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'This Is a Scandal': With Hurricane Florence Barreling Toward US, Document Shows Trump Moved $10M From FEMA to ICE


10,000,000 divided by the 5,000,000 projected to be affected is $2 each. … Even if only half that many are actually affected, it is a whopping $4 each.

You don’t own a place on the coast? Something more meaningful that you SHOULD be mad about instead? The billions that WILL go to the folks who DO. Again!!


Highly misleading title.The president can only submit his proposals to Congress, and Congress makes the decisions. As we saw when Republicans were in the minority, the minority party often gets what they want, if they’re willing to stand up for it.


Well, maybe Democrats can give them a speech about “taking personal responsibility.” “Look for a hand up, not a handout.” Or recite Reagan’s, “Government is the problem, not the solution.”


And when it comes to his family he at most barely cares.


Cult 45, that is a good one that I have never heard before.


He needs to be impeached! Maybe he doesn’t even care about his family. Why not just keep doing his phony businesses and not be president?


Yup they do. Here’s the thing- if someone’s home gets wiped out- instead of rebuilding where you will probably get wiped out again ( especially in the case of tornadoes) then why rebuild in the same place? Isn’t that like insanity? Doing the same thing over and over. Acting like you are mad at nature. It’s crazy. I feel very sorry for the animals also.


Yes, it would be nice if we could all go solar especially in a warm climate. BTW, Vermont now has more use of solar! Hurricanes are relatively rare events for a landfall and they come to warm coastal climates when they do strike… People know this, but still insist on crowding vulnerable areas.


I understand your point. Some of the houses shown on TV were mansions. When people choose to build on the coast down there that is a risk they take. When people choose to stay for silly reasons like " Hey, I am macho" etc they endanger not only themselves but first responders as well.


Then we are ALL responsible for this.


Well, I am not yawning. Sorry that your country is being ruined is boring you!