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'This Is a Colossal Mistake': Experts Sound Alarms After Trump Confirms Plans to Ditch Nuclear Treaty With Russia


'This Is a Colossal Mistake': Experts Sound Alarms After Trump Confirms Plans to Ditch Nuclear Treaty With Russia

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Concerns are mounting after President Donald Trump confirmed on Saturday that he will withdraw from a Cold War-era nuclear arms control treaty with Russia following reports that National Security Adviser John Bolton had been pushing the plan behind closed doors despite warnings from experts that ditching the agreement


They were setting the table for this for several years. Russia asked for evidence they were in violation and the US could not provide any even as Russia offered hard evidence the US in violation with their deploying anti-missile systems which the US claimed to be used against Iran.

Even an idiot could see deploying such systems to Poland was hardly going to intercept something from Iran.

That comment from the US diplomat to NATO indicating the US would launch a preemptive attack on Russia to take these systems out was very clearly setting THIS latest announcement up.

Pepe Escobar has an exccellent take on this. Little of this has to do with National Security. What it has to do with is eliminating competition to US Corporations. The US wants Europe to buy US Natural Gas and Russia and China are threatening the stranglehold that Europe and the US have on several key industries. As example Russia has developed a new aircraft jet engine that is being put into commercial airliners and is a direct threat to Boeing and Airbus.

The US is trying to reindustrialize after allowing much of their industries to set up shop overseas and in order to do that they have to eliminate the competition for that industry. Forget “National security”. This is about the 1 percent wanting MORE. They are getting it domestically by demanding cuts to Social Spending programs and they are getting it abroad by having the USA and allies eliminate Governments that are restricting access to resources the Western Powers think theirs by rights and by trying to ensure Russian and Chinese industry is locked out of various markets for their goods.

Rest assured some guy in some think tank pointed out that after ww2 the US dominated the world industrially. They pointed out the reason for that was that any competition had been eliminated due to the war and the destruction it visited on other Countries. In “making America great again” they are trying to re-create that situation on the ground and will do so even if it means a world at war again.


Corbett sez: “… Bolton and an ally in the White House have been working to convince members of the administration to support the United States withdrawing from the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty (INF) on the grounds that Russia is violating it.”

Based on the findings of a thorough and exhaustive investigation undertaken in Bolton’s rectum.


And people look me strongly in the eyes and tell me I am selfish for not having children.


Feel like you might be giving Trumpists, at least in the administration, too much credit. With Trump himself, my bet is “your bombs are bigger than his” is probably the deepest the logic went.


“We have a tremendous amount of money to play with with our military.” We’re gonna have so many bombs you can’t even count them. Trust me. I’m very smart. We’ll have factories churning out bombs like there’s no tomorrow. We will Make America Great Again.


Mmmm…sounds quite on the mark, I guess…also…just realized that Russia has made nuclear ships that are fantastic as ice breakers. So they can cruise the Arctic seas to get what they need…


This is Bolton’s and trumps answer to population control? , “bombing em back to the stone ages “ doesn’t quite get it anymore, a worldly fireball is in order , where do they think they will go to participate in Armageddon, ?the swamp will not protect them me thinks
You can bomb the world to pieces,but you can’t bomb it into peace
Michael franti


Our people grumbled for more nylons and washing machines.


One of Hillary Clinton’s last acts of sabotage was to give the Russians uranium. Lock her up! But we’re Americans dammit. If we have to strip mine the western half of our great nation to get what we need then so be it. God has a plan. We’ll have jobs for everyone.


We live on a planet.

The planet has finite space.

The population grows at three additional people per second.

Resources are running out because there are so many people destroying the habitat.

Yet, since people refuse to stop having children, they continue to fight over those resources.

It is just a matter of time before the large military countries have no choice but to defend the resources that are left.

Welcome my son, to the machine.


It’s time to arrest the Orange Pig and put him in Gitmo solitary confinement for 20 years.


That’s a great idea. The Clintons, Obama & the 2 Bushes should go there with him.


If you are truly interested in understanding Trump. monitor the oxymoron FOX NEWS, the comedy channel. I just watched a cuckoo called Greg Gutfeld, and his lame attempt at humor. OMG. Study the architect of this administration Steven Miller. If human people think that just waiting around for the 21st century Nazis and Neanderthals come to their senses, that is what the 30’s German population did. The Proud-Boys are not going to disband when they have a president encouraging them on to violence. Police that stand by while people are threatened beaten up or run over with cars. Fascist don’t hear reason, logic or human dignity and they’re not going away. Turn the other cheek is fine for a church pew, but that is what the ALT right is counting on.while we stand around and pontificate about reason and play nice. Donate to ME TOO, NEVER AGAIN and vote for reason. And be careful these goons are high on their own stench. Don’t get into a gun fight with nice platitudes.


Sadly, none of you understand God’s plan. Trump has fulfilled the Biblical prophecy by moving the embassy to Jerusalem. That was step one to Armageddon. The bombs and nuclear holocaust are step two. Then, we meet Sweet Jesus Christ with The Rapture. Be joyful all you with faith.


Oh, btw, remember to vote green party or just stay home.


And many people think there is a better world after they die. Good luck with that. It’s not a good excuse to destroy this one. Though, if you listen to the rumblings on the religious right, many think it is.


This is almost certainly, at least partially, a result of Israeli pressure on its lap-dog and subverter of US foreign policy John Bolton who suggested the move to the idiot. As the only nuclear armed ME entity, Israel is especially sensitive about any arms control efforts, especially nuclear! Bolton suggests as Israel’s mouthpiece and trump delivers!

The idiot of orange continues his scorched earth America policy of extremism and utter stupidity…punctuated by his malignant narcissism, pathological lies, screwing the 99%, raping the environment to serve the fossil fuel industry, and enrichment for himself and his crime family while acting as president…surely illegal and un-Constitutional, especially under the Emoluments Clause!

Force the release of his tax returns! His conflicts of interest will surely be revealed, along with his slavish service to the Saudi regime of killers and war criminals…another potential treason putting foreign entities interests ahead of the US, and that includes the racist war criminal Israel! !



The INF Treaty took effect during the Cold War era with the Soviet Union to avoid a nuclear inferno in Europe. Most of the European media today is reacting in horror to Trump’s announcement. It’s pretty clear who the warmongers are…