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"This Is a Democracy, Not a Dictatorship': Federal Workers Union Sues Donald Trump


"This Is a Democracy, Not a Dictatorship': Federal Workers Union Sues Donald Trump

Jon Queally, staff writer

The nation's largest union of federal workers filed suit against the Trump administration on Wednesday over an executive order signed by President Donald Trump that seeks to deny workers the right to job site representation—an established guarantee in existing labor law.


If unions were no threat to the oligarchy, it wouldn’t bother fighting them. QED.


Someone needs to draft legislation that limits the power of the Executive regarding Executive Orders. Trump has really brought this to the forefront - we can thank Obama for it, too. Trump owes sooo much to that man!


Yup. And I always find it comical the way the “libertarian” right derides Marx’s labor theory of value, at the same time they prove it in the way they go into such vein-bulging apoplectic rage at workers who try to engage in concerted action to obtain a slightly bigger share of the value of their labor inputs from the capitalists.


Yes, most of my co-workers in my federal agency division, and maybe all of Dept of Labor- MSHA voted for Trump. One co-worker keeps a portrait of him (not the official govt. portrait) on his office door.

And yes, they all still would have voted for Trump - probably with even greater enthusiasm - had the “socialist” Sanders gotten the nomination.

I wonder which right-wing or right-wing Russian troll invented the mindless meme “Hildebeast”? That’s the first I’ve heard of that one…


I am usually not at a loss for words, but a federal union employee voting for Trump just boggles the mind.


Well, the federal government is an “open shop” and the only dues paying AFGE members in my particular division (me and one other guy out of 20 people) did not vote for Trump. Being as we live in Pennsylvania, a closely contested state, we did not waste our votes on a “protest” vote either. We voted for Clinton in order to stop Trump.

But to be sure, the divisions that are made up of scientists or lab technicians almost all voted for Clinton. But I’m fairly sure that a majority of the civil engineers, mining engineers, and mine inspectors voted for Trump, and those probably included a few dues-paying AFGE members.

It kind of proved Upton Sinclair’s famous aphorism about and understanding things and paychecks - in my case, paychecks that are perceived as depending on the mining of coal and who the “friend of coal” is.


I have a conservative friend that has been using the “Hildebeast” meme since her husband was President.

Not sure who came up with it but I think it may have been Newt Gingrich.


Hasn’t this orange dicktator done enough to destroy America? Are the masses of people he threatens finally waking-up to his madness and corruption enough to do something about it?

This is NOT a “democracy” any more, our republic has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of greed, usury, exploitation, pollution, waste anf fraud - profits above people and all other concerns, enabled by a corrupt and complicit two party charade, political “system”, and politicians, to serve big money and the war-machine, and screw the :little people"!

Can we throw-out complicit politicians in bed with his corruption and service to vast wealth and crony co-conspirators?

The rope should be what awaits treasonous scum like trump and all his co-conspirators, the powers behind him, and Cabinet of Evil…


Actually prepare yourself for Roseanne as the next president.


What is “Correct the Record”? Who is “David”?


Maybe exorcisms are in order for those who still support this president.
We are deep in hell world.


Another small sign pointing to the end of all of this. Embrace the current, mild form of totalitarianism. The crisis of the 21st century is going to wipe out all the institutions of civilization, starting with civil servants.


It shouldn’t take an act of Congress to get rid of “one” madman.


It was George Orwell. No more sloppy scholarship. Just kidding, of course.


As the gallows for Trump & Co. leaves the drafting table and toward actual construction, the malicious actions of Trump become larger in scope. He’s trying to bring in the last racist stragglers to the causes of the Trump Army. Dangerous and Dumb, Lying from the Stump, Only Fascists Vote Trump.


How to stop busting democracy:



It is high time the AFL-CIO drop the AFL and keep the CIO. Solidarity!


Sounds as if misogyny played a big role in those who voted for Trump.


This would make a great bumper sticker.