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'This Is a Scandal': With Hurricane Florence Barreling Toward US, Document Shows Trump Moved $10M From FEMA to ICE


'This Is a Scandal': With Hurricane Florence Barreling Toward US, Document Shows Trump Moved $10M From FEMA to ICE

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As over a million Americans rush to evacuate their homes just days before Hurricane Florence is expected to slam into the Carolinas, Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) released documents late Tuesday showing that the Trump administration transferred nearly $10 million away from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) just ahead of hurricane season in order to fund the White House's cruel family separation and deportation efforts.


Face it folks. Trump doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his family.


So, just about ready for the aftermath of the storm I see.

The people who have been told to evacuate but won’t have been interviewed.

People have been told to stock up and prepare to take care of themselves.

Warnings about potential failure of decades old infrastructure have been issued.

Templates reports are ready, waiting for the first (inevitably wrong) numbers to fill in and file.

Most of us have seen this before. Do we really have to wait until it actually happens before we “blame the new guy” for the deaths of people who didn’t follow the warnings and failed infrastructure built long before they were elected? For the disaster agencies being unable to take care of people who didn’t arrange to take care of themselves?

Happens every time. We don’t really need to wait for the reports. We know what they are going to say because we see the same reports every time. The only difference might be which side’s favorite buzz words are used.

The left beat up Bush for Katrina.

The right beat up Obama for Sandy.

Trump is getting beat up for Puerto Rico. (Which is a pet peeve of mine - many of the same people complaining about how slowly PR is being rebuilt are the same people warning of the devastation of climate change… Why are we rebuilding if we know it is going to get wiped out again!? Credibility is hurt when by inconsistency, people.)

We’ll see essentially the same reports pulled out with some tweaked wording for this storm.

President in office for 4 or 8 years.

Congress-people in office for 10, 20, 30 years…

The DNC and the RNC in power for 160 years.

But it is all “the new guy’s” fault every time …


“The administration transferred millions of dollars away from FEMA. And for what? To implement their profoundly misguided ‘zero tolerance’ policy.”

Well to be honest, they just thought that it would look to cynical if they took the money out of the school lunch program.


Not sure I see the cause for outrage here or how this benefits his family.
The FEMA budget is part of the Homeland (In)Security budget.
He moved $10 million around within a $15,000 million overall budget.
A good idea? Perhaps not, but a massive crises? I don’t see it.


Oh, I’m sure we can save the beachfront mansions.


The total absence of empathy and the ability or intention to speak, or even apparently see truth, from the odious trump is also a national disgrace, as was the failure to prepare for Hurricane Maria or come to the aid of Puerto Rico after Maria struck, a pattern of neglect and racism that continues to this day!

Some American’s are more equal than others clearly.

“Trump reiterated his claim on Wednesday morning, insisting his administration’s response to the devastation in Puerto Rico last year was an “under-appreciated great job””
Throwing paper towel’s to crowds is not a “great job”, it is shallow stupidity that exemplifies the racist mindset of trump.

The people of the Carolina’s and surrounding areas will be treated differently by the feds, and have more local resources to confront the storm’s aftermath, that Puerto Rico did not. The reasons PR had deteriorated infrastructure are many, not least of which was the delay by Congress funding relief, looting of the island by bankers and Wall Street for decades, crony contractor restoration deals like the $300M Whitefish Co that had two employees when it signed the deal. The rural nature of PR, difficult terrain and poor roads, and being an offshore island all exacerbated the problems, and deaths.Those problems also necessitated competent dedicated plans to aid the people of PR.


There’s a special insurance plan in North Carolina called the Beach Plan, made especially for those wealthy persons/LLC’s tragically forced to own luxury properties on the coast. No doubt underwritten by the rest of the homeowner insurance premiums of everyone else.


ICE expansion will continue as long as Trump needs to keep cult 45 engaged.

He will simply blame FEMA shortcomings on Hillary and cult 45 will cheer.



“Pick your battles” is how I like to say it.

When people try to make everything, even the nearly inconsequential, into some kind of major outrage it loses impact. If you have a strong case, use strong arguments. Then you don’t need the minor stuff. Trying to make a major argument out of every minor little thing (mountains out of molehills?) hurts, not helps, credibility. Provides easy targets to counter. It really is petty, which is why opposition will call it petty and be right. Quality over quantity will make for much stronger positions and fewer loses.


Socialism at its finest.
From each (taxpayer) according to his ability, to each (parasite) according to his need.


Another scandal that he will get away with because we allow it. yawn.


Exactly! They are a Cult, but Trump is a thief and liar and nobody wants to stop him. He should have been out a long time ago.


You make some good points, however, many people don’t have the where with all to evacuate. No car, no money, no place to go, nothing to protect but yes there are idiots who hold in place out of stupidity. In Puerto Rico where would they go? Puerto Rico should go completely solar but will the vultures in coal, oil, et al will not allow it. Water was not distributed In the SC and NC there should be lots of solar.


I know for sure that in NC, and very, very likely the neighboring states, each county operates a special needs registry to accommodate people who would need help with evacuation and shelters for them when they do evacuate. Of course, those people have to take the effort to register… They have to at least try and do a little to help themselves.

I’ve seen plenty of interviews with people who say they aren’t leaving because they don’t want to, they don’t need to, they need to stay to protect possessions, etc. But I haven’t seen one interview with anyone who says they can’t.

As for PR, ‘going solar’ won’t stop the next storm wiping everything out again. They stay and rebuild. We’ll be seeing the same headlines complaining about all those ‘poor people suffering because we aren’t rebuilding them fast enough.’

Can’t complain about climate change one day and then complain about people who just got wiped out by it not getting help to rebuild. (Well, obviously people ‘can’ - and do - but it is illogical.)


I liked your comment. I can remember back to what was called “the housing bubble”, where multi-million dollar beach homes were being repossessed at an alarming daily rate. Those people who had millions of dollars, but still couldn’t afford the multi-million dollar homes could now buy these… homes at drastically reduced prices along the Gulf Coast of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. When the bubble unrated, these homes were appraised again to their multi-million dollar values.
With the cost of the home, they add HOA fees and insurance cost, if a hurricane does hit and destroys them, the insurance companies default on the policies or reject the claim as being caused by the storm surge and say the policies do not cover flooding, only wind damage.
Sorry to say, the government does not step in to aid them. It is no difference than New Orleans where many people had no insurance for flooding, because the city is below sea level and could not get or afford flood insurance. Big banks and finance companies rake in the premiums, but then when the owner of the policy needs the money, the big banks and insurance companies find ways to dismiss the claim.


Brilliant! The Trump regime manages to endanger two groups of people simultaneously! Combine this with the “successes” in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the USVI last year, looking forward to continuing good times for all! /sarcasm


Drumpf sez: The White House is “sparing no expense” and is “totally prepared” for the storm.

Sweet! So, what’s the over/under on the first utterance of “Heckuva job, Brockie!”?

I’m guessing 2.5 days or so.


“Not a massive crises”
"When people try to make everything, even the nearly inconsequential, into some kind of major outrage it loses impact

As one of the millions who might have to rebuild after this 500 mile across category 4/5 monster called Florence, I am incensed at these comments! And no, I do NOT own a home on the coast.

$500 for those needing immediate funds for food and/or shelter
Up to $33,300 for repairs although most loans average around $3,000 to 4,000
$10 million can go a lo-o-ong way.

And many of those with flood insurance have found themselves woefully undercompensated, like $168,000 in damage and $62,000 compensation. So much so that many have filed suit against the National Flood Insurance Program and end up having to get these FEMA loans to rebuild.

May you never have to worry that this “nearly inconsequential” problem be yours.


Bah. That is what I mean about trying to turn little into outrage.

$10 million is indeed nearly nothing compared to the $14 billion budget.

AND, that $10 million has nothing to do with the disaster funds earmark by Congress.

Rant about it - it won’t make any difference to reality.

Better to rant about the problems you list on their own merits than to try attribute them to something unrelated. Waste of time and a distraction.