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This Is A Sick Man


This Is A Sick Man

Man, the lows keep going lower. Now the sociopath-in-chief is bickering with a Congresswoman and the family of Sgt. La David Johnson, killed in Niger, pouting he didn't say the grotesque things they say he said; he hasn't denied he didn't know Johnson's name, which could be tough given he's calling his widow "the woman." This is not normal. The wrenching video of the return of John's remains will remind you why it matters.


Name me one thing this country isn’t being robbed of by this wacko and his cabinet, one thing, that’s all I ask for, one thing. None of them have any ethic’s, moral’s or compassion. Everyone in congress is in lock-step with the beast. I do not hear one word today of impeachment and there should be from everything that has taken place just since monday for gawd’s sake. Where is the moral out-rage from those demo’s, huh? It sure isn’t on the floor’s of congress. pmurt needs a hospital.


There are no words to express the sorrow I feel for LaDavid Johnson’s family and friends suffering the loss of their son, father, brother, and friend. Blessed be.


Why were they in Niger in the first place? Is this an example of our being the world’s cop? This is obviously one of the 150 countries comprising the American military empire.


Biggest supply of plutonium on the planet under a single government.


And this type of disgusting behavior is becoming normalized under this administration. It is shocking each time, but gradually as time goes by, less so, as after awhile people become used to it - not all of us, but enough that it will no longer seem strange in future Presidents. That is the really scary part to it. Just as in the beginning, a US drone killing 40 innocent people in a wedding party was front page news 15 years ago, now it doesn’t even merit a mention on the last page of a newspaper anymore.


Yep, we saw the same thing with bush2. The invasion of Iraq was a disaster and then Nancy P said impeachment was off the table and bush2 became normalized. I fear that the alt-right will become normalized and we become a fascist state, we have swung so far right since clinton swung right that the moderate left is wacko now, let alone a democratic socialist. I wish we could clone Bernie.


Trump calling this grief stricken mother " Myeshia Johnson… “woman” has to be one of the most egregious, insults I have ever read, but of course normal for the insanely, deranged one!




I guess as soon as the emotional reactions to what’s going on with Trump vs. Gold Star families are over, it will be time for the Democrats to initiate Benghazi-type hearings into the ambush in Niger–As Rachel Maddow detailed on 10/18, there are many, many questions that Congress should be demanding answers to–Being as the Repubs control Congress, there’s not likely to be any such hearings–All the more should the Democrats and all progressive factions unite to initiate formal inquiries into this incident and keep it alive and on the front burner in the media!–Can anyone imagine Trump or any of his minions sitting before a committee for eleven hours as did Hillary?–At any rate, this is the Republican Benghazi moment.


I would relish seeing DJT slowly unraveling within the first one to two hours of questioning by either a House or Senate committee. He would have to be restrained by the capital police and carried out of the room in chains yowling like a wounded jackal throughout… If only.


The Dims are purging their ranks right now.

Have to suck up to the hands that feed them.