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'This Is a Huge Deal': Majority of House Democrats Are Now Co-Sponsors of Medicare for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/02/huge-deal-majority-house-democrats-are-now-co-sponsors-medicare-all


According to a composite of all polling, about 75% of registered democrats and nearly 60% of all voters want single payer. Of course those same polls show the majority of Americans, democrat and republicans alike, want legal pot, legal abortion, higher taxes on the rich, corporations regulated, the environment protected, they want infrastructure spending, and they want the wars to end. All those things are currently being dismissed as “radical left wing” ideas. But they are being dismissed by the DEMOCRATIC PARTY as such.
All those above issues ARE THE CENTER, as the center is what the majority wants. By this, or any other definition, the democrats are conservatives, and the republicans are fascists.
There are no liberals (centerists) in power at the national level. That is the problem.


Right. So, people let’s stop this nonsense that the Dems are the “left.” A finer point is that the Democrats are enabling fascism in the US, they are supporting (in enough numbers such that they pass), measures that further the GOP’s/Trump’s fascist (for example concentration camps) agenda.


All of these M4All cosponsors are ex officio superdelegates to the Democratic national convention. If they are sincere about M4All, consistency demands that they also support Bernie and oppose Biden and the other corporate Democratic Presidential candidates. Even though they’re not allowed to announce their support for a candidate, we should still remind them - early and often - that supporting M4All requires them to support Bernie.


Support M4A? Now’s a good time to make a Sanders donation, even a small one, as a proxy vote for M4A - political donations are tracked, especially after debates, and used as one index of how a politician or issue is doing.


Sent him another $27 during the ‘debate’. guess I’ll have to send a bit more for this. Bernie is already a winner


Majority of House Dems call for impeachment inquiry.

Today (Friday)
Majority of House Dems cosponsor M4All.

Majority of House Dems blow a raspberry at Nancy Pelosi.

Majority of House Dems elect the Squad to replace Pelosi, Hoyer, et al.

Stranger things have happened!


No matter how it proceeds. This is one of Bernie’s legacies. In 2016 when he brought this issue publicly to the presidential platform - it was considered such an outlier.


Greed is a difficult obstacle to overcome.

Our Greedy Representatives have for the most part chosen Legal Bribes from Health Care providers over the demands and requirements of their Constituents.

However, persistence by Bernie is apparently overcoming the despicable behavior of our Legislators.

Bernie has almost single handedly embarrassed his colleagues into finally representing the people that elected them.

He has shown the country that the Health Care Industry is robbing us blind with sky rocketing premiums and throwing millions of Americans into Bankruptcy by refusing to pay our hospital bills.

Thank You Bernie your persistence is beginning to payoff.

BERNIE - LIZ - 2020


Medicare for All and Massive Military Spending? People with an historical memory would know that funding the Vietnam war killed LBJ’s Great Society programs…


Capitalism is greed systematized. Capitalism is greed turned into an organizational principle of a society - no, a world system.

Count on a " foreign agent" to satirize US health " insurance" for profit.


But watch out! Harris has hijacked (yes, call it what it is) the name Medicare-for-all and replaced it with her own watered-down version. So, her rushing around to raise money from the 1% has ‘paid off’?


Just as the majority of House Democrats support impeachment. Now Nancy’ll have to block everything.

Harris just gave it an upgrade to M5All. She’s improving it, after listening to stakeholders! (She doesn’t elaborate on who was holding the stakes, and at whom the stakes were pointed.)

Would that it were

It should be noted that apparently none of the Clinton/Obama/Biden wing clones - like NY’s weasel Sean Maloney - have signed-on to Universal Not-For-Profit Single-Payer insurance. The link to all the hold-outs and shills for big-money, Insurance and big-pharma parasites shows who should pay the price for their betrayals and BS excuses for not supporting HR-676 or Sanders plan!

RepubliCon lite and neoliberal betrayal IS the problem!


Unless the Dems take the Senate and retain the House there will be no MFA.

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A good perspective on Universal NFP Single-Payer as well as other issues and views.

" In the Greece of antiquity, Diogenes the Cynic could be found wandering the streets of Athens with a lantern, hoping to find an honest man. Last night, I needed my own lantern to find a Democratic front-runner who could coherently explain their health care plan"

" The League of Women Voters hasn’t run a presidential debate since 1988. More than 30 years down the rabbit hole of modern (corrupt) U.S. politics, the steady, professional hand of the League is sorely missed" - The League forced out by both parties working together!

  • A coup by the Dem-Rep duopoly to control the entire direction and narrative of “debates”, the corporate media and smarmy talking-head clones chosen to BS us - something that should not be tolerated any longer! Bring-back the League as non-partisan debate sponsor!

I’m afraid that Progressives are setting themselves up for a huge fall. While I believe that the Democrats have a chance of winning without Sanders if they champion a Medicare-For-All platform. But if a Medicare-for-all bill is successfully passed, it will most likely be underfunded, watered down and allow private insurance companies to co-exist. Once the ‘Medicare-for-all’ bill is passed and doesn’t quite deliver what it promises due to the influence by corporate America, corporate America will be empowered by the publics dissatisfaction and fuel the attack by the MSM on “those foolish Lefties”. This is a similar tactic that the establishment has used to weaken the Post Office, welfare programs and education. Meanwhile the Pentagon gets more than what it asks for as we continue to work overtime in our production of weapons of mass destruction for a manufactured enemy.
Medicare-for-all must be part of a comprehensive package that seizes power from the 1% to ensure that we get a quality product. Anything less will result in universal healthcare being passed off as a short term “experiment” to reinforce the right wing myth that social programs are evil and impractical.
For universal healthcare to work it must contain the following provisions…

  1. No private insurance allowed except in extreme fringe areas like cosmetic surgery.
  2. No payments. Use a system like in Canada where no one pays anything at all. Everything funded by taxes with “sin taxes” added to things like the purchase of weapons and alcohol (items that inflate the cost of health insurance).
  3. No private hospitals. The public must have control of all existing facilities.
  4. National drug plan to eliminate obscene profits by drug dealers (like Pfizer and Sandoz) while discouraging ‘drugs’ as the only cure for illnesses.
  5. An end to factory farming and unhealthy farming practices in general to create a healthier diet for everyone. Preventative medicine is key.
    Anything less means that our elected officials are caving in to corporate demands to weaken the public interest. Our collective health is far too important to have the profit-driven corporate interests dictating their financial concerns. Beware of the “compromises” that both Republicans and Democrats will insist on via their corporate sponsors.