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'This Is a Really, Really Big Deal': Michigan Gov. Moves to Shut Down Line 5 Pipeline to Protect Great Lakes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/13/really-really-big-deal-michigan-gov-moves-shut-down-line-5-pipeline-protect-great




This has to be the second best news this week.


Great news–we really needed some!


Gambling on the water supply of tens of millions of people is insanity.
#5 isn’t the only one.

“In really, really simple terms, there is nowhere worse—on earth—to have an oil sands pipeline system than the Great Lakes region.”


Having made money off it since 1953 I suppose Enbridge is by now willing to concede aging pipeline #5 before a costly disaster inevitably occurs. Well anyway, as a Canadian concerned about the Great Lakes water, Thank you Governor Whitmer.


Until May 2021.
And the real long lasting fix is easy, cheap, and satisfies safety.
the environment of our great lakes is so damaged at the south shore of Lake Michigan with everyday polution from Burns Harbor, Indiana steel mills, Gary and East Chicago too.
Add the sewage plants and hundreds of thousands of septic systems that are not monitored.

Fix is double pipe where oil and gas pipelines are routed under rivers, lakes.
A larger diameter pipe surrounding the inner pipe that carries the crude oil or natural gas.
The space between the out and inner pipes is called the annulus.
A slight vacuumn is held.inside this space. If the inner pipe leaks,
the pressure inside the annulus increases immediately. Alarms go off,
Pumps shut down and valves close.

That is how we can protect our rivers, creeks, swamps, and lakes from
devastating damages.

The enbridge leak at Battle Creek is still not cleaned up. The pipe has been
replaced with a new one from Griffith, Indiana east to Sarnia, Ontario.
The new pipe circumferential weld are submerged arc, fluoroscopy for quality
and stress relieved to help avoid hydrogen enbrittlement in the weld effected zones.
I cannot vouch for the pipe steel quality itself.


Hi oldie:
OMG, Battle Creek has still not been cleaned up???That was a long time ago too.
Maybe the CEOs should be put in jail when these things happen----people and creatures and birds can’t drink oil!


Baby and I motored over the Straits (north to south) a couple of years ago. Beautiful. Thank you Gov. Whitmer for being a real leader, when real leaders are so desperately needed.


Compared to what the previous governor did in Flint and the contrast between progressives and conservatives couldn’t be greater or more profound. Simply a completely different set of values.


Not sure why this is not highlighted. In filing the revocation, Whitmer and the State of Michigan cite not only “persistent and uncurable” violations of the 1953 easement by Enbridge, but also cite the Public Trust Doctrine. Putting the Public Trust Doctrine for environmental protection before a judge, in a case which has a separate cause that would hold up even if Public Trust - in this case, the legal obligation of the State to sustain the ecological integrity of the Great Lakes on behalf of the citizens - were not recognized as cause to revoke the easement.


The second best thing about this after the safety it creates is the fact that it likely pisses trump off that there is little he can do to one of his arch enemies Gov. Whitmer.


Enbridge is headquartered in, you guessed it, Houston, home of Enron and Exxon. The 3 Es. Really Evil companies, along with many more polluting oil companies residing in the Lone Star State. (Actually, Enron is no longer with us but most of you know the story.)No wonder they are so republican down there.


Here in Port Huron, we have an Enbridge line running under the St Clair River near Marysville, and also near the First Nations Reserve just south of Imperial Oil. The First Nations peoples on Walpole Island, in the delta leading into Lake St Clair, still preserve their traditional ways of hunting, fishing, and gathering. But after of over a century of dumping chemicals and oil into this river, which feeds into the lower Great Lakes, has made these Indigenous peoples a cancer hot spot. The fish have tumors, their drinking water has to be boiled. Then there’s The Blob, the huge area on the bottom of the river between Sarnia and Port Huron that’s so toxic it can’t even be removed. Every day, the current carries this pollution down river.
Way past time to shut it ALL down-Chemical Valley in Sarnia, the chemical factories in Marysville, all of it. Water is life. Jobs aren’t. Jobs and the economy are simply shared fictions that keep our suicide culture going. When I hear Premier Ford natter on about jobs and the economy as opposed to another shutdown to short circuit the C-19 spread, I want to puke. We can create another culture, one that honors the basics of all life-earth, air, water, food, shelter, medical care, education, creativity. One that honors “women’s work” of nurturing and caring for Elders and children, of taking care of the sick and disabled. A culture that recognizes no one has to be poor, exploited for the use of a certain few called rich.
Good job, Governor! Now shut down our Enbridge pipeline!


What? You mean Trump got Covid again?

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These higher risks of cancers, tumors growing on fish and wildlife like deer moose and elk born with abnormalities also happen North of Ft McMurray Alberta in the Athabasca river delta where it empties into lake Athabasca. The First nations people have been bringing this up for decades yet the Government insists there no concrete scientific evidence of links between all of those things happening and all of those tarsands plants dumping chemicals into that same river upstream.


They should be made to help clean it up. Watch oil soaked birds die in their hands. Feel their lungs tighten from the fumes…


Then there’s Grassy Narrows, where the Indigenous peoples are suffering from generations of mercury poisoning from the paper factory in Dresden dumping its waste into the English River. Lots of promises from various Ontario premiers, but…crickets. The Six Nations reserve outside of Hamilton still has to boil its water, barely an hour from the GTA.
Oh, Canada talks a good game, but it’s all talk, no action. At least the US is honest about its continuing genocide of native peoples.


One of the things that always strikes me about Keystone XL is how rarely anyone mentions that it runs over the Oglalla…a shallow aquiver and I do believe the largest in America…I was told years ago you can get water at 20 feet in the Nebraska sand hills…

Why would anyone in their right mind put a bitumen pipeline over that resource???

Is the world run by madmen?


Yes…perhaps we;re alll brain dead when it comes to what’s ‘essential’…water should trump oil and gas, but apparantly, until someone owns it, its essentially worthless.

Systemic racism is the worst kept secret in Canada…many still in denial…but the facts are obvious. In a nation with the water resources we have…native people have to boil it??

Whata’s more, our government promises redress…and then the long silence begins.