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‘This Is a Coup’: Brazil’s Workers Party Faces Its Greatest Test


‘This Is a Coup’: Brazil’s Workers Party Faces Its Greatest Test

Sonali Kolhatkar

Brazil, the world’s fifth-largest country in terms of population and Latin America’s most expansive state, is in political turmoil. The left-leaning Workers Party, PT (as it is known by its Portuguese acronym), is facing an existential crisis after 14 years in power. Accusations of corruption from opposition parties and the glare of a right-wing media empire could hand the reins of government to conservative forces.


Thanks for running this article from Sonali Kolhatkar at Truthdig. i’ve been surprised by Common Dreams lack of coverage of what is happening in Brazil.


Minor correction, but the T-shirt says “No to the coup!” not “there won’t be a coup”.


This is SO true:

"Manufactured political crises often require the prominent role of media in whipping up public indignation and frenzy. To that end, aiding Brazil’s right-wing opposition parties is the popular television network Globo, which has been airing wall-to-wall coverage of the mass anti-government mobilizations across the country. Speaking to teleSUR, media critic Sylvia Moretzsohn explained that Globo acts to “create the conditions for a coup. They want make it so the public is in favor of the ouster of Dilma, but always in the name of a noble cause: the fight against corruption.”

Incidentally, Glenn Greenwald (who resides in Brazil) was interviewed on “Democracy Now” yesterday and he spoke at length about the political climate (and related events) inside Brazil.

Brazil’s economy has been hit hard by the decimation in global oil prices. And when there’s less $ coming in, there’s less to distribute. So the right wing is capitalizing on the rising levels of anger.

This is powerful and profound:

“Liberal parties like the PT face a conundrum in Latin American democracies—one that Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution has had to navigate time and again—and that is that liberalism and its tolerance for political activity offer openings to right-wing parties that have no qualms about exploiting democratic expression (such as a free press, the right to assemble publicly, etc.) in order to quash democracy.”


This is re-posted for the C.D. tag team whose job appears to be that of bashing Americans as clueless, careless, and responsible for what’s done around the world by elite forces:

“Eerily echoing the sentiment of Donald Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” are Brazilian protesters who say they “want their country back,” a parallel thread to right-wing American anger. Sections of Brazil’s middle and upper classes are seething with resentment over the perceived notion that liberal government forces have coddled poor people and ruined class distinctions. Of course, impoverished classes in Brazil and the U.S. never receive government subsidies big enough to fully lift them out of poverty.”

The same Anglo-European Conquistadors who stole lands, lives, and treasure from America did likewise throughout South America and significant portions of Asia (India) and Africa.

The remnant, or legacy, was the class-based society along with inherited racism and sexism.

Breaking the grip of this upper crust has been a problem of centuries-duration, nor is it limited to America or South America.


Thank you Siouxrose11…


Egypt…Venezuela…Ukraine…now Brazil. Of all the things going on in the modern world, the most deeply disturbing and depressing, is that what for all the world looks like spontaneous, grassroots, popular uprising of a nation’s youth can no longer be trusted to be anything of the sort. Instead, we witness portable-device media-driven manipulation and control where demonstrators by the tens of thousands become no more than the equivalent of extras in a Hollywood cast-of-thousands production - yet they don’t even know it!

Very disturbing in what it says about how technology has enabled the engineering of human thought, ideas desire, by those with wealth and power, for the benefit of those with wealth and power.

Lately, I have been unable to get the old song “In the Year 2525” out of my head.


“Call it white coup. Call it regime change. Call it the Brazilian color revolution. Without NATO. Without “humanitarian” imperialism. Without blood and zillions of US dollars lost, like in Iraq, Libya or Syria. So “clean”. So “lawful”. How come Empire of Chaos’s theoreticians never thought about this before?” Pepe Escobar

This is so typical of our “approach” to South America that I don’t doubt its accuracy.


Any politician willing to give the banks (no regulation) and media (consolidation and no fairness doctrine) what they want is well-rewarded (see Bill Clinton as Exhibit A). Corporate media worldwide are used to propagandize, confuse, distract, frighten, mislead, disinform, and dumb-down citizens of nearly all “advanced” nations.

One day people are going to realize that it’s not even political power centers like Washington that most need to be reclaimed, it’s the broadcasting studios, radio towers, newspapers, and satellites where these incessant lies are pumped out 24x7. They need to be yanked from the claws of the oligarchy and people need to be told the truth. There is no reason the United States needs to forever wade through a stinking pool of lies from the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and all the rest of the usual suspects. They need the microphones and keyboards wrenched from their lying hands.

Until then, expect more phony, CIA-backed, corporate faux-revolutions like this overturning people’s attempts at creating real democracies.