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'This Is a Dangerous Game': Iran Tells US and UK to Leave Gulf Region Immediately as Tensions Soar

Yep. Britain “says”. This the same country that outright lied about non-stop about the threats Iraq posed to world peace. They just made the stuff up and we are supposed to believe them now on Iran? These the same thugs that just seized an Iranian ship on the High seas and arrested its Captain?

As to Barbara Starr at CNN. She has a long history of just repeating what the Pentagon tells her to repeat. Another absolute fraud.

As one of the tweets pointed out. Some 20 PLUS British vessels sailed through the same area without incident and the ONLY one the Iranians tried to intercept was one being escorted by a British Warship. Yeah…right.


This is all a result of President Dump pulling out of the Iran deal to please his rabid base. Worst he pulled out with absolutely no plan on what to do. I blame this on the right wing media (Levin, Limbaugh, Hannity) who Dump listens to, remember these are old men who will not fight in any war.
btw the msm is not much better when it comes to drums of war.

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Yes. Also the same Britain that kidnapped now-congressman David Miranda for nine hours on suspicion of journalism. Not to mention the ongoing saga of Julian Assange. Boo.

Now that I’ve mentioned it, people should know an Assange support Twitter account has been suspended since about yesterday (again).

Also, Consortium News just started a new live show a few minutes ago. I can’t get it to work from the page, or YouTube, but the Facebook feed seems to be working.


It sounds more like let’s pour more gasoline on this fire by selling weapons and all that is of interest is keeping the different sides fighting so that the MIC both in Europe, U.S.A., Russia or China reep the influx of money while they really don’t give a rats ass about who gets hurt or killed it’s all about the money.

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It was Zbigniew Brzezinski‎, President Carter’s Foreign Policy adviser, a religious fanatic, a warmonger and a Russia Hater that created non-stop havoc for the Carter Administration.

His daughter Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC, Morning Joe is just like her father, a conservative who seems to hate progressives, especially Bernie Sanders.

Mika and her extremely conservative Husband Joe Scarborough never miss an opportunity to trash Bernie and his humanitarian ideals.

It was shameful that Carter would surround himself with insane Russia Phobic people like Brzezinski, I believe that it was advisors like him that opened the door for Reagan.

Of course there were many other problems with the Carter Administration, like refusing to push for Single Payer Health Care when he had control of both houses of congress, which is why I worked hard to get Ted Kennedy the nomination.

Brzezinski was forced upon Carter by David Rockefeller. Zbig and Rockefeller were founders of the Trilateral Commission, which was formed in 1973. In foreign affairs, Zbig was basically Carter’s handler. Let’s also remember the picture of him with Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan. In essence, Brzezinski took Henry’s Kissinger’s place when Carter came to office.

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But this all started in gibraltar:

Really interesting segment on this first show by CN on Acosta and Epstein. There really are spooks out there - CIA, Mosad, etc.

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Thanks for pointing out the FACT that the that presidents DO NOT select their Sec’y of State. That position coordinates the push for Empire for the global elites. And it has been going on that way for at least 100 years.


what sort of idiot fails to consider the nature and actions of Iran’s medieval theocratic dictatorship when discussing actions taken in opposition to that regime?

Personally I think it’s past time to tell the elites to fuck themselves then proceed to confiscate their wealth and lock them away where sunlight doesn’t even go for the rest of their selfish fucking lives.