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'This Is a Dangerous Game': Iran Tells US and UK to Leave Gulf Region Immediately as Tensions Soar

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/12/dangerous-game-iran-tells-us-and-uk-leave-gulf-region-immediately-tensions-soar

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In his 1980 State of the Union address President Jimmy Carter issued what became known as the Carter doctrine, that the Persian Gulf would be overseen, by force if necessary, by the US to maintain its “national interests”. This was in response the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the toppling of the Shah of Iran. While I am a great fan of Pres. Carter and recognize that this doctrine that bears his name has many others’ fingerprints all over it, it is past time to step back and question just what in the hell are “our” “national interests”? Oh, never mind, it’s just those of Big Oil. Class dismissed. No, this won’t be on the test because you should be watching TV or playing video games instead of actually doing your homework. It’s what real(ity) Americans are supposed to do.


I am reminded that the young folks demanding conservation of ecological well being and recognition of the devastating ecological history of the oil industry CANNOT BE SEPARATED from the history of weaponization of markets and war. End the usurpation of democratic representation by the lobbyists

Today from Pro Publica - link to see video:

The New Power Brokers

When Fracking Companies Own the Gas Beneath Your Land


The sheep looked up and said … baaa. The US has returned to the medieval dolt and serfdom awaiting there master’s orders. Soon, I fear, we will know how it feels to be ‘Yemeni’ while the oligarchic warmongers hunker down in their posh secret enclaves.


"[A] single principle has long guided U.S. policy in the Middle East, one that is not often "openly acknowledged."

And that single principle lurking under this is none other than the Doctrine of Manifest Destiny
celebrated and encouraged by the worst bigots that founded this nation and are today the “Dominionists”.


Yes , this also manifests itself when it comes to Asia. I read an article expressing alarm at the rise of China where more military spending called for in order to curtail China as the US was it risk of not being the dominant power in southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia is a long ways from the USA. Maybe if the USA just focused on being dominant in its own geographical location rather than the world over , they could spend 900 billion less a year on their war machine.


Yes very true however the US America needs to be stopped by our global citizenry becasue the US thinks the globe itself is its fronteir, and outer space.

Everyone: flood the phones of the White House

Comments: 202-456-1111

Phones are ringing off the proverbial hook so keep trying.


It is very obvious that the USA wants the Brits to provoke an incident. A la the Gulf of Tonkin farce so we can come to the aid of our ally. Another boldfaced invasion by the USA might be unpalatable ,so we will try to backdoor this time… Disgusting the ways of Imperial bullying.


" Money is the universal, self-constituted value of all things. Hence it has robbed the whole world… of its proper value. Money is the alienated essence of man’s labour and life, and this alien essence dominates him as he worships it."

Karl Marx

Capitalism at its vampiristic best!


A Majority of Military Veterans Think the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq Were a Mistake

And they’re even more opposed to Trump’s possible war with Iran.

I guess people are getting tired of getting killed for Oil Company Profits. Maybe this is the beginning of hope


Instead of thug Knights enforcing their rule, we will have miniature drones with Facial recognition capabilities

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Like this:

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The elites are not satisfied with rabbits they want big game poaching. The interest of a few sick minded ultra wealthy has been branded in our heads for centuries. We the people keep getting poorer and poorer as we continue to fight for the elites “national interest”.
Isn’t it reasonable to ask the elites to make their own weapons and conduct their own wars at their own expense and leave our children alone.


We were told long ago by the Peak Oil people that there would be 21st century resource wars. The first wars would be over the remaining oil fields. The second would be over fresh water. We’ve already started the first, way back 2001. The second is just getting kicking.
And would have thought that, in a world where two percent of the energy sector is taken over by renewables every year, we would still be fighting over the remaining oil reserves.
We have become those monkey men at the beginning of Kubrick’s “2001”, only we haven’t touched the Monolith yet. And many of us seem incapable of doing so. To mix metaphors, we are flinging poop at each other on the deck of the Titanic.


Let’s see if the Britains are smarter than Trump whom according to the Guardian is trying to pit Britain against Iran. It’ll be regretable if the British officials are foolish enough to go to war on behest of the US/Israel and tear up the nuclear deal. A war party made up of the three amigos. But according to the “leaked” memos from British ambassador to the US there seems to be little if any respect for Donald Trump in the current British government. I think this whole mess will get untangled without a shot fired. Sorry Mr. Natanyahu go hang yourself please and help the cause of peace on earth.


Pres. Obama knew the “intelligence” and the desire by the Saudi’s and Israel to “take over” Iran like they tried to do and did capture the oil fields in Iraq. Problem is that Iran knew too and had 40 years to plan for the event. Obama’s treaty is still in effect but Trumper withdrawal and plans to attack were one reason the media and the dark powers gave Trump an easy ride into the White House. Trump was heavily invested in the Canada oil fields. The quality of that oil is often poor. Of course the US economy will be hurt if oil goes crazy.

When an independent nation in “our sphere of influence” became friendly with a foreign power that aided them thru our blockade, all Hell broke loose, with frothing at the mouth and threats to “get the Hell out or else”.

That episode is now ignored as is the overthrow of the Iranian government by the US and Brits to secure “their interests” - ie oil.- and the oppression of the Persian people and nation for a quarter century thanks to the perpetrators.

That independent nation in our sphere, as well as the victim of the coup, still struggling to build a better life for their people and remain sovereign, but the aggressor bully is still imposing their will on them - “our sphere of influence” fully metastasized.

Today we threaten and foment war for oil, and to do the bidding of regional enemies of Iran half a world away from “our” shores and “sphere of influence” - I guess no one has such a “right” except the US.

I don’t know where this is going but any bully needs a 2x4 upside their heads, broken nose, crushed throat cartilage, etc to perhaps wake them up.

The aggressor puppet warmonger is clear, those pushing war also clear, the extremist racists and terrorist foreign states pulling (some of) the strings also clear to anyone paying attention, as is Iran’s right to defend themselves and protect their “sphere of influence”!


Yes they’re trying to bounce the UK into a war. The question is whether the Brits will balk as they did in Syria (giving Obama a way out by throwing the decision to congress, which fled the scene) or will repeat Tony Blair’s war crimes.


Just name names like Israel, Natanyahu why beat around the bush. Do not self sensor is what I am saying


Bravo thanks for a clear concise thought.

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