity is… Jesus knows they would crucify him again!