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'This Is a Nightmare': Trump Accused of Weaponizing DOJ With New Task Force Focused on Stripping US Citizenship

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/27/nightmare-trump-accused-weaponizing-doj-new-task-force-focused-stripping-us

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What about stripping the citizenship of the asshole drug addict, rapist, racist traitor in the white house and his violator of immigration law wife?


We’re in freefall over the viper pit now. November is too far away and most likely won’t help us anyway. I’m shittin’ my pants, amigos. I’m too old to run, and besides, where do the tentacles of empire NOT reach? Good luck to us all.


Trump has about 8 more months to complete his plan. He is destroying as many institutions and as much of the administrative infrastructure of the nation that he can in an effort to escape scrutiny and save his own ass. After all, with a nation in flames, nobody will have time to chase him down for malfeasance.
And now that his last chance of being re elected, the stock market, is crashing, he will be in full desperation mode.
Whatever you thought you would never see in America, you are about to bare witness to.
Shits about to real.


I’ve heard a lot of supporters for this . In our Orwellian times, this is how it’s being presented on Fox:

Trump administration launches new unit to strip US citizenship from foreign-born terrorists, criminals

removing citizenship from foreign-born individuals who fraudulently obtained citizenship by failing to disclose past convictions for serious crimes – including terrorism and war crimes.

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There is one way to stop this without the cooperation of Republicans. Voting.


The “Nazification” of the DOJ is almost complete.

If I’m destined, I certainly hope that I can get my Coronavirus with lime.

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Like President Putin says. "Russia has never extradited a refugee citizen in its entire history.

Like President Xi says, 'When one switches US words of accusation, it is describing itself with its own full awfulness.

Like indigenous Americans say, 'White man speaks with forked tongue.


Anyone notice the similarity to the “modi” new regulations and this development? Who recently visited India?


Be my guest charlie.

That’s a joke, right?

Hi OneBIte—well actually there are 2 ways to stop this, but of course, one involves Trump leaving the Earth Plane. Oh wait here’s an idea: tell him SPACE FORCE is ready and let him sit in the new vehicle—and ----oh my— it just took off—how did that happen? : 0


Hi BigB:
Maybe they will discover that Trumps mother, who was an immigrant, never did get her citizenship—hmmm. did Trump’s father immigrate? Or well, maybe if his mom was not legal—maybe Trump will be declared HALF legal----and only half of him can stay. That might be fun! : )


Disturbing how many folk buy into Fox. More disturbing is that now, when i listen to NPR , MSNBC , etc, sometimes they sound very similar


Hi lamonte7
No—I don’t want to repeal it, I just want to make the idea seem so stupid that even Trump would have to leave the nation.----but then. will Trump’s 1st wife have to leave town? Will her progeny and Trumps be declared the children of a not really for sure American?
Lamonet7, I am writing this silliness to illustrate how completely silly Trrump’s ideas are if you think about the lack of logic in throwing citizens out. Maybe someone will see his insanity and follow through, but only on Trump and his ex wife and his kids.

In the words of Mr. Spock: logical. But a lot of people don’t grasp logical.

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Regarding child molesters - any from any of the fifty states. Citizens, immigrants, visitors.
An Aleutian isle paradise for those who are convicted, confess.
We’ll air drop occasionally those foods and pajamas they need.

What next?..striping liberals of their citizenship?..or people who protest? How about they start with Melania?..okay?


Maybe Lev and Igor are on his hit list. They might know where he buries bodies.

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DNC, it’s your move, you and your superdelegates want to take the nomination away from Bernie - History will record you helped in the collapse of this country, for a few dollars.