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'This Is a Massive Scandal': Trump FDA Grants Drug Company Exclusive Claim on Promising Coronavirus Drug

Thanks dpearl. I knew the name Gilead sounded familiar but couldn’t place it. Rumsfeld made five million dollars on a vaccine when it became required for military use. Also, there were problems with the vaccine and some people opted out of the military rather than take it.

Edited: removed flu - it was anthrax vaccine

Yes Martin Shkrell is who I was thinking of. Thanks for the info. pearl!


nope i don’t …

The for profit hospital model doesn’t work to keep the public safe. The health system should not exist alone for insurance payments and elective surgeries; they have a responsibility to protect and invest in the health of the community and our govt has a responsibility to help keep the health system functional—and it has plainly failed.

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India has a law to prevent precisely this sort of thing.

So it’s really a question of how to get it from India, as it is with so many other patents.

The profit motive is the ONLY reason we have so many life-saving drugs. Capitalism works. A company invests capital in the development of new compounds on the if-come that they will work, be approved, and be commercially viable. The only way a company is going to be willing to make those kinds of investments is knowing that they’ll have some protection for a period so as to recoup the amounts invested and make a return to the shareholders whose money they have spent. And yet you people (hear me, Bernie Sanders?) think that, once the compound is developed and is shown to be of value, it can be STOLEN. Same old socialist way of thinking - steal the good ideas and hard work of others. Nonetheless, Gilead has backed off its claim. Now in this particular case, the Feds helped fund the development of Remdesivir, but that is because without that inducement, Gilead would not have taken the risk of getting a return on a speculative investment. That does NOT give the Feds ownership of the developed compound. Go ahead and implement socialism - there will be NO MORE new drugs!

Oh shove it. Two of the most important drugs invented were for diabetes and polio. Both under the no profit motive.

The vast majority of raw research is done with Government dollars in Countries the world over.

No one here buys your The only thing that motivates people to do good is money crap. There are countries outside the USA that develop drugs as well. Joined 25 minutes ago? Sent here to spread the news after another Gilead staff meeting?


Hmm. I may be mistaken, but I seem to recall that the despicable communists were able to launch an artificial satellite before the glorious capitalists did.


Hi buffalospirits:
And how truly wonderful the man who created the medicine for the virus of polio—AND he gave it to the word FOR FREE! That’s what Hippocrates would do too: “First do no harm…” .
A person has to wonder what kind of said-to-be- human puts profit before human life. So Gilead, please reread the Preamble, and you will see that you have failed every opportunity to behave like a Human with a heart--------sigh–although I realize that the corporate ones have never read the Preamble. : (

Let the killing for profit continue. Long live the Swamp Monster Trump…barf.