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'This Is a Scandal': Documents Show ICE and FBI Using Facial Recognition to Mine Millions of Driver's License Photos

Some of the cops are crooks.

The problem with people coming from a country with agencies like the Stasi is that they seem to come to accept that as a part of government. It’s almost normal. We don’t need people who think like that here in the United States. We don’t need people who do not have a strong concept of freedom and rights - both civil and human. What you propose is a slippery slope that may well end up with a new Stasi american style.

Sorry Arthur_Erb that you are a victim of right wing brain rot. The chicken knows that you are a lost cause, so I shall not lay my pearls of clucked wisdom before…cluck cluck cluck…thee.

Cluck cluck cluck! Go get yourself some more of that Trump!

The hero of the regular guy…the globalist elitist billionaire that has been conning them and taking them to court for decades, workers, contractors et al…it all makes so much sense.

Talk about not being able to see the forest for the trees. Read up on the technology and then use some imagination.

You have heard of classics like Brave New World and 1984, no?

It’s never too late. Go to the library, check out, and head to a nice coffee house for a few hours.

Oh man, when it first read 1984 it was a photocopy of a photocopy being passed hush, hush among close friends. And no, you are not even close to that.

Also, i am prolly more familiar with the technology than most people. We just have to tweak it so it not that biased against white folks. Seems to be recognizing them a lot easier.

Is that you who has been asleep under the tree for decades?

Rest easy…bootlickers have nothing to fear.

Seriously, that’s the best you can do? Very, very disappointed. Am not even worth a “go cluck yourself”? :disappointed:

I’m very serious about your status as a bootlicker. You have nothing to worry about. The rest of us not so inclined to authoritarianism do have a lot to worry about, when the bootlickers become the boot-stompers.

Not sure where the bootlicker status come from. It is most of you guys that want to give the government control over banking, healthcare, energy and pretty much everything else for that matter. On top of that constantly harping against the second amendment, which would leave the only guns in the hands of the government. Now if that doesn’t make you a authoritarian, i don’t know what does.

And yes, you are totally correct. The boot-stompers follow right after and they will have full control.

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As it stands our government is largely run by corporations who govern every aspect of your life. Crazy leftists like myself think that big bad government should be owned by and service the masses. Not the likes of you. No, in your universe the MIC, the Big Banks, Big Pharma, the Medical Insurance monopoly, the oil companies are all the good guys, I mean they own the damn place and you will suck up to them until your last breath. Guns? What a fucking joke. All of you gun suckers talk about protecting your freedoms (free dumbs) meanwhile if you haven’t noticed…corporations that run our government have the entire US population under constant surveillance. But you’re okay with that, right?

In your world, the corporations and super wealthy will own everything down to your last drop of blood. Nary a protest from right wing gun owners too fucking stupid to know they have been had. No, their spine will tingle with pride every fucking time they are lied to about another war, about how the CEOs of health insurance companies have their best interests in mind, and how the climate crisis is FAKE NEWS.

I mean, how clucking dense can a person be?

Not sure if you remember but we already tried that (yeah, i know, that wasn’t implemented properly and you guys are gonna get it right next time.). Didn’t end up too well for anyone. Personally, having experienced both your “utopia” and the current state of affairs in the US, i’d rather take my changes withe “MIC, big banks and big pharma”.

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What the hell are you talking about?

I grew up in Eastern Europe where the " government was owned by and serviced the masses". You know, the workers paradise everyone was trying to leave and some git killed in the process. So yeah, i am familiar with what crazy leftists can do when they are not reigned in. Your kind had their chance again and again and they screwed it up every time. Eastern Europe, North Korea, Cuba, China, Venezuela. Leftists policies have brought nothing but misery to everyone.

Clear enough now?

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Well well…my goodness gracious. My kind? Again what the hell are you talking about?

I’m not against capitalism first of all. I have my own business.

Nordic Economic Model will do, and while not perfect I’ll take the life of the average Swede than what has become the average US citizen’s plight any day.

If you haven’t noticed, the US has historic inequality, crumbling infrastructure, Empire draining the populace of all of its wealth, yadda yadda yadda.

That hasn’t happened because “leftists” have been winning.

Get a fucking grip.

Two comments of my own first:
- Everything complained about and feared here is already much worse in China. Every face is recognized, and every citizen has a social credit score, a SICO to replace America’s FICO credit score, that determines what the government gives you or the extent they obstruct you.

- This should cause us to think, hard, about what things we want the law to make criminal. Yes, we don’t want the government to find us and arrest us if we are here illegally, or smoking MJ. But we should also oppose those “here illegally” and “controlled substances” being illegal in the first place.

Needs repeating. This sort of thing is resorted to more often by proclaimed left-wing dictatorships like USSR, China and Cuba, than by “Fascist” governments. (Are there any out-and-out “Fascist” governments any more, since Fco. Franco of Spain died?)

There certainly remains the objection to different standards of justice for ordinary folk and for the upper classes, rich and powerful. I do note that there has been an uptick in the number of former heads of state now sitting in prison. But otherwise not nearly enough. While Jamie Dimon likely didn’t commit such serious crimes leading to 2008, Angelo Mozillo and Richard Fuld did. So Dimon still has a job and Mozillo and Fuld do not.

I have read ‘We’ by Yevgney Zamyatin and ‘1984’ by Orwell. I have glanced at ‘Brave New World Revisited’ by Huxley. I suggest ‘The Yawning Heights’ by Alexander Zinoviev. When I finished it I concluded that it described a world worse than the Oceania of ‘1984’. (The title is a pun in Russian. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yawning_Heights

Makes me glad that my DL photo doesn’t look anything like me.lol

Seriously, we are losing our America as all citizens of democracies in the past have lost theirs.
It is a cancer from within which is exacerbated by the ignorance which is multiplied exponentially by their indifference.
I have voted in EVERY election since JFK/Nixon and NEVER miss them at any level.

Fascism is here. That needs repeating.

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