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'This Is a Pandemic. You Cannot Hide It': Experts Denounce White House Secrecy in Private Warning to Cities to Take 'Aggressive' Covid Action

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/23/pandemic-you-cannot-hide-it-experts-denounce-white-house-secrecy-private-warning

Just LOOK at the immense amount of time we are spending on going

and explaining it to one another and how unnecessary it all is –

This is TRUMP keeping us all on a Merry-Go-Round of terrorizing us while he takes
his hammer to government, freedom, our societies and our lives and smashing what
exists of our medical care-- all of this during a VIRUS emergency.

WHERE is the leadership of the Dem Party – no representatives nor senators can speak up?
Too afraid of their owners?

It is only Bernie Sanders who takes the stage to inform the public.


Death Panel Don strikes again.

If Silicon Valley really wanted to be of help in this pandemic, they would set up an independent information and warning system to which citizens, clinics, individual doctors and nurses, and hospitals would report the number of cases they are seeing. Algorithms for cross referencing and verifying would be employed to avoid over- or under-reporting.


Did you see this story today re Rebekah Jones/Florida and suppression of
her system to make info available –


Fascist government cannot allow facts, truth to rise.

Look at what Trump has done to Fauci – and any system of information –
we’re watching fascism confirming itself every day here.


It took a pathological lying delusional conman and a pandemic to reveal just how totally dysfunctional and corrupt America has become under this two party capitalist system.


There’s no hope for the “dope” in the White House, but Birx may be saved yet.


These Democratic “leaders” should be screaming so loud and long so as to threaten the GOP and their Orange Orifice that they are themselves threatened with being jailed.

But no, strongly worded letters or lawsuits designed to go nowhere until after the election are the way these politicians roll.

Their lap of luxury lives aren’t to be threatened.

They too are of the Elite class.

Must maintain appearances, decorum.

The little people, us, will just have to do with what they are willing to give towards their fight for “our” equality.

How did Hillary Clinton say it?

Measured miniscule steps?

No, that’s not it.



Hi Pony Boy –

I personally think it’s a time for a lot of CAPS –
Doesn’t loss of Nature and the Planet deserve it - ?
Doesn’t a real full on fight for Medicare4All deserve it - ?
Doesn’t the ERA sitting since the 1970’s deserve it – ?

Hillary Clinton told Elites she had words to say to them,
and different words for the rest of us –
I think she called it her “public” and her “private” speech.
Wink! Wink!

We need to reduce their salaries – we need to take their health care away –
We need to end their comforts. And we need investigations of how they have
accumulated such great wealth while serving in Congress.

We’re fighting a war with Elite GOP which rightly should be carried full blast
against Elite DP leadership –



You got that right! This is the kind of thing we should be resisting with all our might. Unfortunately the media here is so concerned with being unbiased that it reports this move to fascism as just being another point of view so things continue to go off the cliff. Pretty soon - and especially if we don’t get trump out of office SOON - it’s going to be too late and we are going to be screwed.


Hi Gordon –

Very able description of what’s happening —

media here is so concerned with being unbiased that it reports this move to fascism as just being another point of view so things continue to go off the cliff.

Thank you!

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"Incremental Change."

That’s it. That’s the NeoLiberal Bullshit phrase for what “We” the masses deserve.

Took me a while to think of it.

Senior Moment.


To Greenwich: yes, I did see that report out of Florida. Death Panel De Santis and Death Panel Don are the best of friends.

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Pony Boy- Did you mean " Incremental Chains " ?
The PTB are shortening our chains just as they mold theirs’ into metaphorical " grapeshot and shrapnel ". When we hear " Ready, Aim, Fire " it will be too late to escape all the forms of carnage planned by authoritarian forces, hiding deep within the country. A shadow gov’t on the verge of coming out, perhaps?
FYI- These incremental chains are being so rapidly shortened, in consistently bigger incriments, pretty soon we won’t be able to get to our water and food bowls. Are we soon to be kenneled, as well?
Just wonderin’.


“It’s the f@○{;#g pandemic, stupid!”

No, that’s not it either. We’ll figure it out.

Wow, a kennel with a run, 3 meals a day and all the fresh water we can drink?

Sounds lovely, if I were a dog.

I’ll die before I’m caged. Hopefully get in a few shots before Nirvana starts playing in my head.

I’m really quite upset at why a City like Portland whose Mayor and Governor both agree that they don’t want these Fascist Footsoldiers beating up their citizens aren’t calling in their National Guard Troops to protect their populations.

Am I missing something Mrs. Ann?

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Too bad he gave up and sold us out to the grifters.

So, why haven’t these “public servants” made this vital information available to the folks in their cities?

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Here’s one for you PonyBoy, from yesterday.

I got a used book order slip in the mailbox, and drove down to the state 231 for the 6 miles drive to the dinky town where the post office is. Very narrow two-lane blacktop road, not a lot of places to pull over. Came around a corner and there was a Jeep on the side of the road ahead with flashing tail-lights; blue & red! And it had just pulled a car over because there were three guys in jeans, t-shirts walking up to the car with guns on their hips. No uniforms/badges/nametags, no markings on the Jeep, no lightbar, just flashing blue/red tail-lights and pistols. I had to slow way down because the Jeep was parked halfway into the lane blocking and there was oncoming traffic, so I went by them very slowly and got a real good look. 30 somethings, civilian clothes, no way to tell it was a ‘enforcer’ car, just a Jeep Wrangler with a deer grill on the front.

The woman driver was obviously asking Who TF are you because I looked directly at her and that’s what her mouth were forming. It was REAL obvious that these three fu*king enforcers had serious attitudes because I saw in on their faces and in the way they walked up to the car. Two on the passenger, one on the driver. I was six feet away as I passed.

I have NO idea who they were.

Both my step-grandpas had only one answer to fight Fascism with in 1942, and spent 4 years doing it. Both came home totally shell-shocked (now called PTSD) and eventually the self-medication to blot out the memories drank themselves to death.

The only absolutely positively sure thing that we know will happen in this life is that we WILL die, and shortly (compared to a desert tortoise), so I’m agreeing with the cage concept. Me, too. If I get the chance that is. Who were those guys?



How so? He was pushed out of the campaign.

He dropped out. No one pushed him out of the campaign.