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'This Is a Thunderbolt of Resistance’


'This Is a Thunderbolt of Resistance’

John Nichols

Christine Pellegrino did not just declare victory after a remarkable special-election win that saw her flip a historically Republican New York state Assembly seat to the Democratic column on Tuesday. The elementary school teacher turned candidate announced that Long Island was sending a message that will resonate far beyond a legislative district that backed Donald Trump last fall but that has now will be represented by a bold progressive activist.


From the article:

"New York’s 9th Assembly District is one of 710 state legislative districts nationwide that have been identified by the Ballotpedia website as including all or part of so-called “Pivot Counties,” which “voted for Democrat Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 and then voted for Republican Donald Trump in 2016.” "

– and –

“Democratic leaders had been looking a more predictable candidate, but Pellegrino and her backers elbowed their way into the fight.”

If the DNC had not cooked the nomination process, Bernie Sanders would have beaten Trump in many of those “pivot counties,” and would today be President Sanders.

As has been pointed out here many times: The DNC prefers to stay loyal to its true base – corporate money – and seeks to quash true progressive candidates in the primary, even if it means losing to deeply regressive Republicans in the general.

Perhaps enough of us have seen through the corporate Dem facade, and we can step up to the plate and run real candidates, all over the country.


Can you be a little more specific in your claims "especially on his acceptance of global imperialism and the MIC?


I wish I could believe what you wrote were true - but a state Rep is very different than US president. Have you forgotten what happened to McGovern and Dukaikas? All they would have needed to do is say: “He will raise your taxes and give them to the lazy poor”, “He will let terrorists and Mexicans in.” He is even farther left than Hillary!" He honeymooned in the Soviet Union! “War on Coal!” And, of course, throw in a latter day “Willie Horton!!!”, and Sanders would have been toast.

Probably as good a simulation run as any for whether Sanders would have won will happen on June 8. If Corbyn’s Labour Party wins (its very unlikely to), then I will believe that Sanders might have had a chance in the general election.


“(A) strong progressive agenda is the way forward…” —Christine Pellegrino, after flipping NY GOP legislative seat

I cannot emphasize that enough. A progressive agenda isn’t right or left. Rather, a progressive agenda is FORWARD! We’ve got to stop scrutinizing progressivism as either right or left because it isn’t necessarily either and is ultimately misleading and counterproductive. Also I think that’s the way to embolden more swing voters to support progressive candidates. Otherwise its more of the same… Left or Right holds us back. Progressive moves us Forward! Forward to a better quality of life for everyone.