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'This Is a Five-Alarm Fire': With 2020 Election at Stake, Call Goes Up for Mass Mobilization to Save Postal Service

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/08/five-alarm-fire-2020-election-stake-call-goes-mass-mobilization-save-postal-service

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I suggest we all send Trump our dirty undies to the White House.

Perhaps a couple million of them arriving next week will help him to get the message.


55 cents postage per ballot might be reasonable if Congress sends them the money in advance, rather than having the states pay it. Assuming that it’s sent long enough in advance.

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They can’t even send accurate money in a pandemic. Sorry but Congress wants to keep every last penny.


Its really all about outsourcing good jobs - making it so nobody without a really advanced degree or skill can get a good job in this country, they want to outsource and offshore millions of the middle clevel and even professional jobs, and also they want to outsource and offshore poor patients. Thats a big part of the TISA agreement the Obama administration was working on. Poor countries want our patients to help them fund their perpetually underfunded healthcare systems. The poorest countries on a list of LDCs will get a preference.

These new trade agreements funnel jobs to the well educated in the poorest countries, the people who would be most likely to want political change, with a global preference system.

So, cheer up, we may all be losing our jobs but its for a cause. Increasing profits. And helping keep the poorest dictatorships on our side.

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Trump and the GOP know they can’t win with out suppressing the vote.
They will cheat on multiple fronts.
Here in CA, I will be voting early and dropping my ballot off in a drop box.
But I’m sure the red states will make it as difficult as possible to vote in blue districts.


Make sure it’s dropped at the county seat as this completely eliminates the mail . There is a poster from oregon that points out that they have
" drop boxes" that are scattered throughout the state.
i’m suggesting to NOT use them but take your ballot to the county offices where all of those Drop box ballots end up. Yes it might be
inconvenient for some but think how " inconvenient " it would be to have Donny destroy the planet in the next four years .

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"Grind the government to a fucking halt if we have to,"

About time too: Total, rolling, Gandhian non cooperation. We have so many reasons to do so and when a blatant attempt to steal/suppress an election outcome what more do we need?

"This is how they destroy our democracy,"

If by democracy it is meant the equal value of everyone, then yes and as Paul Robeson pointed out last century, supporting the rights of people of color is supporting all of our rights.

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The Democrats have had 14 years to address the problems in postal system funding, a problem caused exclusively by an act of congress. One would think we would hear about the issue over the years from some congressional Democrats but we hear nothing. Only Senator Sanders has raised the issue as far as I know and his colleagues have been ignoring the problem. All both parties can accomplish nowadays is being in the opposition. Actually governing is hard and neither the Democrats nor Republicans seem up to the challenge.


Although 2006 destroy-USPS-legislation author Slimy Pete Sessions lost his seat in Congress in 2018 he is running in a different district (TX-17) on November 3. Send your spare change post haste to Slimy’s opponent’s campaign (Rick Kennedy).

As I have repeatedly admonished the BLM/police accountability protestersduring the past two months…you must put those issues on the back burner until November 4 and refocus your protests on saving USPS. No matter how Trump, Moscow Mitch and their organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP respond to your save USPS protests it will make them, not you protesters, look bad. Fail to save USPS and we will watch more protesters snatched off the streets by GOP secret militias.

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Vote-by-mail would actually save money. Overall, the cost of in-person voting to the general economy works out to a whole lot more than 55 cents per capita when transportation, machinery and reductions in labor productivity are factored in.


There was a huge amount of discussion and outrage before, during, after the April elections in Wisconsin :



Now----nothing. Zero, zip, nada.

And things are MUCH worse in Wisconsin now.

Is this yet another example of learned helplessness?

It’s not like there wasn’t time to change things given the outrage in April but of course there is the Wisconsin evil majority on the Supreme Court and the fact there is no national direction to supersede the sociopathic Supreme Court majority. And the fact that many local authorities are choosing not to enforce the mask mandate.

It’s discouraging and concerning that people are just quietly going along with this which includes high risk people I know that are working the polls!

Their justification for working the polls is concern over the right wing wackos that are the only ones signed up in their district so they feel they must be there . . .

What disturbs me the most about AGW, climate chaos, income inequality, what is happening with covid, voting etc. etc. is so much is becoming normalized and people are just going along with the abuse on so many levels trying to survive, just eek out a living.

I guess minds are not “boggled” anymore as they were in April (see above article). The boggle replaced by passive acceptance?

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Do you know about the General Agreement on Trade in Services? (Its part of the WTO) How it impacts quasi-public entities like the Postal Service? It does similar things in Canada and a Canadian NGO, Policy Alternatives has written a fair amount about it. Check it out.

I believe that Ralph Nader has raised this issue long before Sanders did. And one would have thought that Sanders would have realized by now that his fellow Democrats are part of the problem and not the solution.

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