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This Is a Dark, Dark Day for America

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/06/dark-dark-day-america


I am 72 years old and I have never, NEVER seen anything this Deplorable happen inside our Country. If Trump is not arrested, charged, tried and convicted, it will prove that there are 2 tiers of Justice in our Country, one for the rich and powerful, and one for the rest of us.


Nope. Biden will insist that we look forward, not backward, and his now-complete democratic majority will quash every piece of sorely needed legislation to appease these thugs.

Our only hope is with the New York prosecutors going after him.


This whatever it is, is not good. But doesn’t even begin to approach the darkest day for America.

This is a bunch of unorganized idiots roaming the Capitol while the police calmly watch them.

And they are protesting / protecting a fake election, where we used unreliable machines to pick one of two people who were chosen by private corporations.

Dark days would be a president not prosecuting criminals. Or invading assorted countries. Or making any other decision that was guaranteed to cause massive numbers of deaths.


All of what you’ve said rings true to me. But your last 3 sentences: isn’t that what presidents have done every day for a very long time? (perhaps that IS your point, dark days being standard operating procedure, status quo same old, same old)

I don’t trust any politicians EVER to do the right thing – sometimes by accident that might happen, but I don’t count on it. Like it or not, we rarely have the option to vote for non-criminals, just another (ho-hum) symptom of pandemic governmental criminality. Are we all comfortably numb yet?


I was listening to a CBC radio report on this where they interviewed all manner of peoples from the USA now living in Canada and Politicans from south of the border regarding this riot.

They all expressed shock.

It was not shocking at all. Trump , and by extension the USA has been ramping towards this for years. Indeed it precedes Trump. US Politicians and the media have been stoking peoples with different views than their neighbours for years and guiding them towards violence. This is what radio shows hosted by guys like Rush Limbaugh were all about. Indeed this is what the American revolution, the war of 1812, the genocide of the First nations peoples, the war om Mexico and The Philippines and Spain and Vietnam and Iraq and plug name here was all about.

The fact that President after President does nothing to address the illegal acts of a President before them convinces guys like Trump that there will be no repercussions.

Joe Biden made one of those high sounding speeches about “this is not what The United States of America about” when he condemned the violence and attacks on Democracy.

This in fact what the United States of America has always been about. They have been at war 92 percent of their history, and act to stifle Democracy the world over.


Meanwnile…outside of Trumpworld…Covid awaits. Talk about a super-spreader event, eh??? And our gutted out for-profit health care system is going to collapse very soon. Today’s events may be the straw that breaks that poor camel’s back.
The insurrectionists may discover, in two weeks or so, that they won’t care about Trump and the election. They’ll be too concerned with drawing the next breath and hoping there will be a vent and an ICU bed available for them…Oh, wait, damn, I forgot they think Vid is just a hoax…


A dark day for America. Yes, it is a dark day but victims of US imperialism, Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Syria (and many more) have dark days every day thanks America. Perhaps the violence and chaos and the chickens are coming home to roost, as Malcom X would say.


There must have been ONE day, somewhere along the way when a US president didn’t do something to cause deaths. Or maybe I’m having a moment of rose colored glasses.

But in any case, there are a wide variety of dark days that are far darker than today.

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And to show how forcefully the Democratic Party is fighting
this “insurrection” Bernie says, history will judge Trump
the worst president ever! Oh, yes and Trump will be
all worry as he makes his way to his golf course in Scotland.


Sadly, there’s quite a few of us here that already knew that. And it 's been that way for a very long time.

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The trouble is not that the government did not bring this on itself, only that the people most actively involved appear to have nothing better to offer.

It’s a bit like static electricity. Give it direction and a current, it might do something.

Hate was invited to Washington DC today by Donald Trump.

A woman lost her life as a result of his actions.

She traveled 3000 miles to die inside the Capitol building that Trump directed her to go to this morning.

He must be removed now.

With extreme prejudice.


this is what we on the left have been warning about for literally decades–now come to pass in the Republican led Trump administration’s attempt to overthrow democracy–the only question is whether the Democrats have the backbone to prosecute these criminals(including the Congress persons and Senators that fomented this seditious insurrection against the USA and our Constitution–this is called TREASON) or will they—as they have done since Richard Nixon–fail epically in their duty to the Constitution, the oaths they made, and the democracy they “claim” to uphold—we already know --and what is happening right now–is that the Republicans are a criminal-anti-American organization posing as a legitimate political party–

my bet --the Democrats will do what they have always done–pander to the right wing traitors–ignore their crimes , and let them continue their assault on our democracy


Cori Bush has called for the expulsion of everyone who participated in this farcical seditious demonstration. 138 members of the House of Representatives (more than half of the Republicans) and seven senators voted to throw out the legitimate votes of literally millions of people knowing full well that nothing they were saying was true. These people took an oath that they had no intention of honoring, and made an attempt to overthrow the elected government of the United States, yet we all know that all will be forgiven and the conservative Biden administration will work overtime to try to appease them.

Yesterday was only the beginning.


there are only a handful of progressives in Congress–the problem lies in the actions of the corporate wing of the Democratic party
–as to the Republicans --they have been a criminal organization posing as a political party since R Nixon committed treason by negotiating --illegally-- with the N Vietnamese to stall the peace talks so he could gain an electoral advantage–a similar treason with the Iranians was committed by Reagan and he also walked away from his treason–the Democrats??? they let the Republican criminals walk time after time --again with Bush’s illegal invasions instead of acting like honest brokers they doubled down and expanded the wars when they got the chance–so do I expect the Republicans to be held to account by the Democrats–NOT A CHANCE


This woman is being described as a “strong supporter” of der trump. She traveled from California just to participate, And she was shot by the capital police (the enemy) while trying to breach barricades. So watch for her elevation to martyr status among the right wing-nuts,if it isn’t already happening.


Thank You

The Dark Side of America----Genocide of the native people who lived here for over 14,000 yrs—
—Invisible people who are just now finding their voice
—White racists who refuse to give up power

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Well, I’m not above kicking them (us) while they’re down.

One of our Congressmen from Massachusetts gave a mealy mouthed treatise to CNN on what happened yesterday, comparing it to his walkabout in Eye-raq.

I have no respect for these people. If it was good enough for Eye-raq - and you were part of it - then it’s good enough for us.

Don’t go clutching at your pearls in angst with statements like “Well, that’s not supposed to happen here in America!” when we pillage and murder for sheer kicks at the behest of Tel Aviv.

Bunch of hypocrites, these people.


Yes - and I’ll echo your sentiment until I get kicked out of this group for being either or both of a bore or a boor.

The feckless posturing exhibited by all of our Congressmen and Senators is shameless beyond belief.

As but one example, a coup was attempted in Venezuela just this year - a clumsy US attempt but a concerted one nonetheless to kidnap President Nicolas Maduro and thus destabilize Caracas. Funny how none of Schumer, Pelosi and the other AIPAC holograms weren’t mollified it the least at this “affront to democracy.” Then again, they - both the Republicans and Democrats - had paraded the CIA stooge Guaido around like a monkey on a leash some time aback.

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others,” here in spades. It’s the Israeli diktat so I guess that it’s … oh, why the hell do I even bother?

Anyway, it’s going to be even worse under Harris (Biden’s just the window dressing here) - all with her determined jaw and pant suit swagger circus act; remember how we weren’t permitted to call out The Drone King for his slaughter of Syrians, Pakistanis, Afghans, Yemeni and Iraqis … nor could we criticize his disingenuous labeling of Venezuela as a “threat to our national security” in 2015?

Well, forget him - she’s going to be literally able to get away with murder! Black and female … boy, Tel Aviv sure put the extra effort into this one, I’ll give them that!