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'This Is a Bombshell': Facial Recognition Data Collected by US Customs Agency Hacked

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/10/bombshell-facial-recognition-data-collected-us-customs-agency-hacked

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NO ONE should be surprised.
ALL data will be weaponized eventually


WaPo sez:
“… images, which included photos of people’s license plates, had been compromised as part of an attack on a federal subcontractor.“

Your public tax dollars at private corporate work, folks.


Next step is to use your facial image to unlock your cell phone for data and theft.


sigh—another down side of social media----because who is collecting you after all? Has facial recognition seen used by military drones yet?


Coming soon to your and my home town. Trust Us We’re From the Amerikan Govt.


Facial recognition date hacked? Why would we expect anything else? Everything ends up getting hacked.


or your Bank Account

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About as Orwellian as it gets.


I know that at this point it is difficult to stomach yet another horrific article about trump. But I had to scroll down 16 threads before a trump story came up. This is the second worse thing to happen to the world in a generation, (the worst being the climate challenge), and we need to hear about the impeachment progress regularly.
Impeachment inquiry, charges of contempt, assigning jail or monetary penalty. Where are they. I say they are a week or two behind. Will congress end up whiffing?

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Trump is a symptom. He’s not the disease. I for one am tired of all the harping on and about Trump. He could renounce his humanity and fly to another planet tomorrow and the two party duopolistic, oligarchic, fascistic, hyper-capitalistic, pathologic system will keep getting worse and worse.


The technology used for yet another “Mission Accomplished.”

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Where did I once read something about, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons…”?

And, of course, encrypting everything would be such a pain in the a$$… - The people running these agencies are too fu<king stupid to be allowed to collect such data.


It all gets hacked so easily and so quickly we really have to wonder if it isn’t actually being sold.


This is getting beyond Orwellian…and the people, for the most part, don’t seem to care very much at all.


That’s already happening; the police are the ones stealing the data.

HI jo6pac-----Hmmm I wonder when the hackers will start replacing the actual people’s faces with new pix ---- which replicate the most wanted list, or put Trump’s face on them or Pompeo or Bolton too. That would pretty much fail the system. I wonder if that was the original intent. But the license plates----maybe some spies are moonlighting as used car dealers?

Everything with business should be backed up on paper. Is only common sense. All our gadgits can hacked. Bob Dylan said that the computer can steal your soul. Apparently it can steal your brain too. I have been on the computer since 1992 and I dont do much social most media like other people in the know. I suggest all of you get off FB and Twitter etc. It is dangerous to your safety if things go south with politics being the way it is. People who want power don’t like criticism. Besides it takes up a lot of time which could be spent on much better things I am sure.

“I wonder when the hackers will start replacing the actual people’s faces with new pix”
I was wondering that too! That would definitely be some creative hacking if everyone appeared to the Custom’s computers like “the Donald”. Maybe we should all start wearing orange wigs while traveling…

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What, we don’t want or expect someone in the White House to an honest broker? If you don’t think trump is a disease, or has a disease, what are ya’ll hanging around here for? Just to bitch?