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'This Is a No-Brainer': House Democrats Announce Effort to Pass $2,000 Payments as Trump Demands Bigger Checks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/23/no-brainer-house-democrats-announce-effort-pass-2000-payments-trump-demands-bigger


I’m not sure why republicans haven’t jumped all over this. Trump has given them an amazing opportunity to save face by demanding $2000 relief checks. Let’s face it. If those were mailed out to Georgians before the January 5th, Perdue and Loeffler would be sho-ins.
But I doubt very much that Trump looks upon this as an opportunity to save the senate. His animal brain doesn’t work that way. He’s on a revenge tour now. Any one who he feels slighted by, or didn’t pay him proper homage shall suffer.
Trump is currently out back in the rose garden, filling old wine bottles with gasoline.


This is all political theater, as usual. This could have all been avoided by the Senate taking up the House bill last June… BUT… now we have the added benefit of dangling the GA special elections prospects, so it is much more exciting right?


good for them. just beware the wrath of Psycho Mitch. I could see him junking everything in a huff.


The problems with the bill are much bigger than the lack of real stimulus cheques. Evidently it’s 5500 pages long, and no one in Congress has even read it.



ALL economic systems are constructs of the human mind in varying degrees of alignment with concepts of balance, continuity sustainability and dependability. For groups of people so insecure in “identity”, the concepts become twisted into anvils to pound out the rhythm of disenfranchisement of ever increasing “value” in an attempt to assuage those voids when in fact they must be addressed by non-material means (a functional vision to begin with).
The monopoly model of wallmart and other ‘big box’ is the poster child for the manifestation of the minds that use a system of negation in order to instill the material while education is handed over to … wait … ta da… a child of the pyramid scheme that most exemplifies this misinterpretation of “survival of the fittest”. No capacity to adapt and flourish is permitted under the fascist regime. They keep trying to convince that fascism is out there, somewhere in the ‘future’ - while using theatre of the absurd in layer upon layer of twisted hype hoisting their sad sack petards

A complete $h!t $how. The majority intentionally slathered in media misrepresentation for ‘herd’ value. The real question is why not do something different for a change?

I would submit that right now, what is needed is a true innovation across the board. $2000? That this is even a question is a measure of our theater of the absurd.


It’s unfortunately all too typical of these enormous end of the year, last second funding bills for next fiscal year. Every senator and house member has a ready to go pork amendment sitting on top of the file cabinet, waiting for just such an opportunity. They know they’ll never be read, not debated.
When the average American reads about stuff like this they just feel slimy. Is this what the founding fathers had in mind?
Of course it is.

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Unless this is all part of Mitch’s plan. After all, he has constantly been plying the long game and out snookering the democrats at every turn.
I wonder If this is all just political theater?


i stand in awe of the democratic messaging machine … what do they stand for again?


This article was fine but it didn’t mention “moderate” Joe.




Sounds like more bull to me, I’ll believe it’s gonna happen when the my direct deposit say’s the check is in my account.


What a deal. Too bad the cash can only be spent at a Trump property. But if you call now, we’ll double the offer!


Why not make it $5,000 checks?

It’s all borrowed money.


The oligarchs, the big corporations and, most importantly, themselves.


For once Dems got out in front of repubs (even Josh Hawley) on something that is popular with the vast majority of people. Even Pelosi recognizes the opportunity, a chance to make up for her gaff about the $600 direct payment in the current bill.

They should pass as a clean bill in the House and put it on the senate and McConnell. Turn it down Mitch and cut Loeffler and Perdue adrift.


The democrats have been caught with their pants down, me thinks Pony Boy. That bill for disaster relief - the economists said 3 to 4 trillion minimum - and so quite naturally everyone voted for a number under a ‘psychological barrier’.

It’s like the DNC stuck out their jaw and dared Trump to ‘hit me as hard as you can’.

And he did.


“Unanimous Consent” is used as a procedure when the congress wants to get to other business

and they agree to skip over something which they see as inconsequential.

This means that what is really important to them are all of the other ingredients in the

recently passed, massively unknown piece of legislation.

If this payment happens, it is a clear signal that they are united in distracting all of us from

looking at what really matters to them.

This will be a statement that these proposed payments are a superficial and unimportant

part of what they want to do.

Beware of corporatists bearing gifts.

We are talking about a corrupt organization basically wanting to buy our complacency through

what they clearly see as something inconsequential to the real purpose of the bill they just passed

  • If it happens.

The correct reply to $2000 is: “Bring it on!”

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Bernie has been pushing for $2000. per month per person since this pandemic started because that was what was needed. Then the idiots in charge of making it happen turn it into a circus where practically nothing gets accomplished. Enter Donald at the last minute who suddenly wants $2000 - a one time deal- out of nowhere just to disrupt everything because he’s sure it will fail to go through. Remember, Donald’s proposals are always in bad faith.


Of course it’s all political theater.

Biden is now seen begging the Pentagon to brief his team on the cyberattack now in the news.

Biden says the Pentagon isn’t briefing his team on the suspected Russian cyberattack


Civilian control of the military - right ~

Question ?

Is there even a single politician in DC with a functioning brain ???