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'This Is a Bombshell': Facial Recognition Data Collected by US Customs Agency Hacked

Good!!! Maybe if this keeps happening we will stop this insanity!

Yes that will be very scary, as we already have police stories of “he went for his gun,” or like the policeman who said the man tried to grab his gun-----BUT another man walking in the park had phone video which showed the man running away from the policeman , and not trying to steal a gun at all. He was running and the policeman shot him in the back.
Anything that can make changing the evidence by still photo or by video makes any nation less than a democratic republic—it does become more of a police state. : (
Look at how many were hauled off to Guantanamo-----with NO evidence that t any of them committed a crime. Of course, when people are PAID to ID a criminal–things will just get worse. : (

Welcome to the world of 5G . Coming soon the police will scan your face and see your whole history------we will have social credits------it will be a hardening of the current CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE we live in today . Ever wonder why we never hear about the longest US war in history or like when the US drops bombs on children in Somalia and Yemen .

add THAT to this, and what do you come up with?


Deepfake Videos And The Threat Of Not Knowing What’s Real

The rapid spread of technology that can essentially bend our digital reality has alarmed experts worldwide.

Lets say the duopolistic, oligarchic, fascistic, hyper-capitalistic, pathologic system is a disease - say its leprosy. Now Trump is the necrotic festering pustule laden nose that is rotting off and that everyone sees. One may wish for a less diseased nose but even if ones’s original nose is restored the leprosy will still be working to wreck it again and make other things rot. We have to cure the disease. A good start to cure anything is to identify it. Shining a light on it helps too. Thats why I read CD.

We need our police forces to be civil servants to the people. Lately, more and more they have become radicalized. Military veterans should not be allowed to apply for police jobs. They could be allowed to be jailers and prison guards, but their killing ways disqualify them from interacting with the public.

Hi Gandolf:
I wonder if any of those who seemed to enjoy military killings so much—I wonder if they should be involved in any kind of overlord position. Jailers? But weird things happen to prisoners too. I don’t know what—if anything–could take away war trauma.