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'This Is a Flashing Red Light': Trump Triggers Alarm With Another Baseless Attack on Mail-In Voting

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/21/flashing-red-light-trump-triggers-alarm-another-baseless-attack-mail-voting

Hey Trump, read the 10th Amendment and you will learn that you have no standing in this matter, as elections are run by states, so holster your tiny twitter stumps.


That sounds all good and well, but Trump can hamper or destroy the postal service which would make mail-in voting ineffective in all the states.

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Yes, but that would not bode well for him in the booths as there would be a lot of blowback, I would think.


Trump’s bs is working, on some people, at least:

" President Donald Trump’s crusade against vote-by-mail, laced with false criticisms of the primary alternative amid the coronavirus pandemic, appears to be resonating with some voters across the country, as nearly half of Americans (49%) are convinced mail-in voting is susceptible to significant fraud. "

(Source: ~https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/trust-trumps-false-rhetoric-vote-mail-resonating/story?id=71887848)


The article informs the reader that:

“[#VoteByMail] is safe and secure,” [tweeted] Rep. Nanette Barragán (D-Calif.). “[Trump’s] attempts to mislead the American public on this are not based on facts. They are dangerous and misguided. It is [#VoterSuppression] during the [#Covid19] pandemic.”

Author David Litt, who served as a speechwriter for former President Barack Obama, [declared] that “Trump’s claims around mail-in voting aren’t just false—they’re a type of election fraud,” linking to a Monday [op-ed ] for the Washington Post in which he made that case about Trump’s earlier remarks to Wallace.

Indeed and yet investigative journalist Greg Palast, of all people, rails against mail-in voting who, like Trump, thinks that voting by mail is not 100% safe while, for the most part, ignoring the danger which people face if they were to vote in person during this current pandemic.


The Palast part of your post is most disturbing indeed.

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With Trump and republicans in control of USPS, maybe Mail-in voting is not such a good idea
this time.

Just a thought

There was proof a while back that a 15 year old girl took a few minutes to show how to hack voting machines… most likely the method used to rig the nomination away from Sanders to magically give to Biden. You can be confident that voting-by- mail is safe from fraud because Trump, even though he votes by mail, hates it. He is fighting so hard against it because it’s much harder to rig and he would be unable to cover up the fact that he lost.


It begins with a stone-cold fact: Mail-in ballots are lost by the millions—especially the ballots of low-income young and minority voters , those folks often called, “Democrats.”

The seminal MIT study, Losing Votes by Mail , warns that 22% – more than one in five ballots – never get counted.

As the study concludes:

“If 20%, or even 10%, of voters who stood in line on Election Day were turned away, there would be national outrage. The estimates provided by this paper suggest that the equivalent may be happening among voters who seek to cast their ballots by mail, and yet there is nary a comment.”

Just because I point out this inconvenient truth doesn’t mean I’m against mail-in balloting. Just the opposite : I want to make sure we get through the mail-in minefield alive: fix the system so everyone who wants an absentee ballot gets one—or, at the minimum, we train Americans to vote absentee so that we are not defeated by the Jim Crow bias endemic to absentee voting.



Greg Palast was all over the George Bush sElection, look that up also. Who remembers hanging chads, rethugs attacking and stopping vote counting in Florida, purging voter rolls, voting machines giving Bush impossible counts, NYT (or maybe another national paper, it’s been awhile) coming out with Florida’s vote count showing Bush would have lost but the Supreme Court had stopped vote counting and selected Bush already? We should all refresh our memories, this vote will have all of that mischief and plenty more.

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Hi Mr Peabody:
After that Bush / Gore Florida vote, it would seem that both RNC/DNC voting is susceptible to significant fraud too. Of course, that Wisconsin voting was pretty weird when that Scott WaIker’s assistant said that she had aII the votes on her personaI computer. But then the electoraI coIIege is probably the worst offender, aIong with that Supreme Court who decided for Bush. Of course in a PANDEMIC, mail in voting makes perfect sense. So why would America do that—senseIess as this nation has become, : (

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Every once in a while America has to put it’s fears in line behind the right thing to do. I know… and they are hoping… that Libs and Progs are going to be too scared to show up and vote at the ballot box. I fear for my health as much as another, but I will lay my health on the line to vote this PoS out of office.

How bad do YOU want him out?!


The U.S. Military and other Americans living Overseas Vote By Mail.

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Thanks much for the link to Greg Palast’s review of mail-in voting. Reading the article will take only a few minutes, and it’s well worth the effort. I highly recommend it.


Everyone should note that Palast is not opposed to mail-in voting. In the article, he describes many of the problems that can occur, and he explains how to prevent those problems. He supports mail-in voting, and he’s teaching people how to make it work.

The content of his article is similar to the content of an article that CommonDreams ran several weeks ago. That column listed all of the things that people should do now or soon to prevent problems in voting. (I looked for the article so that I could post a link, but…)


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Thanks for the clarification.

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Thanks for that information. Palast was recently on The Thom Hartmann program where he gave the impression that he was against mail-in voting. When Hartmann informed him at the end of the program that mail-in voting works pretty well in Oregon Palast responded that it does not work too well in Georgia which he spent most of his time addressing. While what you say about Palast may very well be true he was not very clear that he supported mail-in voting when he was a guest on Hartmann’s program.

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This is the new, sophisticated Jim Crow operation. The Democratic Party does not defend voters of color…

There’s all kinds of reasons and one of them is simply the current Democrats wouldn’t be in charge of the party. They’d lose their primaries. You would have a very different Democratic party…

While it’s true that the Republicans stole the White House, the Democrats stole their own party from their own voters.

So that’s what’s going on there. We have a see-no-evil media and a Democratic Party which will allow the theft of the White House as long as they can keep control of their own party.



100% fake parties = 100% fake politics.

They don’t care, they don’t have to.

We lose.

Your welcome!
You might have gotten that impression from one interview but I have been reading and watching Greg Palast for almost 20 years and I have no doubts that he is absolutely passionate about stealing the vote back. He has uncovered a volcano of information and he is easy to follow because he can do humor and dead serious at the same. You can check him out on YouTube, it’s easier for me to go from his site. There is a feature to look up your voting registration for a various states that have purged their voter rolls.
Depending on where you live there may be alot of things you must do right or risk not being able to vote by mail which is fine with not only the repubs but the dim bosses as well.

gregpalast. com


“The seminal MIT study, Losing Votes by Mail, warns that 22% – more than one in five ballots – never get counted…
Just because I point out this inconvenient truth doesn’t mean I’m against mail-in balloting. Just the opposite”

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CounterPunch has an interview with Palast, too. The interview is under Kollibri Terre Sonnenblume for July 20. The content is mostly the same as in the website, but it has other interesting info. There’s a choice of transcript or audio.

I feel like I’ve really gotten “Palastered” in the past 24 hours!

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