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'This Is a Crooked CEO in the White House': Pressure on Pelosi Grows as More Than 100 House Democrats Back Impeachment Inquiry

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/29/crooked-ceo-white-house-pressure-pelosi-grows-more-100-house-democrats-back


A perfect example of how the Democratic Party is still run by the Third Way Clintonites. You see, their hero Slick Willy, always governed by polling results. He never supported anything until internal polling showed 51% approval for it.
That’s what Nancy is waiting for. Once 51% of the democrats in the house and senate publicly support impeachment she will be all for it. Never mind that we are in a constitutional crisis that screams for impeachment, or that the nation is spiraling out of control under a criminal presidency. Nancy, Chuck, Jerry, and the remainder of the Clinton cabal are not interested in spending any political capital, unless of course it means they get to keep their failed center/right ethos alive.
In the end, Nancy and Toms plan is to delay delay delay, and hope that they win the White House back in 2020, and keep the house. They can then turn the clock back to 2016 and claim that the ACA, lower taxes on the rich, and a little deregulation still work.
And nothing will change


What do they care about “facts”???


Waiting for the Epstein shoe to drop on Trump’s head.
Or Epstein to turn up dead.


It appears Pelosi is going to wait until the number of House Democrats calling for impeachment hearings reaches 237.

Perhaps at that point, her head will explode.


I would be shocked if Epstein lives to see a trial. He had too many high end clients on Wall Street and in DC for him to be allowed to tell his story under oath.



Just like the DC Madam and her little black book of clients, who, ahem, hanged herself.


It’s deeper than polling… when has either party followed polling? Single-payer? Peace? Investigating Saudi Arabia for 9/11? Raising taxes on the rich? A stock-trade tax? Ending the wars? Investing in functional infrastructure? Even… just addressing Climate Change?

This is just the Neoliberals Protecting Republicans… because neolibs prefer Republican policy to Democratic policy. With over six months of filibuster proof Senate, filibuster proof House and the Presidency, the neolibs passed Republican Romneycare - or trickle-down benefiting insurance companies at the expense of actual healthcare. Most people forget that much of ACA was written by the insurance industry, Liz Fowler. ACA/Romneycare was how single-payer was snuffed out by Republicans when single-payer first became as popular as Social Security.


Nancy does not seem to care about appearances any more, so my guess is that her place in the revolving door retirement scheme is already guaranteed and she just needs to stall until the end of her term before slithering off to the private sector while counting her millions.


It’s very simple. Corporate State Democrats who are the swamp leadership of the party have chosen the strategy to keep Trump in office as they believe the Fascist Pig still in the White House will keep progressives motivated (to vote for their corporate goon candidate in comparison to the Trump) who they plan on screwing over after they have crushed Sanders or any other candidate promoting those crazy leftist (sarcasm) initiatives like Medicare for All.

Also, as it has been happening for over 40 years…the distance that right wingers keep moving to the right, allows the “incrementalist” neoliberal corporate servicing Corporate State Democrats plenty of wiggle room to keep moving to the right with their own plans of Austerity like pay go clucking Pelosi’s designs on killing Medicare for All for good.

The added bonus to Corporate State Democrats is that without the additional investigative powers granted the Oversight Committee with the opening of an impeachment inquiry (as I understand it), is that it is more likely that the corporations that the Trump has had corrupt relationships with will be protected, like they have so far in this whole mess.

That of course was a big part of Mueller’s job, to protect large corporations and super wealthy individuals from getting caught up criminally.


Move forward with impeachment post haste to the extent that the eye word is on the front page of every edition of every newspaper between now and November 3, 2020.


If only.


Normally it’s enough to just click on the little heart. This post of yours is solid gold, PC. (Oh wait, I gotta remember to do that plus one thing (whatever that means): +1!) Newcomers to expanded consciousness may mistake the generality of your statements for sarcasm. Every word you wrote here is not only absolutely accurate – no exaggeration, it’s the only explanation which fits the history we’ve experienced under swamp leadership.


All just in time for the six-week House recess, which just started. Then they all come back in September and moan and groan about it’s being too late, now that everyone is wrapped up in the re-election process. Not that Democrats would time it this way on purpose, of course …


This is a president acting as KING in the White House and it will
only get worse – and Trump has shown every indication that it will
get worse as he continues to warmonger and threaten –

I can go with Mueller report – should have been acted on long ago –
Barr prevented that for Trump – it’s an entirely corrupt administration –

Don’t know how anyone else here feel about what the main issue is but for
me it’s Global Warming.

Anyone in denial of Global Warming should be impeached.

It is only through impeachment that we have any hope of holding this man
accountable for the dangerous things he has done and is doing.

This is leadership of the nation – speaking to the world – the United Nations – allies.

And it’s corrupt leadership working to fool the American public on Global Warming in
order to serve the corporations who own them.



And, consider that CIA had a great deal to do with Hugh Hefner/Playboy –

Might we really think that they wouldn’t have noticed an AA with a mania for raping
women --?

Or the son of a wealthy real estate mogul who had an attraction to women he couldn’t

Or Jeffrey Epstein – a pimp to the world serving Elites everywhere?
If the CIA didn’t create him, I’d be amazed.

What is there that the CIA hasn’t created to change our reality – or to create violence
and chaos in our societies – i.e., gun running and drug running and sex trafficking?

The power behind the NRA is much more than their members.


In practice, they don’t moan and groan about it being too late, they just hope everyone has a short attention span.

It may be that voters haven’t forgotten about the possibility of impeachment yet, but most have, indeed, forgotten about each an every report of Trump crimes, from his doctored tax returns to the attempts to sue him for breach of the emoluments clause.

I agree. ( Trump: " Epstein is a great guy") Epstein knows too much.


The problem for Dems is, they have no coherent policy to run on.

They could focus on healthcare…but they just keep spinning their wheels on some RomneyCare fix.


With PC’s post it looks like a win-win either way since as long as the pols get paid and nobody is able to restrict any governance for the people everything is kool.