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'This Is a Big Deal': Warren Vows to Ban New Leases for Fossil Fuel Drilling Offshore and on Public Lands


This is a no-brainer initial step. Thank you Senator Warren for stating it.



Warren would be a good pick for VP. But I think that a younger person would be of more help on the ticket.
Compare this field of candidates from the dems to the crazy lineup of people that ran for the republicans last time.
Walker, Cruz, Perry, Rubio, etc



Tx. I must have found a dated website. Before, I was only depressed

Even worse. THIS is how they will scam us (and Bernie) this time.

Anyone wanta bet that it WON’T go to at least a second ballot? The fix is ALREADY in.

goddamn I hate the corporatist / Clinton / 3rd Way / Blue Dog / Republican wing of this Party.



I assume You = Elizabeth Warren. I don’t know what studies she is leaning on, but she probably does have some numerical references to get to the millions number. You can’t compare her to Trump who pulls numbers (billions of supporters - jeez, he said that?) completely out of his ass.

E.g., https://psmag.com/economics/will-the-green-new-deal-work-heres-what-the-research-says mentions a figure of 1.5 million jobs destroyed, 4.2 million jobs created. I imagine there are other studies that get to a net 2+ million jobs created with some level of massive investment.

I know you have numerical arguments about renewable energy investment targeting unrealistic dates for 100% RE and have a great set of links to draw from. Why don’t you tell us some numbers you know of? If you want to convince people here, maybe you are being too hyperbolic.