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'This Is a Massive Scandal': Trump FDA Grants Drug Company Exclusive Claim on Promising Coronavirus Drug

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/24/massive-scandal-trump-fda-grants-drug-company-exclusive-claim-promising-coronavirus


Best case scenario. Another drug is developed before the Gilead drug, puts it out there free for all and the Gilead drug becomes worthless, the company files for bankruptcy and closes its doors for good. We can only hope.


This type of behaviour under the for profit model is normal. This is not an outlier that only happened because Donald Trump President. These types of patent rights and exclusive claims granted by Governments the world over are not seen as scandals because this type of action is standard operating procedure.

The scandal is not the manner in which this latest “exclusive claim” granted to Gilead because they pals of the President. The scandal is that life saving drugs which have had millions in Government funding poured into them from the R and D perspective are patented in the first place.

Drug research should be funded by Government dollars and ALL patent and trademark protections removed from them. Governments the world over should share this research in a collaborative manner and the drugs produced should be freely prescribed to those that need them. Access to life giving medications should not be for only those that can afford it and profits should not be made off the fact that unless people use these drugs they will suffer or die.

Only a sick society would embrace such a model and that sickness of greed is not going to be addressed by any drug. The sickness that is greed kills more people then any virus.


“This is how pharma greed kills,” the group said.

Enough of this egregious, big pharma greed! We need to kill them before they kill us all!


I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the reasoning behind not using the WHO developed testing kit. Trump wanted to give the money to one of his donors or perhaps a well connected republican. Regardless, somebody’s buddy makes a buck.


The chronic, long-term and therefore commonplace scandal is that Big Pharma is greedy and robs us while endangering us.
The most important part of any scandal is the unique, new part.
And the unique new part is that Trump is using the presidency and government agencies as cash machines for his crony friends and business partners.
There is nothing normal about Trump. He has taken Kakistocracy and lying to a higher level than any president ever. And that is the main point of this article, not that bad things have happened before.
I don’t think you’re a covert Trumper, but when an article is clearly demonstrating the craven nature of Trump, and your only meme is “well but but but this is nothing new it’s all happened before & Trump isn’t the only bad guy who does favors for his friends blah blah blah,” it’s a deflection that benefits Trump…and that sucks.


I agree 100% Bernie is right, but it gets back to Medicare for All with drugs are part of that program .Our tax dollars should fund the research for new drugs, after all they benefit you and I and our loved ones


Hi SuspiraDeProfundis:

sigh—if the religion of this nation were anything but money----and if human lives actually mattered--------then the planet would have little disease and much healthier humans. How sad and insane to seek to profit on the backs of the dead.


My thought was that the Gilead drug would crash and burn in testing, THEN Gilead would have to file for bankruptcy, but your idea might be even better.


This is how crony capitalism works.


There is no treatment or vaccine for the capitalist virus. It will continue to kill millions.

Bernie 2020


$79 million of your hard earned dollars already invested into this company for R&D. The gov’t sponsorship should provide a big say in production, distribution, price and permitted profit. Perhaps cost plus.

Option is to nationalize the thieves.


Using taxpayer grants to develop the medicine (socialism) and then monopolize it’s production and charge obscene prices for it (vulture capitalism).


Capitalism has been destroying our planet and everything on it since it’s inception. Capitalism is the worst virus in existence. It keeps on killing.


Another reason why Bernie Sanders and a Medicare-For-All Healthcare system is an absolute necessity in America.

Big Pharma’s greed is one of the seven deadly sins murdering our Democracy.


Unfortunately true!




I wonder who in the trumpster crime family owns stock and of course close friends at key large go.


" a pharmaceutical company with ties to the Trump administration has been granted"

I don’t know about that… looks like they bet on Hillary in 2016 and also supprting more dem in 2020.


But then again, who even looks at those charts?


Did you see Joe Biden today?
Of course he made no mention of this----- he made no sense:
“we have to take care of the cure”???

Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline on Display in BAFFLING The View Interview: