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'This Is a No-Brainer': House Democrats Announce Effort to Pass $2,000 Payments as Trump Demands Bigger Checks

To me, it was an amazingly stupid misstep for a dink that wanted to get re-elected so badly, that Trump and the republicans didn’t give out one-time $2000 checks before the presidential and congressional elections. Had they done that, they would have retained the presidency and likely took over the House while cementing control of the Senate. Here, once again, just as with talks with N. Korea and bringing home troops from Afghanistan, Trump is to the left of the democrats. They are so easily out flanked it is child’s play…faux resistance.


His narrative oscillates as it always has…

“Trump had reportedly considered pushing for $2,000 checks during negotiations over the new package before backing off at the last minute.”

The optimum manner in which the real economy [not the F.I.R.E. one] could function right now is hamstrung already. They’ve only seen an advantage in (clearly to us) making it worse through economic ignorance plus the dictum that woes’ll keep the activist prone too distracted to activate. As they have only toyed with the obviously necessary temporary adjustments, the 116th IMO will be remembered for the unparalleled stupidity it exhibited. Sanders tried to tell’em.

FIRE economy ~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FIRE_economy


Must have been providing themselves some relief. Probably the inspiration for coming up with such a small relief “package”.

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It’s like the Pentagon and the CIA have their own form of black humor comedy show in DC.

They just stand back laughing so hard they have to hold their sides.

Effing pathetic


New administration? Time for a new Russiagate. Gee I wonder if Biden will be for more cold war or less? I wonder if the military budget will continue to increase or not? I wonder if military supplier company stocks will go up in value or down? Since the military is a huge consumer of fossil fuels, I wonder is oil and gas company stocks will go up or down and whether the ecological disaster will get worse or better? I wonder if we will finally be bringing troops home or not? I really don’t wonder at all.


On November 22, 1963 the MIC took complete control of the empire.

I am trying to remember if any empire in recorded history has been able to recover from a coup like that?

I am so freaking angry right now I can’t think straight.

I wonder - have we just lost Georgia ??


Biden has not been briefed on the alleged cyber attack but it hasn’t stopped him from making an evidence free accusation that Trump isn’t doing enough to punish Russia. In other words, Biden’s first instinct is to ratchet up tensions with a major nuclear power based only on media reports that it was Russia. So, no briefing, no evidence, just a war mongers instincts to create a pretext for Cold War. Biden is a disaster.


It’s not Biden, or before him Obama - they are just figureheads.

I am two thirds of the way thru Obama’s memoir. He is a decent man, a progressive in fact. But he, like all presidents in the last six decades or so - encountered a pooch that couldn’t be screwed. A crude term - appropriate for the times.

Yes, one would logically think that the richest country in the world could easily afford to give each person who makes, say, under $125,000 a $5,000 check. They could even make it retroactive to February 2020. But they would rather give the bulk of that stimulus money to the big corporations and the War industry instead of the working class and the poor. And Congress could afford to do this if they were to simply cut the Pentagon’s military budget by forty to fifty percent. But that is a bridge too far for even an alleged radical like Bernie Sanders. And over at Fox “News” some of the talking heads there are claiming that this stimulus bill is yet another example of socialism. What they will not say is that the bill would be an example for socialism for the rich while the average person would have to be content, with the blessing of the Democrats, with a paltry $600 per person.

And to think that our country’s politicians, comprised of both Democrats and Republicans, love to proclaim that this is the greatest country in the world as well as, in the words of Barack Obama, the most exceptional. Yes, exceptional in taking care of the elites while neglecting the needs of the average person during a catastrophe. As Beau of the Fifth Column has pointed out, the pitchforks are ready and waiting to be used.

“I would not be a capitalist, I would be a man; you cannot be both at the same time.”-Eugene V. Debs

“Capitalism is inherently a criminal system for it is based upon the robbery of the working class and cornerstoned in its slavery. The title deed held by the capitalist class to the tools used by the working class is also the title deed to their liberty and their lives.”-Eugene V. Debs

“For every dollar the boss has and didn’t work for, one of us worked for a dollar and didn’t get it.”-Big Bill Heywood

“The only limit to the oppression of government is the power with which the people show themselves capable of opposing it.”-Errico Malatesta from Il Programma Anarchico

“The trade of governing has always been monopolized by the most ignorant and the most rascally individuals of mankind.”-Thomas Paine


Ron Johnson blocked $1200 checks in the Senate. No tweets yet from Trump. What if—now hear me out—this was all an attention seeking stunt?

Side note: I noticed the president called out several items in his speech, one stood out in particular. He has opposed a new FBI building since he came into office. It would move staff away from his DC hotel. He also wants to extend the three-martini-lunch. It’s quite possible he feels the current omnibus doesn’t do enough for him.


The Russian government has its own troubles with its Sputnik V vaccine that was approved before phase three trials were done. Over half the population have said they won’t use it and this includes Drs and other health care providers. Odd, they have only 158,000,000 (million) people in their country.

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Abe Lincoln said:

August 1, 1858: On Slavery

“As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is not democracy.”

However - who wants to emigrate to China or India or Russia - in comparison to the US ?

That’s as good as it gets right now I’m afraid.

If I may be allowed to say, do not be fooled by what Obama is telling you in his memoir. If Obama were a truly decent man, as you say, then he would not have bailed out Wall Street while not lifting a finger to help those people who had their homes foreclosed. If he were a decent man he would not have broken up the Occupy Movement when he was in office. And if he were really a decent man then he certainly would not have dropped over 26,000 bombs and drone missiles on countless numbers of innocent women and children in the Middle East and Africa when he was in charge of this country. He also believes that the United States was carrying out a noble cause when this country was slaughtering millions of people during the American War on Vietnam. And to think that so many liberals and progressive were fooled by this horrible man.


It would be better if you read his memoir first Terry - seriously.

He didn’t come thru - you’re right.

But he didn’t get assassinated either - the two are connected.

All who aspire to high office are in some sense megalomaniacs - Obama said as much in his memoir. He is being as entirely honest as I have ever seen a politician. He did recognize that he simply would not be able to get done what he stood for - his fallback position was that at least he would be the first man of color elected to the office.

He had to settle for that fallback position, unfortunately for both him and us.

The system may be unfixable Terry.

We should perhaps be more sympathetic to those who at least try.

With all due respect I am not buying what you are selling about Obama. And I seriously doubt that the people overseas who have seen their loved ones ripped to pieces by Obama’s 500 lb. and 2000 lb. bombs and drone missiles would feel much sympathy for someone like Obama. But condemning hawks and warmongers like Obama is something which liberals and progressives are most loath to do. And I also do not think that the people who were evicted from their homes during the Great Recession would think very kindly of Obama either.

“There is a demand today for men who can make wrong appear right.”-Terence [ca. 190-159 BC], Roman playwright


Were they Obama’s bombs, or Bush’s bombs, or Clinton’s bombs, or Nixon’s bombs - ?

Sorry, but Obama is not a decent man. He deported more people than Trump. He built the cages we are confining immigrants in. He increased our wars from 2 to 7. He droned people murderously. He assassinated Americans, including a 16 year old boy. He made the Bush tax cuts permanent. He opened the Arctic to oil drilling. Under his admin, millions were bankrupted and thrown out of their homes while the wealthy were allowed to swoop in and buy them at a discount. He bailed out the banks and wall street crooks, he was the willing tool of the MIC and CIA to keep the Europeans from rejecting our mideast wars,(as evidenced in a leaked transcript), he engineered the sabotage of the Sanders campaign and Biden’s selection, he lied to the people of Flint about cleaning up their water, etc etc etc. Obama is not a decent man. He is a smiling, eloquent face and voice doing the bidding of the oligarchs and rewarded with the means to buy his estate on Martha’s Vineyard, and elsewhere. He is a smooth con man and thoroughly evil.


What in the world are you talking about? Are you actually trying to claim that Nixon, Clinton, or Bush should be held responsible for what Obama did to those wretched people? No, despite your bizarre belief, Obama should be condemned for what he did to those people in the same way that Nixon and Clinton and Bush should be condemned when they engaged in war crimes against various peoples overseas. Your irrational desire to defend what Obama did continues to fall flat.


Extremely well said as we have individuals like this person who will say anything, regardless of the facts, to irrationally defend a warmonger like Obama.


Come on Terry, get a grip.

Iraq was on George W’s shift as commander in chief - remember Iraq ?

Obama voted against invading Iraq.