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This Is a Climate Emergency. We Need More Than Half-Measures from Democrats.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/11/climate-emergency-we-need-more-half-measures-democrats

If this article was supposed to underscore a sense of urgency, it failed dismally.

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Factory Farming of Livestock Animals is the Number ONE cause of Climate Change.

Followed close behind by the Combustible Engine and the Fossil Fuel Industry.

With Biden strongly endorsing Fracking, a horrible way of finding a source of energy, which Pollutes our Water and is now contributing to the Fire Storms out West, what chance do We the People have of moving this country to embrace Renewable Energy???

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Oh, I see, we’ve got our eyes glued to the latest thermal forecasts, compared to how much destruction a bunch of experts decided, many years ago, was too much:

But the real test of even a ​“bet­ter” plat­form is whether it keeps glob­al warm­ing to with­in 1.5 degrees Cel­sius above pre-indus­tri­al lev­els. The answer is a mat­ter of life and death for bil­lions, par­tic­u­lar­ly the world’s most vul­ner­a­ble peo­ple.

This is a teachable moment. The reason we can’t understand each other is because we inhabit different universes. In Basav Sen’s weird spreadsheet universe, discussions like this can make some sense. Unfortunately, I’m forced to breathe the hazardous smoke rising from hoofbeats of apocalypse (out here in real-world California). Between the two of us, a chasm which cannot be bridged.

Incidentally: Someone should tell Sen that central and southern California are also burning, in case he can spare a moment to put down his spreadsheet and sneak a peek at the world.


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The highest pollution indexes this week have been in the area from Eugene OR down to the CA/OR border, NOT in Central CA or Northern CA. Not just higher, but DOUBLE the index CA is experiencing.

Washington State has also seen higher indexes than CA this week with Seattle having the highest index of any major city in the entire world today, with most of that smoke blowing northward from CA and OR.

I would not characterize the D platform as “half measures”…more like distractions, denial, and evasions.


Emergency? Emergencies are when someone or some thing has a chance of being saved . The climate situation is somewhat like a death in the family . Everyone gets notification that there is a family emergency . Really? what’s the emergency, the person is DEAD .
It’s too late !
The Repubs do nothing
The Dems do nothing and ,
the CD posters Can do nothing because of the above , So , sit back and try to enjoy what time is left cause there ain’t nothin you can do about .
Ok, flame away if you still believe you can do something . (-:

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the Democrats have doubled down on the technologies and industries RESPONSIBLE for the climate crisis–as in “I will not ban fracking” Joe–voting to continue fossil fuel subsidies-and proposing a plan that can only be described as much too little -much too late–they do this for the worst of reasons–they get paid for their perfidy -as in campaign contributions–identified by any honest person as corporate bribes–following the Democrats means the collapse of our ecosystems soon–following the Republicans means the collapse of our ecosystems sooner–neither are addressing the crisis with other than the cognitive dissonance of people who refuse to listen to the science in the face of the collapse seen in every corner of the planet–people think Trump is a horror show(and he is)–that the political parties won’t address the descent into the 6th Great Extinction–support the industries now making money on the collapse of our ecosystems, or recognize the peril we face by our continued use of fossil fuels is the true horror show–that the political parties do this so they can acquire money from the corporations who’s business plan ends with the most massive(and final) genocide --the end of life on this planet–is the proof of their mendacity–and the gas lighting by the “vote as if your life depended on it” Obama is particularity egregious in the light of his energy policies(increased oil production[and bragged about it] to it’s highest levels in decades-promoted fracking boom while building the pipelines in support of fracked gas leading to an INCREASE in green house gas emissions under his watch)—the truth–we are being sacrificed on the alter of profit at any cost by the people who would present themselves as leaders when it is clear they are the pawns and shills for that sacrifice—for the money the corporations pay them

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Yes! As absurd as the RethugliKKKans’ denial of the Climate Catastrophe has been, the DemocRATS’ pathetic lies about their “concern” are contrasted with their actual policies. Actions always speak louder than nice words:

“California’s governor Gavin Newsom, for example, has announced he has “no time for climate change deniers” despite approving some forty-eight new fracking permits since April (fracking having been strongly linked to an increase in global emissions). Nancy Pelosi, having derisively dismissed the Green New Deal (“The green dream or whatever they call it”), blames climate change for both her home state’s raging wildfires and last month’s hurricane on the Gulf Coast.”

Barack Obama, in characteristically elliptical fashion, took to Twitter to declare: “The fires across the West Coast are just the latest examples of the very real ways our changing climate is changing our communities. Protecting our planet is on the ballot. Vote like your life depends on it—because it does.” During Obama’s two terms at the head of the most powerful office in the world, US gas production increased some 35 percent while production of crude oil grew by an astonishing 80 percent — a fact the former president has actually taken to boasting about."

These examples, and many others like them, underscore the need for a new understanding of climate change denial that goes beyond mere acknowledgment of scientific reality. The fact is, while more US politicians than ever now pay lip service to the basic conclusions of environmental science, the leaders of both parties continue to preside over a consensus of complacency determined to dismiss transformative prescriptions like the Green New Deal as utopian or too expensive."

Source: It’s Ecosocialism or Barbarism (jacobinmag)


You will have to get to critical mass before the majority of Americans change from their de-fault apathy mode

You see they live in fear so have traded that for the three S’s .


The boomers not to just pick a generation have been blinded by the blind.
Look at the choices this generation have made and continue to make, most of it is for the self and the status quo.
Do not rock the boat everything is to conserve what they believe .

It’s not a question of fault or blame but responsibility, they do not have a vision for a collective overview of society or culture.

This is what we must change ,our education system with critical thinking values and wisdom.
Core subjects like ; Responsibility, Awareness and Truth.

We must all be stewards of the truth.

The only way something can be proven to work at scale is to do it at scale. The fact that something has not been done at scale yet is not a rational argument against doing it at scale.

“after years of research and devel­op­ment, there’s only one oper­a­tional CCS facil­i­ty in the Unit­ed States.”

Old information. The NET-power demonstration plant is operating in Texas. It took them all of two years to go from groundbreaking to operational.

“It’s also inor­di­nate­ly expen­sive,”

The NET-Power approach is slightly more expensive–which isn’t bad for new technology.

“which could take resources away from scal­ing up proven solu­tions such as solar and wind ener­gy, which are already cost-com­pet­i­tive with fos­sil fuels.”

In some places, and only when they are producing. Fossil fuels dominate where wind and solar are not cost-competitive and when they are not producing. And the investment that went into the NET-Power plant came from private companies, and that money would not have gone into wind or solar otherwise.

“Even if one could cap­ture car­bon diox­ide from smoke­stacks eco­nom­i­cal­ly and at scale, those same smoke­stacks will still emit par­tic­u­late mat­ter and oth­er dan­ger­ous pol­lu­tants.”

The NET-Power plant emits no particulates, no NOx, and no pollution. It has three principal output products: high pressure CO2, water, and argon, none of which are emitted.

Nihilism–I love it.


Quoting that great USian philosopher Yogi Berra, “It ain’t over 'til it’s over.” The fat lady is just now emerging from the dressing room, so please kindly remove yourself from the list of greenhouse sources so we that see some cracks can attempt to pry them wider.

Ah , so my post worked as intended , if only on one person .
Congrats .