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'This Is a Child Prison': Visiting Texas Detention Center, Democrats Demand Release of Children to Family Sponsors


'This Is a Child Prison': Visiting Texas Detention Center, Democrats Demand Release of Children to Family Sponsors

Julia Conley, staff writer

Democratic lawmakers joined protesters in a demonstration Saturday in the border town of Tornillo, Texas, where about 2,700 young immigrants are currently being held in a detention center—with some having languished there for months.

The facility is better described as a "child prison," said the legislators, including Reps. Beto O'Rourke (D-Texas) and Judy Chu (D-Calif.), Rep.-elect Veronica Escobar (D-Texas), and Sens. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), Tina Smith (D-Minn.), and Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii).


In the United States there are about 50,000 children/juveniles in prisons and jails with hundreds of thousands of others under the “control of the state” by way of parole, probation, etc. About 10,000 of these prisoners are being held as adults and 3,000 are doing life w/o parole. (Stop right here and think about that).

About 35,000 immigrants are being held in in ICE concentration camps and other kinds of jails – public and private. Despite the fact that Obama was the all-time “reporter-in-chief” the concentration camp populations continued to grow, as it does with the POS-in-Chief.

It should be remembered that the imprisoning of the U.S. (which can be traced back directly to U.S. slavery and post-Civil War “slavery by another name”) grew in leaps and bounds during the DLC Clinton Era that included a federal “3-strikes” law that Bernie Sanders voted for.

So when these Dems rub to the border to join the presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke (where has he been anyway on this horror?) I call cynicism and opportunism – which is a successful tactic in the Kabuki (Sur)reality of Tweetland USA.


All Republicans are supportive of People of Color Haters.

Own it Republicans.


Since when can a US Senator be denied entry and freedom of movement to a federally-contracted, non-national security facility which his constituents are helping to pay for through their taxes?

Especially one where there’s a high potential for child abuse.

The workers at this site do not have to go through fingerprint verification of identity!



Why is Texas always in the forefront of barbaric cruelty. They reelected Marc Rubio a subhuman creature who lacks compassion and humanity.


If this does not make you embarrassed to be an American, what will? And now… tattooing numbers on the children’s arms! Amerika is looking more like the Fourth Reich every day!


Republicans and their belief in war and “no welfare except for the rich” are not concerned with the health and welfare of children after they have “forced” you to bring them full term no matter the circumstances.
Own it Republicans.


DEPORTER-IN-CHIEF. Spell-check error.

“…run to the border…” typo.


Taxpayer support is the engine that propells war and incarceration and “justice” industries in the US. Innovation is shunned by the elites, they want obedient citizenry who will never challenge their stolen wealth. Police firemen prison guards millions on government and defense cintractor payrolls. All designed to shut down real debate and freedom of thought in our USA.


I believe that’s Ted Cruz you’re talking about. Rubio’s from Florida. But the adjectives are correct.


Taxpayer investments in innovation, new ideas, small business loans freed healthcare and free public college education are the keys to future success.


Yes that I agree with and they raise the American flag as if it’s a natzi symbol of racism and authoritarianism.


You are right but kinda similar


The Dims protesting is beyond twisted:


The American flag? I thought freedom was supposed to be something to defend, not to demand, as in foreign interventions.


Thanks for giving us the Trump perspective.


…Rubio is from Florida…


Yeah, but how long before the majority of the brainwashed and politically, ignominious and insouciant American people say this?


C,mon, man. That article is extremely anti-trump.


The article was anti-Trump, but Harry_Pjotr’s comment was anti-democrat which lends it to being a misdirection of blame.