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'This Is a Climate Emergency': To Disrupt 'Criminal Business as Usual,' Extinction Rebellion Takes Streets to Stand for Life Over Polluter Profits


'This Is a Climate Emergency': To Disrupt 'Criminal Business as Usual,' Extinction Rebellion Takes Streets to Stand for Life Over Polluter Profits

Jake Johnson, staff writer


Meanwhile, at the same time, in Paris:

We don;t mind trashing the planet, but we don’t want to be spending too much money doing it.


Okay fine, but if you REALLY want to fix the problem do this. Because shouting in the streets about saving future generations and using spray paint on buildings is really not doing a damn thing.

Have great sex, help women by allowing them to stop using painful vaginal sex devices, and save the planet.



But the wealthy whose profits come before all else think and are planning how they are going to survive both climate and ecological disaster and nuclear winter.


The sooner we collectively get that they give a rat’s ass if any of us and our animal and plant relatives survive the better to effectively rise up against these monsters.


Something’s missing here in London.
While a climate protester’s sign read:
"Tell the Truth" Yes, for sure, but where’s the
protest against the silencing
of Julian Assange? He told the truth and is
being tormented to death for doing so.
You’d think maybe just few
climate protesters could wander over to the Ecuadorian


Time to declare a real national security threat.


More waste of time Protests. Unless we can assemble a Resistance Army larger than theirs and use Force that many are afraid to do, consider yourself … Extinct!


And do what? What’s the plan?


How exactly do you envision that happening? And then what happens?


Okay, so you’ve declared a threat. What’s the plan?


I’m making a statement on what needs to be done in my opinion. The plan would be to get to some of the Climate Culprits and take them out first. That would hopefully make them scared enough to realize All of them are vulnerable. If the Armies collide, so be it. I’d rather go down fighting than do nothing and be a bystander to our own Extinction.


For starters cut the USA military budget by 50% and allocate funds to alternative energy projects on a national emergency basis. Use funds for infrastructure and another dozen programs so badly needed to keep this country healthy and productive, and put all to work who are willing.


And if there is any doubt that they don’t care just look at the history of it. They didn’t care about the racial strife, the substandard educations, whether you were poor or had little or nothing to eat. Had no pillow to lay your weary head upon and no future. If they could figure out a way to live on mustard and dollar bills nothing else would matter except getting more from someone.


History has many martyrs. Assange is another.


Macron has the right idea, raise the price of Fossil Fuels so we are forced to conserve and find alternative Renewable sources of energy.

But the people do not want to pay exorbitant prices for fuel while waiting for the transition to Renewable Energy. High prices for dirty fuel is the only way to move forward.


Extinction Rebellion. Love it! If we do not rebel and eliminate fossil fuels and remedy the climate crisis it will eliminate us!


Wrong. Carbon footprint’s correlation to income per capita is simply a reflection of the fact that we have a carbon-based energy system. It does not prove that there is some inherent requirement that income per capita be fossil related. Correlation is not causation.

In the future, we will have de-carbonized considerably – either because we decimate our population through continued fossil fuel use (in which case your statement will be inverted – fossil fuels will have been shown to crater total income) or because we successfully got off fossil fuels (in which case you could simply substitute “carbon-free footprint” for “carbon footprint.”

As for your assertion that addressing climate change will damage the economy, there is a wealth information showing this is not the case. To the contrary, it will generate net economic benefits. See, for example:

Fighting Climate Change Could Boost Global Economy by $27 trillion

Why fighting climate change is good for the global economy

Top 10 Benefits of Climate Action (2009)

Climate Change Will Cost U.S. More in Economic Damage Than Any Other Country But One


Total, rolling, non cooperation starting in all major US cities and the world over. Should I assume you know what that is? I think I’ll assume that so as not to insult your intelligence. Besides, you can look it up.


Completely agree. History, just written yesterday, repeats itself again. Today we are living in similar revolutionary times as the early 20th C. It is uncanny including the so-called “Progressives” who did all they could to eliminate the socialists from their collective struggles. FDR saved the world for capitalists.


Yes G, and this one brings a deep darkness on us all.